Pedro Pina

Vice President, Global Client & Agency Solutions, EMEA

In addition to being VP of Google’s Global Client & Agency Solutions, Pedro is the Executive Sponsor for Google’s EMEA D&I programmes and is responsible for spearheading a vision for more inclusive hiring, progression and retention of under-represented groups amongst Google Leaders in EMEA. He also sponsors the company’s LGBTQ+ ERG and is a prominent LGBTQ+ voice amongst Google’s global leadership. Pedro has worked with the management team to ensure that all Googlers take a quarterly goal to make Google a more inclusive place to work. He drove a Roadshow across 32 cities, 20 countries to reinforce the importance of better D&I behaviours, especially around LGBTQ+ and rolled-out a number of initiatives, such as self-identification in Google’s people survey, which has enabled community-specific action plans to improve benefits and address concerns. Pedro has actively campaigned and secured funding to power a growing EMEA Pride programme for Googlers, across 24 cities in 20 countries. He is an Executive Sponsor of Pride Day at Cannes Lion, and is a key executive ally for Google’s Women@ and Trans@ ERGs, among others. Beyond Google, Pedro was recently profiled in Attitude magazine to share business and leadership lessons. Among many other external D&I activities, he works extensively with LGBTQ+ charities and devotes hundreds of hours each year to contribute to workshops and campaigns to foster LGBTQ+ inclusion and to shape community perceptions. In 2019, he was named one of the 10 most influential LGBTQ+ executives in the UK by the British LGBTQ+ awards.

Angela Darlington

Interim CEO UK Life Insurance

Angela champions diversity throughout Aviva, focusing on the issues faced by LGBT+ colleagues globally. She is the Executive Sponsor and an active member of Aviva Pride, and has supported Aviva’s increased sponsorship of numerous regional Pride events, including London, York, Norwich, Glasgow, Toronto, Paris and Milan. Angela and the Aviva Pride network are proud to have built active Pride Networks in Aviva’s Canadian, French, Irish, Italian, Polish and Singapore businesses. Among a vast array of internal events and initiatives, Angela has instigated and attended unconscious bias and resilience trainings for leadership teams; successfully increased awareness of Aviva’s support for Pride events; and judged Aviva’s Community Fund, introducing an LGBT+ community perspective. Externally, Angela has joined the Advisory Board for the 2019 One Young World Summit in London to provide an LGBT+ perspective in the design and operation of the event. She continues to bring together women’s and LGBT+ networks both within Aviva and externally with an intersectional focus. Angela is a top table ambassador for Stonewall and focuses on mentoring female and LGBT+ individuals.

Jim Fitterling


As Dow’s CEO, Jim has transformed the company and uses his position to drive positive change. He is a strong proponent of the company’s ERGs, and he takes a hands-on approach to developing Dow’s strategy, focusing on increasing inclusion and diversity. He was instrumental in creating and appointing Dow’s first Chief Inclusion Officer, Karen S. Carter; alongside her, he launched EMERGE, the company’s first-ever inclusion conference, accelerating Dow’s inclusive culture at all levels of the company. Jim is Chair of Dow’s President’s Inclusion Council, and is an active member of GLAD, Dow’s LGBT+ and ally employee resource group, through which he regularly participates in LGBT+ inclusion activities globally. Since coming out to all Dow employees on National Coming Out Day in 2014, Jim has been an advocate for the LGBT+ community. During the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, he participated in fireside chats with Out Leadership and Bloomberg. He also participated in GLAAD’s panel discussion at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, discussing the importance of inclusion in advancing the world’s economy. For three years, Jim has hosted and thrown the first pitch at Great Lakes Loons Pride Night. In September, Jim joined the Global Advisory Board of Out Leadership.

Peter Arvai


As Co-founder and CEO, Peter has been working to build an inclusive company at Prezi from day one, creating an open environment to celebrate diversity and ensure everyone feels comfortable sharing their identity, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or national origin. For this year’s Pride, Prezi organised a storytelling meeting where employees could openly share stories about issues they have faced. Employees discussed difficult topics like how their spouses lost jobs because of their sexual orientation; the difficulties they faced growing up; and, even today, the violent threats they experienced by simply holding hands. Through this series, the leadership team were keen to engage employees in the Pride march, resulting in over 50 Prezi attendees. In addition to his work with Prezi, Peter is also Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of WeAreOpen, a nonprofit with the mission to show to millions that diversity and inclusion is a value for organizations. Launched in 2013 with Google and espell, WeAreOpen is now an alliance of over 1000 companies in Hungary that employ a total of 75 thousand people. In partnership with its member companies, WeAreOpen creates campaigns and fosters a community that aim to advance inclusion at the workplace. WeAreOpen's plan is to grow from a local NGO into a regional player–it recently appointed two new Board members who will be based in Poland. This year, over 100 Hungarian CEOs and business leaders signed their commitment to support Pride in a two-page fold out in Forbes. This campaign had exceptional reception among business leaders within Hungary and beyond, and received extensive positive media coverage. Peter aims to develop WAO from a local NGO into a regional player--WAO recently appointed two new Board members who will be based in Poland.

Alison McFadyen

Group Head, Internal Audit
Standard Chartered Bank

As a member of Standard Chartered Bank’s Global D&I Council, Alison plays a key role in driving LGBT+ inclusion at Standard Chartered, and making it a core part of the Bank’s drive to empower the diversity of its colleagues. She is the most senior ‘out’ executive at the Bank, and her visible support as a senior champion has helped the Bank become more confident in publicly celebrating LBGT+. This includes support of the Hong Kong Pride, and participation in marches in the US, UK, Japan and the Philippines. She has assisted in launching LGBT+ Employee Resource Groups in the US, Singapore, Hong Kong and India, and has helped implement initiatives to promote LGBT+ inclusion across the Bank’s markets. She has also contributed to the development of toolkits on transgender inclusion and the role of allies, and has worked with colleagues across the Bank to launch an inclusive leadership programme focused on raising awareness of unconscious bias in decision making across all strands of diversity. She was also instrumental in introducing an option to identify as LGBT+ in Standard Chartered Bank’s annual staff survey, to allow a better understanding of the experience of LGBT+ colleagues. Externally, Alison became a Trustee of GiveOut earlier this year - an award-winning charity working to grow giving to support the global struggle for human rights of LGBTQI people, working to support the global struggle for the human rights of LGBT+ people. She also engages in external events, often as a panellist or speaker on advocacy and LGBT+ inclusion.

Jay Sethi

CMO Diageo Beer Company & Head of Smirnoff North America
Diageo Beer Company

When Diageo won the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Award last year, Jay came out in front of thousands. The recognition was a testament to the company’s culture and the work that Jay led for Smirnoff representing and advocating for the LGBT+ community. By hiring LGBT+ individuals to be the face of Smirnoff’s new national advertising campaign, including Laverne Cox and Jonathan Van Ness, Jay is increasing the community’s visibility across America and proving that brands should partner with the community all year - not just during Pride. Additionally, working with Diageo, Jay has played a leadership role in setting ambitious goals to ensure the business and its agency partners commit to hiring members of diverse communities. For Smirnoff’s recent Pride campaign, the team set a goal that top agency leaders involved in the work should be members of the LGBT+ community. This commitment has led to breakthrough advertising results and even a Top 5 ranking on the Billboard dance chart when Smirnoff hired a DJ to remix Laverne’s “Welcome Home” message. Jay regularly champions D&I – whether it be through speaker platforms or panel discussions. Through his own intersectional experience as a member of the Hispanic, Asian and LGBT+ communities, Jay, together with other members of Diageo, plays a role in fostering a culture of collaboration between diversity resource groups at Diageo.

Susie Scher

Co-head of the Global Financing Group in the Investment Banking Division
Goldman Sachs

With her executive leadership position, Susie is one of the most senior visible and vocal out woman at Goldman Sachs. She is also the first out woman to serve on the Partnership Committee, Investment Banking Division (IBD) Executive Committee, and the Americas Diversity Committee (ADC). As a former Global Chair of Diversity for IBD she targeted the recruitment, development and progression of diverse talent. Through her involvement, Susie was able to work to ensure that leadership was taking deliberate steps to address important diversity issues. As a member of the firm’s ADC, Susie championed the launch of a diverse managing director (MD) retention initiative to address challenges for diverse MDs. This program was a success and has since expanded to other regions. In 2006, Susie helped develop the Firmwide LGBT+ Network and currently serves as a network advisor. With her advocacy, the network has expanded significantly and launched a global LGBT+ ally programme. Beyond Goldman Sachs, Susie is a leading personal supporter of the LGBT Center of New York, which offers LGBT+ communities in NYC advocacy; health and wellness programmes; arts, entertainment and cultural events; and recovery, parenthood and family support services. She also champions LGBT+ issues in education through GLSEN, and has previously served as a Co-chair of the Respect Awards, New York. Susie additionally has philanthropic interests in advancing academic achievement and diversity, and creating access to financial aid for diverse students.

Allyn Shaw

President & CTO
Recycle Track Systems (RTS)

Always keen to foster intersectional inclusion, Allyn was one of the first set of black executives to create the Black Executive Leadership Council at Bank of America, and was instrumental in the creation of the LGBT+ Executive Council and Steering Committee. He is a founding member of the bank’s Women in Technology & Operations Advisory Board, where he speaks passionately about and actively models true advocacy. Allyn pushed for the expansion of the Bank of America D&I Council to include LGBT+ issues and was a key player in creating the Global Technology & Operations LGBT+ Advisory Council. As a result of these activities, the number of allies globally at Bank of America exceeds 25,000. Moving to Charlotte, NC in 2017, Allyn became Executive Sponsor for the Black Professional Group’s largest local chapter. Within the community, Allyn serves on the board of directors at Out and Equal Workplace Advocates. He has been featured in publications including The Advocate and Out Leadership as a leader in working towards universal belonging in the workplace. Allyn is also the Out in Tech Corporate Executive Sponsor and Advisor, and Corporate Executive Sponsor for Lesbians who Tech. Most recently, he was the 2019 Legacy Award Winner at the Diversity Best Practices’ Above and Beyond Awards and was recognized by Diversity MBA as one of the world’s top 100 business leaders under 50.  Allyn has recently been appointed President and Chief Technology Officer at Recycle Track Systems (RTS).

Susan Santiago

SVP Operations, Miraval Group
Hyatt Hotels & Resorts

Susan has committed her entire career to promoting inclusion and creating a culture of diversity celebration, and continues to do so as a senior leader at Hyatt Hotels. She is proud to be the Executive Co-sponsor for the HyPride diversity BRG, focusing on empowering and advancing LGBT+ colleagues, owners and guests. Through Susan’s work with HyPride, Hyatt became the Platinum Sponsor for World Pride this year in NYC, with Susan as the lead delegate and spokesperson. As the only hospitality company to do commit this level of sponsorship, Hyatt hosted client and colleague events in NYC for the LGBT+ community. Hyatt also extended a Pride rate at all properties globally and held various events to celebrate Pride. Susan was honoured to march in the World Pride parade along with over 400 Hyatt colleagues, friends, allies, families and partners. Following efforts from Susan and HyPride, Hyatt became the first hospitality company to sign the UN Standards of Conduct for Business which Tackles Discrimination against LGBTI people. Susan is also a member of the Hyatt Global Inclusion and Diversity Council, working to remove barriers and encourage actions and behaviours required to improve the culture of inclusion at Hyatt. She is also a member of Hyatt Latinos and Women@Hyatt. Externally, Susan is philanthropically involved with the Human Rights Campaign, IGLTA and the Center on Halstead.

Meghan Stabler

VP Product Marketing

Meghan is Vice President of Global Product Marketing and Communications at BigCommerce, where she advocates for and drives D&I initiatives throughout the company. She has mentored countless employees on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and on what true inclusion looks and feels like. Meghan leads various D&I workshop sessions, fireside chats and group conversations to promote LGBT+ inclusion, where she shares her personal story and the challenges she has overcome throughout her career as a proud transgender woman. She has won numerous awards, including Most Innovative Woman in Computer Science, South USA at the North American Businesswoman Awards; the MAKERSwomen Award; and the President’s Award for Distinguished Community Leadership. Externally, Meghan was a member of the board of directors for the Human Rights Campaign for 8 years, including a position as Co-chair of the Public Policy Committee, leading activities and political endorsements related to federal and state public policy and legislative issues for the LGBT+ community. She also served on the Strategic Planning Committee, the Presidential Search Committee and the Major Donor Committee. Meghan has also served as a member of AETNA’s LGBT Equality External Advisory Council, and was President of Pride Houston. She currently serves on Planned Parenthood's national board of directors.

David Hynam

Bupa Global & UK

2019 marks David’s third appearance in the OUTstanding list – and the first under his recently expanded role as CEO for Bupa Global & UK. This has given him the opportunity to pursue greater inclusion across the international business, with responsibility for colleagues across eight countries. Last year, David launched the ‘Everyone’s Welcome’ pledge – Bupa’s public commitment to supporting inclusion. Following a successful introduction at the company’s Salford office, the pledge has now been adopted internationally. Under David’s leadership, Bupa Global & UK actively encourages colleagues to attend Pride celebrations and ensures internal promotion of the events. The company sponsored a range of Pride events across the UK, including in Brighton where the team sponsored the beach clean-up. Colleagues also attended trans pride marches. After becoming the first insurer to offer businesses the option to recognise gender dysphoria under their workplace health insurance policies, Bupa has updated its internal policies to offer this to its own staff. David has also overseen the launch of the Bupa Mental Health Advantage, providing the UK’s most extensive medical health cover – a move he’s particularly proud of given the increased prevalence of mental health issues amongst the LGBT+ community. Externally, as UK Board Chairman for HomeServeUK, David supported in establishing a D&I council, connecting them with Bupa colleagues to share best practice. Elsewhere, he champions inclusivity across the insurance sector. For example, he recently hosted an event for the LGBT+ insurance network, Link, and participated in a panel discussion on gender dysphoria for Global Butterflies.

R. Martin Chavez

Global co-head of the Securities Division
Goldman Sachs

As a partner and MD at Goldman Sachs, Marty is in a position to advocate for the LGBT+ community within and outside of the firm. He was instrumental in establishing the firm’s LGBT+ Network, whose mission is to advocate for a work environment that respects, welcomes and supports LGBT+ professionals. Marty has helped to organise a full programme of workshops and roadshows to educate and sensitise employees to LGBT+ issues in the workplace, targeting all levels and divisions. He was also critical in introducing a managing director Ally Strategy, where senior leaders host roundtables with junior staff to advocate for LGBT+ inclusion. Marty was also integral in successfully urging and working with leadership at Goldman Sachs to expand benefits to gay partners before the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage. Beyond Goldman Sachs, Marty works to help the wider community as an advocate. He supported former CEO Lloyd Blankfein as he engaged LGBT+ issues and became one of the first US corporate leaders to support same-sex marriage. He frequently speaks at events and conferences, including the Out for Undergrad Business Conference, which Goldman Sachs has hosted for the past 3 years. Marty has served as a Trustee and major donor of the Foundation for AIDS research, and sponsors numerous LGBT+ organisations globally.

Suresh Raj

Chief Business Development Officer
Vision7 International (Blue Impact Inc.)

Sitting on the Global Leadership Team, Suresh is an openly gay and ethnic minority senior executive, who champions diversity and equality, building on his previous efforts at Ogilvy Group and DJE Holdings. At Vision7, Suresh is part of a central steering committee on Diversity, Inclusion & Equality in addition to Growth, where he provides senior counsel on the way the organisation recruits and develops talent. Through his advice, the network has begun implementing unconscious bias training amongst other key initiatives. He also actively champions recruiting talent from minority backgrounds to spearhead the cultural change from an operational point of view.  Externally, Suresh is involved in a huge range of D&I initiatives, including as Executive Sponsor of professional networks focused on the personal and professional development of LGBTQ+, Black, Asian and Latin communities; as a mentor to LGBTQ+ professionals with INvolve and the Marketing Academy USA; as a Jury Member on the RAHM Global LGBTQ+ Leadership Contest; a panelist on LGBTQ+ issues at Cannes Lions; a Panel Jury Member for OutRight International’s UN Advocacy Week; a global speaker on equality and intersectionality; an inaugural member of McKinsey’s LGBTQ+-focused think tank ‘The Alliance’; and as a media contributor.

Gigi Chao

Executive vice chairman
Cheuk Nang Holdings Limited

Through Gigi’s leadership at Cheuk Nang, the company encourages LGBT+ colleagues to bring their full selves to work without judgement. Gigi has worked to push local companies in Honk Kong to embrace greater diversity in the workplace, and to encourage other business leaders to speak out on behalf of minorities in the workforce. As a result, Gigi’s office is constantly engaged with others supporting pride and dignity, whether individually as LGBT+ colleagues or allies, or as a team driving change in the organisation and the wider community. This year, Gigi started the Hong Kong Marriage Equality organisation, advocating for freedom to marry in Hong Kong. The organisation is a dedicated group of legal professionals, lobbyists, advocates, elected politicians, government officials, teachers, doctors, bankers, entrepreneurs, and others who have joined forces to achieve marriage equality. The organisation presents a concerted voice which convenes loose groupings of interest groups, individuals and pride chapters of companies into a greater force which pushes a consistent and strategic to educate the public and win hearts and minds. Marriage equality has now taken centre stage in the LGBT+ movement in Hong Kong.

Ken Janssens

Managing Director Global Technology
JP Morgan Chase

Ken is Co-chair of the JP Morgan Chase LGBT+ Executive Council, which he helped to create in 2017. This year, two transgender employee representatives were added to the Council, plus an extended leadership group, drawing engagement from LGBT+ Managing Directors and Executive Directors across 12 countries. He delivered a talk in Bengaluru in May, which was streamed across all JP Morgan India offices, where he spoke about his journey and gave an overview of the LGBT+ Rights advancements and remaining challenges around the globe, alongside JP Morgan's LGBT+ Inclusion priorities. Ken lobbied for the creation of the PRIDE India chapter in 2016, which is now the 4th largest chapter globally. More recently, he coordinated a global campaign where 16 JPM Country CEOs issued local memos covering 68,000 employees, encouraging LGBT+ Self ID, ERG sign ups and the use of a 25 page LGBT+ @JPMC Toolkit. Ken helped to secure a two year commitment where JP Morgan Chase technologists, through its Force for Good program, are building a Digital Hub for Out & Equal, which will allow companies to share their best practices for LGBT+ Workplace Inclusion. He does all this in addition to numerous external initiatives to build LGBT+ inclusion in the wider community.

David Furnish

Rocket Entertainment Group

As CEO of Rocket Entertainment, David leads the organisation to embrace the values of inclusion and diversity. This has supported the creation of a diverse, global team of talent from all walks of life. This year saw the global release of the critically acclaimed Elton John biopic, Rocketman, which David produced. He was resistant to any sanitisation of the truth about Elton’s sexuality, even when that meant the film would not be shown in certain markets, resulting in ‘the most gay sex a Hollywood studio has ever put on screen’ (Queeries, CBC). Described as  ‘a gay, proud ode to coming out’ the film explores a central theme of love and self-acceptance which he hopes will be an important message to the LGBT+ community. As Creative Director of the ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road’ Tour, David has used his position and platform to champion the LGBT+ community, promoting their interests and talents in a celebration of love and acceptance which again will reach a global audience. Personally, David is a role model, mentor and coach to many and takes pride in his ability to provide a platform for their success both personally and professionally. He continues to use and build his social media platform to advocate, champion and raise awareness of LGBTQI+ issues, channelling the extraordinary reach of social media to enact genuine, positive change for good.

Lynn Bertholet

Senior Vice President
Bank Lombard Odier&Co Ltd

Following her attendance of the Leadership for Executive LGBTQ programme at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University this summer, Lynn has been asked by her organisation to draft the proposal for the creation and implementation of a D&I position. She has met with five external HR D&I liaisons in international, private and public sectors in Switzerland. Lynn is often asked about sexual orientation and gender identity by her colleagues who are looking to support their children or to come out themselves. Lynn has delivered numerous presentations over the last few years to raise awareness for LGBT+ inclusion, including at company conferences, at graduate training for the University of Geneva, and at a conference for the Human Rights Commission of the Geneva Bar Association, plus in an article in the Journal of the Swiss Bar Association. Externally, Lynn is a member of the Board of Directors and Treasurer for Egides, an international francophone alliance for equality and diversity, established by the government of Quebec. She is also Chairperson and Founder of the ÉPICÈNE association, who are publishing a book for nearly 50 portraits of transgender people from across Switzerland; supporting legal cases of trans people against their health insurance companies; and delivering periodically training for the police, among other initiatives. Lynn is also a member of the LGBT+ Advisory Commission established by the Government of the Canton of Geneva.

Louis Vega

President Dow North America and Vice President, Government Affairs & Advocacy (NA)

As a senior, visible LGBT+ role model at Dow, Louis is able to demonstrate how inclusive behaviours result in higher business performance by embracing his sexual identity, his Latin American heritage and his small-town New Mexico upbringing. In his everyday role, Louis is engaged in conversations with elected officials and industry leaders on the benefits of an inclusive workplace for all employees. He has leveraged these relationships within the business community to promote and testify in support of the bipartisan passage of the Equality Act in the U.S. House of Representatives. As Global Sponsor for Dow’s ERG for LGBT+ and ally colleagues, Louis is a proud and outspoken supporter of the organisation and its missions. Having spent time working in Dubai, Louis has experienced the issues still plaguing the global LGBT+ community and is working to implement solutions where possible. Louis uses his platform to affect change for the LGBT+ community globally. He is a Member of the Board of Directors of the Victory Institute and a Member of the Board of GLAAD. Through his work with GLAAD and his support of Out & Equal, he partners with major organisations, leveraging his substantial professional and political experience to help advance their critical missions. He has also contributed through various initiatives during his time with Dow Australia.

Vivienne Ming

Executive Chair & Co-Founder
Socos Labs

Throughout her work in entrepreneurship, philanthropy, politics and academia, Vivienne works to maximise human potential, from an individual child to a company to an entire society. As Chief Scientist at the HR tech company Gild, she invented AI products to remove bias from the hiring system. This work has led to further research and an upcoming book on the ‘Tax on Being Different’, measuring the economic cost of being gay or lesbian in the workplace. At Socos Labs, Vivienne develops ‘mad science’ technologies for parents, professors and employers to maximise the life outcomes of their children, students and employees, directly combating the wasting of lives due to bias and misunderstanding. This has led to numerous global speaking engagements on the economic benefits of inclusion. Beyond her work with Socos Labs, Vivienne is Chair of StartOut and leads its research initiatives. StartOut have published a report revealing the millions of jobs created by LGBT entrepreneurs in America, the 14% relative gain in economic gain of inclusive regional economies, and the power of diverse leadership to drive better business outcomes. She is also on the board of The Palm Center, who led the fight to overturn Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and fight the ban on transgender service members. In addition, Vivienne is on the Research Advisory Board for Open for Business.

Stephen Jacques

Group Chief Executive Officer
Key Assets Group

Stephen is the lead LGBT+ Diversity Champion for the Key Assets Group. Within this capacity, he has undertaken numerous activities and implemented initiatives to make the workplace more welcoming & inclusive for LGBT+ colleagues. He is lead sponsor for the development of the Group’s LGBT+ Strategy, which includes deliverables for staff, foster carers, young people and their families. This year, Stephen has commissioned a review of the strategy to ensure local implementation across international companies across the network. He has ensured that workplace policies and procedures are inclusive for LGBT+ stakeholders and are gender neutral. He led and implemented the Group’s ‘This is an LGBT+ Inclusive workplace’ initiative, and led the implementation of the ‘fostering with pride’ initiative to actively promote foster care amongst the global LGBT+ community. He has promoted participation in ‘Wear it Purple’ Day, promoting the celebration of LGBT+ diversity among young people, and this year co-wrote a letter to LGBT+ young people supported by the organisation to reinforce the Group’s support and care. Externally, Stephen was involved in the establishment of ‘Same Love’, a safe space for LGBT+ Christians from Evangelical communities. He is a Board Director of the National LGBT+ Federation (NXF) in Ireland. This year, Stephen participated in and contributed to the Irish Government’s consultation on the development of a National LGBT+ Strategy. He has also campaigned against the practice of conversion therapy, among many other initiatives aimed at improving the lives of LGBT+ people.

Daniel Gerring

Partner, Head of Pensions
Travers Smith

Daniel is a senior partner at leading law firm, Travers Smith, heading up its award-winning pension funds practice.  He has been Travers’ senior champion for LGBTQ+ equality since 2012, chairs its LGBTQ+ Network Group, and sits on its D&I Board.  This year at Travers Daniel has embedded surrogacy leave for all; developed more LGBTQ+ inclusive recruitment practices; acted as senior sponsor for new trans/non-binary best practice guides and associated training and sponsored a series of seminars involving speakers from diverse backgrounds, including chairing a session examining the multiple identities of LGBTQ+ people. He also secured sponsorship for one of the Counsel in India’s landmark decriminalisation case to travel to the UK to deliver events in partnership with GiveOut.  In addition, Daniel led teams providing significant pro bono advice to LGBTQ+ organisations. Externally, Daniel is a board member of JustLikeUs, the charity for young LGBTQ+ people, and co-runs a mentoring programme for JLU Ambassadors moving from education into employment . He also sits on the boards of RefugeesAtHome, which he helped found in 2015 and which has since provided close to 150,000 nights free accommodation to refugees and asylum-seekers, and CityYMCA - supporting young homeless people in London, of which 25% are estimated to be LGBTQ+.  He speaks regularly on LGBTQ+ and broader D&I issues and has a particular interest in intersections between faith and sexuality.  He was appointed a Leadership Fellow of St George’s House, Windsor Castle in 2018 and is a founding member of McKinsey’s LGBTQ+ ‘Alliance’ initiative.  

Brian Kelly

CEO and Founder
The Points Guy

As an out and proud CEO and business founder, Brian has made it his mission to incorporate giving back to the LGBT+ community into the company’s culture. This year, The Points Guy (TPG) launched a Prizeo campaign with Rainbow Railroad to help raise funds for LGBT+ individuals facing persecution in regions where it is illegal to be gay. The company took to the streets at World Pride NYC to march alongside their float, bringing along Rainbow Railroad refugees to their first ever Pride event. This was all alongside massive awareness-raising and fundraising efforts. As a media platform, TPG produces ample content to ensure LGBT+ voices are represented in the aviation, travel and credit card industries. Brian is also involved in We ARE, the internal diversity and inclusion programme at TPG’s parent company, Red Ventures. In December, Brian launched the first ever TPG Awards, a 500-person gala for travel and aviation, with a distinct LGBT+ flare. Brian added a lot of his own personality and brought in top LGBT+ personalities, such as Adam Rippon, and notable Drag Queens, such as Pam Ann.

Joshua Graff

UK Country Manager & VP EMEA/LATAM

As Country Manager for LinkedIn and leading the advertising agenda for EMEA and LATAM, Josh has a unique platform to drive the LGBT+ agenda. He is the Co-executive Sponsor of LinkedIn’s global LGBT+ ERG, Out@In, where he helps to set strategy, provide leadership and financial support, participate in events and mentor high-performing talent. This year, Out@In launched a new global leadership programme called Out@Leadership, targeting LGBT+ colleagues looking to move into leadership positions. For this year’s Pride, Josh spearheaded a LinkedIn campaign working with YouGov and UK Black Pride, looking at attitudes towards the LGBT+ community in the workplace, and aiming to highlight the issues facing the LGBT+ community and provide guidance for employers on building a more inclusive workforce. The campaign encouraged employees and members to share their own stories of coming out at work, which Josh kicked off, also being interviewed on Sky News and other media outlets about his own experience and the research. Over the summer, Josh gave a keynote speech at the CBI’s D&I conference, offering businesses advice on promoting diversity, inclusion and belonging in the workplace, in addition to speaking on a CNN panel at Cannes Lions. Josh is a founding member of the advocacy group Open For Business, a coalition of leading global companies dedicated to LGBT+ inclusion. He is a member of the Stonewall Development Council and recently became a Commissioner for the HIV Commission.

Nick Mott

Assistant General Counsel (Partner)
Dentons UK and Middle East LLP

At Dentons, Nick co-founded the UK LGBT+/Allies network and drives its initiatives. He engages with senior management and the board to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues and has introduced a structured LGBT+ programme over three years, including a board reverse mentoring scheme, to embed LGBT+ visibility within the firm and in client outreach. Nick also created Dentons’ transitioning policies and related training, and has instigated and spoken at internal events to promote a greater understanding of trans issues. In addition, Nick has founded and chairs the Dentons Global LGBT+ and Allies network, where he co-ordinates the annual Global Pride Day across Dentons’ regions. As part of this, he  arranges for the Global CEO and Chair to email staff on Pride Day so as to build visibility and acceptance, alongside videos of LGBT staff discussing awareness issues. Externally, Nick supports the Albert Kennedy Trust, and has arranged for colleagues to support their London campaign and their stall at UK Black Pride. He volunteers with Opening Doors London, which supports older LGBT+ people, with activities including training to be a befriender, arranging for Dentons colleagues to assist with the ODL London Pride pre-event and instigating a Dentons’ film evening for ODL members. He also supports Diversity Role Models, which supports schools and pupils with LGBT+ awareness and bullying prevention. Nick is a founder-supporter of the annual London School of Economics LGBT Moot; he co-founded Out-on-the-Place; and he has been a Jury Member for the RAHM LGBT+ Leadership International Challenge, among other initiatives.

Geffrye Parsons

Managing Director

Geff was awarded the accolade of ‘LGBT+ Inspirational Leader’ at the British LGBT Awards (May 2019), and was nominated for the ‘Corporate Role Model’ award at the Pink News Awards (October 2018), in recognition of his efforts promoting LGBT+ inclusion within and beyond the workplace. He has for six years chaired the LGBT+ network at Macquarie, where he is also a designated Mental Wellbeing Ambassador for LGBT+-related matters. Under his stewardship, Macquarie has won numerous plaudits, including Pink News’ inaugural ‘Business Equality Award’, and ‘Top 100 Employers’ rankings from Stonewall in each of its past three years of submission. Geff has facilitated many HR-related improvements at Macquarie, such as promoting Diversity & Inclusion objectives in staff appraisals, ensuring LGBT+-compliant language in HR policies, and designing and launching graduate recruitment drives, programmes for allies, mentoring and reverse mentoring, and trans and bi guides. Geff has spearheaded a programme of hosted events intended to highlight ‘challenging’ topics, including the intersectionality of LGBT+ with, e.g., bullying (in workplaces and schools), hate crime, trans youth, and disability. Externally, he is a vocal LGBT+ advocate – e.g. giving interviews to Attitude and The Edge (business) magazines, chairing the ‘City4LGBT+’ live crowdfunding event for IDAHOBIT 2019 (which raised over £25,000 for four LGBT+ charities), and speaking at the LGBT Leaders and EurOUT Conferences, both for LGBT+ graduates. Geff also promotes the agendas of multiple other LGBT+ organisations, e.g. as a named Role Model for LGBT Great, and charities such as Diversity Role Models and Opening Doors London.

Daisy Reeves

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner

Daisy is BCLP’s LGBT+ Champion and drives the LGBT+ agenda in 31 offices worldwide. As a result of her efforts, BCLP has achieved number 2 in this year’s Stonewall Workplace Equality Index, improving on already high rankings in 2018 and 2017. BCLP are also a Stonewall Top Trans Employer. Since the recent global ally launch, over a quarter of BCLP’s global workforce are LGBT+ allies, even in countries where homosexuality is criminalised. In addition, BCLP is one of only five law firms to sign the UN Guiding Principles regarding LGBT+ issues. In the wider legal sector, Daisy spearheaded DiversCity, an award-winning LGBT+ legal graduate recruitment event, now in its 9th year. She developed AuthentiCity, a cross-sector event for LGBT+ students and apprentices interested in a career in the City of London. Daisy has also initiated a national mentoring programme for the legal profession. Beyond the legal sector, Daisy is a founding ambassador of LBTQWomen, addressing issues of discrimination faced by lesbian, bi and trans women. She also instigated Wave, an initiative offering representation and a platform for junior LGBT+ professionals across industries. As a leading proponent of LGBT+ issues, Daisy was invited to the UN to speak to the Global Head of LGBT Affairs about best practice. She has also convened legal industry peers and human rights organisations to discuss approaches to the situation in Brunei and other sharia nations. She is a Stonewall Ambassador, a British LGBT Awards Judge and a European RAHM LGBT+ leadership contest judge.

Jim Ford

Partner; Head of Life Sciences Sector Group
Allen & Overy LLP

Jim has chaired A&O’s international LGBT+ network since 2009, acting as a visible senior role model. The network is involved in BD, graduate recruitment, mentoring and social responsibility. Jim’s profile raising of LGBT initiatives helped lead to management making LGBT/gender diversity one of the firm’s 5 strategic priorities. He delivered a keynote speech at A&O’s Miami 2018 Global Partners Conference to promote D&I, he features in numerous intranet articles promoting LGBT+ initiatives and attends various A&O global LGBT events as senior A&Out partner representative. Jim has helped influence employment policy to promote LGBT+ inclusion, he has worked with Stonewall to ensure a global approach for the LGBT+ network, and under his leadership A&O hosted its first senior executive LGBT+ client event at the Tate Britain. He led the successful launch of A&O’s first LGBT+ allies group and has marched with the A&O delegation at London Pride, among many more initiatives. Externally, Jim is a Board Member for Diversity Role Models, a Stonewall Ambassador, and co-led the team who provided pro bono legal advice to Stonewall on Turing’s Law. He has been involved in co-organising fundraisers for the Albert Kennedy Trust, Diversity Role Models and Ditch the Label, and he has appeared as a panellist on the Pride in the City seminar on the power of allies, among many others. Jim is a regular speaker and mentor for LGBT+ professionals, and has provided pro bono legal advice to Queer Britain, Stonewall and the Human Dignity Trust.

Iain Anderson

Executive Chairman
Cicero Group

As leader of Cicero’s board, Iain works to set the company’s approach to inclusion. For their work on diversity and inclusion, Cicero Group have won the ‘industry standard’ PRCA Workplace Champions. There is a strong LGBT+ representation at board level and Cicero offers mentoring to all LGBT+ employees, taking part in OUTstanding mentoring activity. All Cicero employees are encouraged to undertake charitable work and many offer pro bono support to Stonewall and the Albert Kennedy Trust. Externally, Iain is a member of the recently formed Stonewall Development Council, which supports the charity with its financial targets. He also supports the charity with ongoing political counsel. Iain is a Trustee of GiveOut and supports the Albert Kennedy Trust with communications and fundraising efforts. He has made numerous media appearances, including as a panellist on BBC Question Time, where he was able to highlight the issues of mental health faced by LGBT+ people. In another regular broadcast appearance on BBC News, Iain was able to highlight Brunei's anti LGBT+ laws. He chaired the first ever debate on LGBT+ issues for corporate governance body the Institute of Business Ethics, and has spoken on LGBT+ issues at a number of business events, including a global client conference for UBS and an event for the International Business and Diplomatic Exchange. Iain has also worked with the No10 Business liaison team and the Cabinet Office on LGBT+ at work issues.

Sander van ‘t Noordende

Group Chief Executive - Products

Sander is Accenture’s Executive Sponsor for LGBT+ employees globally and leads Accenture’s Products operating froup while serving on Out & Equal’s board, Accenture’s Global Management Committee and the Accenture Diversity Council. He mentors numerous LGBT+ and female colleagues globally. Under Sander’s leadership, the number of LGBT+ allies at Accenture has skyrocketed, and the company has added LGBT+ benefits in over 15 countries and expanded transgender health benefits. With new self-identification options, Accenture are able to provide tailored benefits, training and programmes in nearly 20 countries. Sander sponsored bringing together all 50 global Pride Network Leads this year for a special LGBT Leaders Learning masterclass in New York to share best practice and develop a strategic three-year plan to further the Pride agenda. Sander is a vocal advocate for equality and has contributed to Accenture’s support of same sex marriage rights in the Czech Republic, Romania, Poland and Japan this year, as well as Accenture’s collective signing of Business Statement on Transgender Rights in the US. Externally, Sander has championed the LGBT+ agenda at the World Economic Forum for the past four years, this year leading a panel discussion ‘From Commitment to Action’. He has published an article on LinkedIn reflecting on how HIV/AIDS has affected his family and the work that still needs to be done, among many more on other LGBT+ topics.

Kathy Teo

Managing Director
Xpointo Media

Kathy is the founder of Xpointo Media, a digital marketing company headquartered in Singapore. Prior to founding Xpointo, Kathy was Managing Director Asia and Vice President International for CNET Networks (since acquired by CBS), where she led an international team across nine countries in Asia, Europe and the US.  Kathy’s company, Xpointo Media, has been a business sponsor of Singapore’s Pink Dot for the past three years. In partnering with Pink Dot SG, Xpointo Media is making a statement on the importance of diversity and inclusion in their business. In 2019, Kathy was designated as one of five business leaders driving the Red Dot for Pink Dot campaign, advocating for other companies in Singapore to support Pink Dot. Xpointo Media has also pledged to protect HIV positive individuals from stigma and discrimination in the workplace. In the 1990s, Kathy was a community organiser in the regional and national Asian-Pacific lesbian movement on the East and West Coasts of the United States. In 2002, in a first for Singapore, she led a multi-national queer women’s softball team based in Singapore to participate in the Sydney Gay Games. Kathy has spoken and participated in various panels on themes of equality and non-discrimination for the LGBTQ+ community. She is part of The Alliance, a working group of senior C-Suite leaders from around the world, brought together by McKinsey, to address diversity and inclusion issues affecting key sectors and geographies.

Diana Ellsworth

McKinsey & Company

After several years with Teach for America, Diana joined McKinsey’s Atlanta office in 2008. Alongside GLAM, McKinsey’s LGBT+ network, Diana launched a focused LGBT+ recruitment drive for the region, ensured sufficient sponsorship and mentorship opportunities for LGBT+ colleagues, and made the LGBT+ community more visible to colleagues. Following this, Diana and GLAM grew the network, launched an allies programme and drove an increase in overall mentoring. Diana focuses her own mentorship on mid-career LGBT+ colleagues, with an emphasis on women. Diana became the youngest member of GLAM’s Global Steering Committee in 2014, and became one of GLAM’s two global co-leads last year. She helped found McKinsey’s Diversity and Inclusion client service practice and currently leads it for the Americas, working with clients on issues spanning anti-harassment, culture and talent management. Last year, Diana was one of McKinsey’s two lead partners to launch The Alliance, one of the firm’s external LGBT+ initiatives focused on connecting a global network of LGBT+ leaders to drive individual and collective impact. Beyond McKinsey, Diana has used her platform as a member of Leadership Atlanta to promote open dialogue with many of the city’s prominent business leaders on how issues such as healthcare, housing and education affect the LGBT+ community. She has also been a long-standing member of the Human Rights Campaign’s Federal Club and Congregation Bet Haverim, Atlanta’s LGBT+ synagogue.

Pips Bunce

Director / Head of Global Markets Tech Strategic Programs
Credit Suisse

Pips is a visible leader on LGBT+ inclusion and co-chair of the firm’s EMEA LGBT & Ally Network. This fosters an inclusive work culture, where all employees are encouraged to bring their whole self to work, and promote authenticity in the workplace, regardless of gender identity, gender expression or sexuality. Pips identifies as gender fluid and non-binary, both identities within the Trans umbrella.Pips is an active proponent for many of Credit Suisse’s Diversity & Inclusion activities. She helps produce articles and content which highlight the importance of inclusion in the workplace including Trans* Your Questions Answered’ guide, Credit Suisse’s ‘Focus on Trans*’ video and the firms L, G, B, T and LGBT+ family guides – all distributed across Credit Suisse’s workforce. She helps support staff on topics including coming out in the workplace or at home, supporting diverse team members, working with schools, the government equalities office, embracing authenticity and encouraging more engaged allies to progress LGBTQI equality at work and across society. She regularly presents to internal and external audiences to drive ally engagement, using her personal journey, challenges and experience to convey the importance and spectrum of LGBT+ identities and LGBT+ support. She drives numerous initiatives and cross network collaboration to highlight the importance and benefits of intersectionality. Externally, Pips partners with and presents at many charities and organisations to raise awareness of LGBT+ and non-binary inclusion. She is a prolific public speaker, panellist, presenter and media contributor on LGBT+ inclusion, trans and non-binary awareness and the importance of ally programmes, intersectionality and many other topics.

Pippa Dale

Head of Global Markets Roadshows
BNP Paribas

As Head of Global Markets Roadshows at BNP Paribas, Pippa has always been passionate about diversity, in line with her own personal sense of fair play. During her career at BNP Paribas she has driven forward a number of initiatives to build a more inclusive workplace, and co-founded three employee networks focusing on a range of issues including: supporting and celebrating the LGBT+ community, driving gender equality, and ensuring more support for parents and carers in the workplace. Pippa is the lead founding Ambassador of LBTQWomen, an organisation which celebrates, informs and inspires all lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer women globally, encouraging them to believe their identities are something to be proud; and finding the answer to the age old question ‘where are the Out Women?’. This year, LBTQWomen hosted its first conference dedicated to this community during WorldPride 2019 in New York and are set to host conferences in London, Paris and the USA in 2020.

Elliot Vaughn

MD & Partner

After years of leading Pride@BCG in Europe, Elliot has taken on global leadership of Pride@BCG this year, reporting directly to the CEO and BCG’s top leadership. The network achieved 20% growth this year. Elliot initiated and led the first ever BCG Pride conference in Asia, supporting a more than 30% growth in the Asia network in the past year. He also led BCG to celebrate Pride in India, resulting in further network growth. Elliot led a BCG research study for Open for Business on LGBT+ friendliness of emerging market multinationals, the first of its kind to focus on LGBT+ diversity practices in non-US and non-EU companies. He has been selected to deliver BCG’s annual Commencement Address, discussing diversity in front of 1,300 partners, and to create a podcast with BCG’s CEO. In addition, Elliot has set a new strategy for Pride@BCG to drive greater lesbian, bisexual and trans inclusion. Beyond BCG, Elliot is the founder of GiveOut, which grows giving in the LGBT+ community for grassroots LGBT+ activism around the world. GiveOut won Breakthrough Charity of the Year at the 2018 Third Sector Awards, and Elliot was recognised this year by Theresa May with the PM’s Point of Light Award. He also serves as a Board Director for OutRight Action International, chairing its Development Committee. Additionally, Elliot is a regular speaker and panellist at LGBT+ events.

Moriaki Kida

EY Japan COO

Moriaki (Mori) came out at work in 2005 just before making Partner with the belief that being authentic is important for serving in a leadership position. Since then, he has played an instrumental role in driving and enhancing LGBT+ policy at EY while being an advocate for Japan’s LGBT+ community, including youth and teens. As the Global Unity sponsor and a member of EY Asia-Pacific Area Operating Executive, he has worked to increase the level of executive support across Asia-Pacific countries and has helped expand the EY LGBT+ professional network, Unity, to Tokyo and Taiwan. Under Mori’s leadership, EY Japan co-sponsored the launch of the UN Standards for Businesses in Japan; lobbied for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to include a non-discrimination policy for LGBT+ people; and helped the American Chamber of Commerce to support same-sex marriage in Japan, among other initiatives. Mori has appeared as a panelist and moderator at the workwithPride Summit in Tokyo, mentored young LGBT+ activists through Rebit, an NPO that works with schools to educate about LGBT+ issues in Japan, and he was featured in EY Japan’s “It Gets Better” campaign, which spoke directly to LGBT+ youth and students. He believes that business leaders and partners must keep working to create safer environments so that talent with invisible differences can reach their highest potential and help businesses innovate. He hopes that the progress he has helped to make in Japan is a testament to how other places around the globe can progress on LGBT+ issues.

Jens Audenaert

Division Vice President & General Manager

Jens is General Manager of WorkMarket, an ADP Company. Jens serves the Executive Sponsor of ADP Pride, ADP’s LGBT+ BRG. During Jens’ leadership, ADP Pride has become the fastest growing BRG in the company. Jens has increased the size of the ADP Pride volunteer organising team to deliver a structured programme including over 30 annual initiatives such as annual global awareness campaigns and increasing participation in more than 25 local chapters. Significantly, the team has also launched chapters in places not traditionally friendly to the LGBT+ community. Over the past year, ADP Pride have further enhanced their benefit plans, including for transgender colleagues, and hit their 10th consecutive year of achieving a perfect score on the HRC Corporate Equality Index. Among other initiatives, Jens has driven adoption of LGBT+ self-identification for US employees, and has seen this feature included in client-facing HR platforms. Externally, Jens has published articles on D&I best practices and recruiting for diversity, and he has participated in numerous panel discussions. He serves as the President of the Board of Directors of Reaching Out MBA and serves on the board of God’s Love We Deliver. He also drives the ADP Foundation’s generous support to LGBT+ causes.

Timothy Chow

Chief Business Integrity Officer and General Counsel Commercial
Diageo Plc

Timothy currently serves as global co-sponsor of Diageo’s various Rainbow Networks and helps advise the company on its participation in a number of LGBT+ and other diversity and inclusion initiatives. As one of the most senior openly gay executives in the company, Timothy has used various leadership conferences and other platforms to raise LGBT+-related concerns. He also actively helped to facilitate corporate sponsorships by Diageo and its brands for various LGBT+-related charities and causes. Externally, Timothy has served on the board of the LGBT Community Center of New York for the last decade. The Center offers a range of social service, health and wellness, family, cultural and advocacy programming to over 6000 LGBTQ+ visitors weekly. During his time on the board, Timothy has served as Treasurer and Board President, as well as Chair of various fundraising and programming initiatives, helping to raise over $10m for The Center and its programming. In 2019, Timothy joined the diversity and inclusion advisory board of Chambers and Partners, a body aiming to help further D&I initiatives within the global legal community.

Richard Socarides

Chief Communications Officer

In his six years at GLG, Richard has helped the B2B knowledge marketplace double in size to over 2,000 employees with hubs in New York, London, and Hong Kong. In addition to communications and policy, he also heads GLG’s global Social Impact team. Richard is a leader of the company’s D&I council, working to include all communities. He spearheaded GLG’s expanded program of LGBTQ events this year, including speakers, employee forums, and celebratory events. Speakers included Amit Paley, CEO of The Trevor Project – which receives pro bono access to GLG to help prevent suicide among LGBTQ youth. Richard led discussions about the significance of Stonewall, the LGBTQ Rights Movement, and workplace diversity. This year GLG became a primary sponsor of Austin (Texas) Pride, where it has a major presence. Almost 100 GLG employees there marched (in addition to the employees who participated in Pride parades in New York and Dublin). Under Richard’s leadership, GLG also sponsors Out Leadership and the Open For Business coalition. Outside GLG, Richard continues to be one of the leading voices for LGBTQ rights, in writing for The New Yorker and in television appearances. He has written recently for LinkedIn on ongoing challenges related to being out at work, as well as on the impact of Matthew Shepard’s death 20 years ago. Richard was portrayed in the ABC TV miniseries When We Rise and will appear in two upcoming documentaries on LGBTQ issues.

David Isaac

Senior Partner
Pinsent Masons LLP

David is a senior partner at Pinsent Masons, where he specialises in technology law and leads on a number of the firm’s international developments. He also chairs the firm’s D&I steering group and is a senior role model and business supporter of the firm’s diversity work. David led Pinsent Masons’ submission to the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index this year, which they topped, having place second in 2018 and 2017. The firm is also one of the top 9 UK businesses in the Stonewall Global Index. David continues to focus on developing the firm’s international LGBT+ work, and has supported developments in mainland European offices and in AsiaPac. He has also led new initiatives for trans inclusion, and continues to ensure that the firm provides training and high profile speaker slots with clients and the business community to promote the case for LGBT+ inclusion. Externally, David is Chair of the UK’s Equality and Human Rights Commission, where he works with the board and senior executives to protect LGBT+ rights in the UK. The Commission is currently leading on trans rights and are in the process of producing guidance for schools on how to protect trans rights of young people. As a former Chair of Stonewall, David is still a very active supporter of and ambassador for the charity. He is also involved in various other campaigns to drive international LGBT+ change, and continues to support diversity work in the Corporation of London.

Thomas Sanchez

Social Driver

As CEO of Social Driver, Thomas is a visible and vocal role model and advocate for the LGBT+ community. With Social Driver being co-founded by Thomas and his husband, Social Driver is a 100% LGBT+ owned business. Social Driver is certified by the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce, which awarded the company with their prestigious Supplier of the Year award in 2015. This honour was in recognition of the company’s success as one of the country’s fastest-growing marketing companies; their commitment to LGBT+ inclusion in business through volunteer committees and activities; and their efforts to collaborate with more than a dozen other LGBT+ companies as a supplier, a partner and a buyer. Whether through national client work or the team's community involvements, Social Driver has always put their core values of innovation, diversity and inclusion at the centre and has worked to promote these values on a wider scale. Externally, Thomas sits as secretary on the Executive Committee for the Trevor Project, a non-profit serving LGBT+ youth in crisis to prevent suicide. He was appointed by the Mayor of Washington D.C. to the Advisory Committee to the Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Affairs, he has volunteered for the Human Rights Campaign and Capital Pride, and actively supports LGBT+ candidates for elected office.

Antonia Belcher

MHBC Cumming

Prior to December 2018, Antonia was the Senior Partner of a building consultancy, which she founded with two other surveyors on the principle of inclusivity following little support or empathy from her previous employer surrounding Antonia’s transition. Antonia has written and spoken about her journey and business experience as a transwoman, sending a message to corporate, social and healthcare environments that she is privileged and honoured to be transgender. She regularly speaks at events and contributes to podcasts and books on D&I from a trans perspective. She has mentored many trans colleagues and has formed a charity fund focusing on trans activist needs globally. At the end of 2018, the success of Antonia’s consultancy led to the sale of the business to a US firm. Externally, Antonia has spoken on a vast array of panels, including the Freehold LGBT Parenting Panel Discussion, the Chartered Insurance Institute ‘Pride in the City’ Event with Dame Inga Beale, as a moderator for POWER LONDON ‘Intersectionality Panel Event’ at Baker Mackenzie, and as a Keynote Speaker at first Construction Industry Conference sponsored by B4 among many others. Last year, she launched The Antonia and Andrea Belcher Trans Fund with GiveOut to support trans activists worldwide.

Geoff Godwin

UK Chief Operating Officer

Having previously served as Co-chair, Geoff is now the Executive Sponsor for AIG’s UK LGBT Employee Network, providing education and support for LGBT+ employees and allies, and initiatives and events to connect employees to the industry, customers, suppliers and strategic partners through networking and cultural awareness. Geoff has championed the different networks working together and providing joint events to promote intersectionality. Events include IDAHOBIT, Defining the Modern Family, Film Screening Pride, Trans Awareness Film Screening and Death Dating & I Do. Geoff chaired two global meetings with AIG CEO Brian Duperreault to maintain momentum and financial support for D&I in the UK and wider business. He was interviewed on the AIG Global ERG podcast on bringing your authentic self to work and received recognition from global leaders on the content and authenticity of messaging and was named Global Outstanding ERG Executive Sponsor at AIG. He also provided executive support for the roll out of Mind Your Language training for managers and is responsible for the UK induction process, embedding the importance of D&I. Externally, Geoff sits on the Dive In, the Insurance Industry’s Diversity & Inclusion festival, Global Steering Committee, has been featured in Link Role Models, and acts as a senior sponsor for a cross-industry young professional’s LGBT+ network, WAVE. He supported and arranged for company representation at Student Pride, and supports Opening Doors London. Among numerous other community and charitable activities and Geoff secured AIG sponsorship for The Albert Kennedy Trust Gala Dinner last year.

David Levine

Vice President, Kids Programming, Europe & Africa/UK&I
Walt Disney Company

As the head of Europe & Africa Disney kids content, David leverages his programming role to promote and create kids content which is inclusive of LGBT+ characters and themes. The team have programmed and commissioned multiple shows which promote acceptance, including ‘Andi Mack’ and ‘Best Bugs Forever’. As Executive Sponsor of the Disney Pride group, David supports the leadership team and provides advice on the group’s activities. He has brought numerous senior leaders to speak at ally events, participate in Pride events and support multiple LGBT+ charities. He organised an LGBT+ awareness session in Stockholm with RFSL, and introduced Disney’s 2019 LGBT+ Film Festival, featuring 5 films for Disney and corporate sponsors. David spoke at Disney’s first German Pride week and marched in Munich and London. He worked with Disney Stores to have in-store Pride branding and Pride-themed products which raised money for charities across Europe. This year, David helped lead and execute the first Magical Pride at Disneyland Paris, the first Disney-sponsored LGBT+ event at the theme park, with global coverage and thousands of attendees. He also helped create Disney’s accompanying employee conference, where he interviewed the founder of Beirut Pride. Beyond Disney, David is a Stonewall Ambassador and supporter of Diversity Role Models, The Albert Kennedy Trust and The Terrence Higgins Trust. He also supports Rainbow Railroad, Gendered Intelligence and New Family Social, alongside other global charities.

Bob Annibale

Global Director, Citi Community Development and Inclusive Finance

As a senior out executive, Bob champions Citi’s ongoing global commitment to supporting LGBT+ colleagues, clients and the community’s rights, benefits, and inclusion. He co-leads the Citi Pride global affinity group, working closely with Citi’s senior management, legal, government affairs and diversity teams to promote LGBT+ inclusion and rights globally, to expand Citi Pride Networks to new countries, enhance internal policies and advocate for the community externally. Bob has been instrumental in Citi’s expansion of the demographic questions on sexual orientation and gender identity in the Voice of the Employee survey. He advocated for expanding the eligibility of insurance and other benefits globally and alongside Citi Pride initiated a new global badging policy to enable transgender colleagues to more easily change the name reflected on their Citi identification badge. Bob work with HR colleagues to expand the employee-led country network is ongoing and was instrumental in ensuring that Citi was a founding member of the Stonewall Global Programme, as well as building close ties with numerous other LGBT+ organisations. Bob leads Citi’s collaboration with numerous organisations, including SAGE, a non-profit transforming the landscape for LGBT+ aging population and affecting real change in the affordable housing sector for LGBT+ Americans, and for True Colors United, a non-profit co-founded by Cyndi Lauper to address the housing challenges disproportionately facing LGBT+ homeless youth.

Amanda McKay

Quality Director Major Projects
Balfour Beatty

As an out Bi Trans Woman and the most senior LGBT+ employee within Balfour Beatty, Amanda actively supports the LGBT+ community and works to demonstrate that Balfour Beatty is a diverse, inclusive and accepting employer. Amanda is Chair of the Balfour Beatty LGBT+ network, promoting it internally and externally through public speaking, running internal events and workshops, and contributing to internal and external media and communications. She has participated in the group’s reverse mentoring scheme to mentor non-LGBT+ identifying allies and managers, which has improved internal awareness pulse survey scores and reduced HR related issues from LGBT+ employees. Amanda mentors members of the LGBT+ community and supports employees and their families. She delivers LGBT+ toolbox talks across the company’s projects to increase awareness and is a member of the D&I steering group, and has managed the events programme for national inclusion week. Amanda developed Balfour Beatty’s policy and guidance for trans people at work and has contributed to other D&I policies and guidance. Externally, Amanda actively supports the LGBT+ community in many ways including mentoring and coaching, public speaking and community work. She continues to work with the LGBT Policing in Scotland to support members of the policing family and is involved in numerous charitable initiatives to advocate for the trans and wider LGBT+ communities. She works with Building Equality to promote LGBT+ in Construction and has recently establish its chapter in Scotland.

Mark Anderson

Chief Executive Officer
Connect Airways

In his previous position as Executive Vice President at Virgin Atlantic, Mark oversaw the introduction of the first LGBT+ working group, bringing together a cross section of people from across the airline to discuss, debate and create positive change on the issues which matter. The 400-strong group is now working closely with Stonewall, Prism, the Rolls Royce LGBT+ group and the Albert Kennedy Trust, as well as applying for Virgin Atlantic to be listed on the Stonewall Diversity Index. In July Mark took up a new position as CEO of Connect Airways, the consortium which owns Flybe, the largest European regional airline based in UK and Stobart Air, the expert franchise and ACMI operator in Ireland. Many Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays destinations still have laws that criminalise same-sex activity between consenting adults and Mark is a long-term campaigner on this issue, making the business and tourism case for inclusivity in destinations such as the Caribbean. To maintain focus on this issue, Mark initiated a further extended 3-year partnership between Virgin Atlantic and the Attitude Awards. As part of the deal Virgin Atlantic flew the world’s first Rainbow flight, fully staffed by LGBT+ pilots and crew, to World Pride in New York. Together with Sir Richard Branson, Mark also held a series of press interviews to raise awareness and to highlight why being able to be yourself is so important in business too.

Margaret (Maggie) Lower

Chief Marketing Officer

When Maggie joined the executive leadership team at TrueBlue, she wanted to ensure that D&I was a key focus for the company. Working alongside the CEO, board members and other leaders, Maggie has made D&I one of TrueBlue’s key initiatives promoted internally and externally. She is the Executive Sponsor of TrueBlue’s Be Proud ERG, which works to create LGBT+-friendly policies and work environments. In partnership with HR, the group promotes activities which raise awareness of unconscious bias, bullying, discrimination, transphobia and transmisogyny, and provides support and networking opportunities for members. Be Proud hosts special celebrations and contests for Pride Week, posts D&I training and shares stories through TrueBlue’s intranet, attracting diverse employees and driving promotional opportunities for LGBT+ colleagues to diversify leadership teams. Externally, Maggie has served on the jury for RAHM’s Global LGBT+ Contest in Toronto, meeting young LGBT+ talent from around the world. She served on a panel for INvolve’s Bridging the Gap event, and has mentored several high-potential LGBT+ and non-LGBT+ professionals through the US Marketing Academy and other channels. Maggie has shared her story at national and international conferences championing the importance of D&I, women in leadership and LGBT+*friendly workplaces.

H.L. Ray

Head of Brand Experience/Business Development
Samsung Electronics America

H.L. Ray is a strategic marketer with a track record of developing innovative and transformative go-to-market strategies for companies spanning startups to Fortune 500. At Samsung, he leads a team responsible for creating strategy, partnerships and activations that drive the business by forging consistent and authentic consumer connections with the brand on and offline. H.L. co-founded and serves as Executive Chair of the Samsung Equality Alliance, the company’s first LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group (ERG), promoting visibility, mentorship and advocacy for LGBTQ+ employees. The ERG also serves the external community through diversity and inclusion (D&I) marketing initiatives and donations to organizations like GLSEN and Out in Tech. He recently designed a D&I platform called Inside-Out, enabling organizations to develop internal employee policies and infrastructure to unlock their ability to genuinely speak to such consumers groups externally. Prior to joining Samsung, H.L. was the Senior Director of Business Development and Entertainment at Gilt Groupe, building partnerships to position the luxury ecommerce company as a lifestyle destination and creating new revenue streams. He obtained a BA in International Studies, Spanish and Business from the University of Mississippi’s Croft Institute for International Studies and his International MBA from the University of South Carolina’s Darla Moore School of Business. H.L. is a founding board member of the Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative and serves on the Making Gay History advisory board. He came out in 2007, deciding to live by a Dolly Parton song lyric: “Find out who you are and do it on Purpose.”

Sarah Dimmelow

Managing Director
Core Assets Group

Sarah is a visible senior lesbian role model at Core Assets Group, which support children, young people and families. She has led various initiatives to promote LGBT+ inclusion, such as creating an LGBT+ inclusion strategy which encourages fostering and adoption in the LGBT+ community. She has also implemented trans-friendly organisational policies and practice, and built a company-wide network of Diversity Champions who volunteer to act as visible points of contact for LGBT+ colleagues. As a visible lesbian adopter, Sarah is a role model encouraging other LGBT+ people to consider adoption, through blogs and other marketing materials. Sarah is regularly approached to support and advise colleagues from Rainbow Assets, the Group’s internal LGBT+ employee forum. Outside of work, Sarah has offered mentoring to young care leavers and supported a charity encouraging young people into leadership roles. She has previously given business development advice to an organisation providing equality training around trans issues, and has been involved in numerous LGBT+ initiatives and groups.

Deborah Sherry

Managing Director
Amazon Web Services UK and Ireland

Deborah has recently moved to her new position at Amazon from GE Digital Europe, where she was SVP and Chief Commercial Officer. She has worked hard as an Executive Sponsor to ensure the LGBT+ ERG at GE has a fully supported and functioning committee, even in the face of great structural change. As GE decentralised, she guided the LGBT+ operations leader to ensure the community retained visibility and activity going among all divisions. She gave executive presence to the LGBT+ global and chapter meetings and helped ensure the company had a strong LGBT+ organisation. Externally, Deborah helped to secure funds to sponsor the Gay Games in Paris, where she was an inspirational speaker. She has spoken at various conferences as an LGBT+ role model, such as EUROUT. Deborah provides support and visible presence to the LGBT+ community in all forms of community and endeavours.

Antonious Porch

General Counsel

As General Counsel, Antonious oversees the company’s business & legal affairs and public policy strategy, and the management of its global team of legal experts.As a senior leader, Antonious plays a critical role in championing a diverse and inclusive culture as well as responsibility for delivering on SoundCloud’s business commitment to ensure its workforce is as diverse as the community it serves. Antonious is the Executive Campion of Clouds of Color and active member of Queer Clouders, two of SoundCloud’s Diversity Resoure Groups (DRGs). Additionally, he provides C-suite guidance on the implementation of D&I programs, recruitment, expansion of DRGs and advancing intersectional allyship. Previously, Antonious was the Executive Champion of Emerge at Viacom, where he drove integration of D&I programs across Viacom’s brands and businesses, including LOGO, to connect with employees and viewers. Antonious speaks openly and proudly at a range of events, including for the National Bar Association and Native Son x Google. He has been instrumental in key legal battles in the Gay Rights movement, including representing the Rev. Gregory Dell during his defrocking church trial for blessing the relationship of two gay men, and on the board of the Service Members Legal Defense Network, fighting Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Antonious was a board member of The About Face Theatre and holds a current board role with International Radio and Television Society Foundation, ensuring NYC educational programmes cater for a diverse range of upcoming talent. Additionally, Antonious is a host committee member for multiple LGBT+ events.

David Shelley

Hachette UK

Prior to his appointment as CEO of Hachette UK, David established Changing the Story, a group devoted to ensuring that the organisation is fully inclusive, welcoming and diverse at all levels, and that Hachette is a publisher of choice for a diverse range of talented authors and staff. The group now has over 800 active participants, with nine influential staff networks representing different interests, including the Pride network, each with their own leadership structure, objectives and budget, and each of which has regular time with the company board. The offices have gender neutral toilets and other welcoming measures to ensure LGBT+ individuals are included and thrive. Hachette did a lot to celebrate during Pride month, including a sold-out event hosted by Stella Duffy at Waterstones Piccadilly with 14 LGBT+ Hachette authors. Externally, David mentors for EMpower, where he gains cultural understanding and hears about LGBT+ experiences which are different to his own, reinforcing the importance of intersectionality. David also supports numerous organisations which campaign for LGBT+ inclusion in business and in society.

Robyn Streisand-Luppino

Founder & President
The Mixx

Robyn’s marketing and creative agency, The Mixx, is often used as a litmus test for brands who are seeking to tailor their marketing to LGBT+ audiences for both individual campaigns, as well as broader overarching messaging and positioning platforms. The company is transparent with their system of values and their support of every facet of the LGBT+ community. As such, The Mixx is empowered by diversity of team and thought. In The Mixx’s work with H&M Pride and Mercedes-Benz campaigns, Robyn was sure to identify and use top LGBT+ talent, from the cast of influencers to directors, photographers, editors, stylists, etc. Robyn was careful to tell authentic stories on why these brands care and how they are making an impact in the community. Beyond her work as CEO of The Mixx and Titanium Worldwide, Robyn supports a huge number of non-profits, and regularly supports fundraisers, partnerships and diversity-focused sponsorships, including Andrea Hoffman’s Culture Shift Labs, Olympic Athlete Lexie Maxie’s Being Brave symposium, and she has worked one-on-one with Chris Frederick, Director of NYC Pride, and served on the board of Jeffrey Fashion Cares, amongst many others. She is heavily involved with the NGLCC and WBENC organisations, and is an original investor in the Phluid Project, the first ever retail store dedicated to gender-fluidity and non-binary clothing.

Wesley Bizzell

Senior Assistant General Counsel and Managing Director of Political Law & Ethics Programs

Wesley was one of the founders of Altria’s LGBT+ ERG, Mosaic, in 2014, and since then he has served on Mosaic’s leadership team, chairing the committee that identifies improvements to corporate policies and corporate culture that would benefit Altria's LGBT+ employees and make the company more welcoming and inclusive. He has led numerous projects to create positive change to Altria’s policies, practices and culture. This year, on behalf of Altria, Wesley helped author an amicus curiae brief to the US Supreme Court asking it to protect LGBT+ employees from workplace discrimination, and he helped encourage Altria to endorse the Equality Act, barring forms of discrimination against LGBT+ people in the US. He led the effort to significantly expand Altria’s family benefits to cover surrogacy and IVF treatment for same-sex couples, and advocated for a concomitant increase in adoption reimbursement. Additionally, Wesley has successfully advocated for corporate advertising to include LGBT+-affirming images and messages and for the company’s onsite health clinic to be more inclusive of non-binary individuals. In 2017, Wesley led the effort to roll out a self-identification option for LGBT+ employees and is working to ensure this data is included in promotion metrics. He worked to ensure Altria’s family leave policy was inclusive of LGBT+ families and to expand Altria’s supplier diversity programme to seek out LGBT+-owned businesses. Externally, Wesley is involved in numerous organisations designed to further LGBT+ equality, and currently serves as President of the National LGBT Bar Association.

Tim Thompson

SVP, Personal Banking Strategy and Transformation
TD Bank Group

To support the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, under Tim's leadership of TD's LGBTQ2+ Executive Steering Committee, TD sponsored World Pride in New York, including a TD speaker at the Human Rights Conference and sponsorship of the Stonewall exhibit at the New York Public Library. TD developed a 3-day TD World Pride Employee Summit, bringing together employees from across North America to drive LGBT+ inclusion. In 2019, TD launched enhanced transgender benefits, offering a near unique level of holistic support for Canadian organisations. Tim drove LGBT+ talent development initiatives, including panels featuring internal and external thought leaders, mentoring programmes and an in-house LGBT+ leadership development programme. In partnership with a local community organisation, Tim piloted a transgender internship programme, and played a leadership role in the development of learning resources, including proprietary online modules and reference guides, to help increase employee understanding of diverse gender identities and expression, and to enhance their confidence to support welcoming interactions with customers and colleagues. Under Tim's leadership, TD drove employee volunteerism in support of local LGBT+ organisations across Canada, partnered with LGBT+ university associations, and supported the Equality Act and the Massachusetts Businesses for Freedom Pledge. Externally, Tim has participated in D&I conferences, panels and events to share lived experiences as an out senior LGBT+ executive and father. He has spoken at LGBT+ student association events and mentors LGBT+ students and young professionals, among many other initiatives.

Monica Boll

Managing Director

Last year, Monica became Accenture’s first female Global Pride Network Sponsor, having previously served as the Executive Sponsor for Accenture’s New York Metro LGBT+ ERG for three years. Monica works closely with the Global Executive Pride Sponsor and Accenture Diversity Council, in addition to Accenture’s global Inclusion and Diversity teams to help develop strategy for LGBT+ inclusion. Under Monica’s leadership, the number of LGBT+ allies at Accenture has almost trebled, now representing more than 30% of the workforce. LGBT+ benefits have been added in over 15 countries and transgender health benefits have been expanded. Monica has been actively invested in increasing allies at the leadership level in the past year and is vocally encouraging managing directors to show their support as actively engaged LGBTQ allies. She is also an active member of the Hispanic American and Women’s ERGs, driving an intersectional approach to D&I. Externally, Monica and her wife are active members of the Federal Club Council of the Human Rights Campaign, and Monica serves on one of their greater NY steering committees. They are avid supporters of SAGE, Services for GLBT Elders, and Monica serves as a strategic adviser to four LGBT+ non-profits:  LBTQWomen, Project LPAC, The GenderCool Project and the Every Woman Biennial; she also serves on the board of Theatrical Outfit in Atlanta. Among other high-profile initiatives, Monica and other LGBT+ corporate leaders were invited to the Vatican to discuss LGBT+ decriminalisation in the Caribbean with the Cardinal Secretary of State.

Shachar Grembek

Co-Founder and CTO
Reps AI

Shachar has founded two organisations, Reps AI, a real-time assistant for helping brands provide better service and increase customer loyalty, and LGBTech, promoting inclusion of LGBT+ people in the workforce. As Co-founder of Reps AI, Shachar has worked to ensure that the company is a model employer for LGBT+ inclusion by hiring a diverse staff. Shachar mentors other LGBT+ staff and reinforces Reps AI’s commitment to creating a welcoming environment. LGBTech is the first organisation of its kind in Israel. Founded nine years ago with a tech focus, it now serves now as the country’s leading organisation focused on D&I for LGBT+ people in all industries. LGBTech helps companies embrace inclusion by having them sign LGBTech’s charter on LGBT+ inclusiveness (Israel Diversity Standard), providing support on best practices to create safe and inclusive workplaces, offering training to HR, managers, and employees, and internal policy reviews. Last year, LGBTech launched a forum for LGBT+ ERGs to share best practices and develop knowledge. In partnership with Israel’s leading trans organisation, Shachar and LGBTech helped Ma'avarim, Israeli trans NGO, found a scholarship fund for transgender students. Shachar also participated in negotiations to ensure Israel’s leading corporate responsibility index, Ma'ala, would measure and score companies on LGBT+ issues, among many other initiatives.

Tony Wood

Partner & UK Leader, Mercer Marsh Benefits
Mercer Limited

Tony is the Executive Sponsor of Mercer’s LGBT+ Pride group and worked with the Pride team to create a successful IDAHOBIT day in Mercer offices nationally. He actively supports improvements in Mercer’s Stonewall ranking and created a new Pride governance model, including the appointment of the group’s first Ally Co-chair. Tony has participated in the firm’s reverse mentoring programme, developed revised HR policies to support trans employees, driven the inclusion of pronouns in email signatures and has campaigned to be awarded one of the Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality in 2019, following last year’s award. Tony has lobbied Mercer and Marsh Health Trusts to include trans healthcare benefits, and has presented at a number of Mercer UK and international forums for clients and staff on LGBT+ healthcare and in particular trans Healthcare with a focus on LGBT+ mental health. He has implemented volunteering programmes with organisations such as Opening Doors London, and has driven the development of a guide for Mercer and other employees on the issues associated with expatriate assignments for LGBT+ colleagues. Tony arranged Mercer’s sponsorship of the Disney LGBT+ film festival and has lobbied UK private medical insurers on the policy inclusion of trans healthcare benefits. He sponsored Mercer’s white paper on trans healthcare and drove the inclusion of a special section and report in this year’s BiTC Mental Health at Work Report on LGBT+ Mental Health, among many other initiatives.

John Clifford

McMillan LLP

John was a founding member of the Inclusion and Diversity Committee at McMillan, which he now co-chairs. Under his leadership, the firm will soon undertake its third diversity and inclusion survey of all members, the learning from which will be used to improve D&I awareness, training, programmes, and events. The Committee has also led the development of a policy and guidelines for supporting the needs of trans employees. John was the catalyst for the founding of Fierté McMillan Pride, the firm’s affinity group for LGBT+ lawyers. He attended the Law Firm Diversity Caucus, which resulted in the creation of the Law Firm Diversity and Inclusion Network, of which he has been an active member since its inception. The network works to promote diversity and encourage a culture of inclusion in the wider legal profession. Beyond his work in the legal sector, John founded exeQutive, which he continues to lead. exeQutive’s mission is to promote, support and strengthen the careers and businesses of Toronto-based LGBT+ executives, professionals and business and community leaders, by hosting networking events featuring speakers and discussion about LGBT+ -focused professional development topics. exeQutive financially supports LGBT+ community groups and has supported young LGBT+ professionals through a mentoring scheme. John was also instrumental in the proudTOvote campaign in Toronto, among other activities to foster LGBT+ inclusion in society and law.

Huw Morris

Partner - Advertising & Marketing, Head of Inclusion Network
Lee & Thompson LLP

On joining creative industries law firm Lee & Thompson in 2017, Huw launched the now thriving Inclusion Network, streamlining and driving forward the firm's existing D&I and wellbeing strategies.The Network promotes the recruitment, retention and progression of diverse talent, as well as supporting wellbeing and belonging at the firm. This year the Network has hosted a number of inclusion and wellbeing events for colleagues and clients, including the firm's first Pride Party, events around women and working parents in the music industry, and actively engaged with the wider legal and media industries through D&I events, such as Pride in London.  Huw arranged the firm’s sponsorship of the British LGBT Awards in 2018 and 2019, and hosted junior LGBT+ members of the firm and clients at the Interlaw Winter Carnival 2019 and various AKT and Stonewall events. Having championed a mentoring scheme for all staff, Huw is currently developing the firm's unconscious bias interview training programme. He is actively involved with LGBT+ groups in law, media and advertising. Externally, Huw is a Trustee and NED of anti-bullying charity, DitchTheLabel and a Seed Investor and Strategic Advisor of the global LGBT+ and Allies Business Community, myGwork. He is a founding member of the Committee of the LGBT Lawyers Division of the Law Society and now heads up its Comms Team, a founding board member of Outvertising (the LGBT+ network for people working in advertising and marketing), and a Stonewall Ambassador.

Darren Styles

Managing Director
Stream Publishing

As the publisher of Attitude magazine, Stream Publishing’s employment contracts and staff handbook state the company embraces as celebrates difference before an employee even starts. Last year, Darren and his team launched the Attitude Magazine Foundation as a CSR project to raise funds for LGBT+ causes. They have been able to support organisations of all sizes, from the Elton John AIDS Foundation and the Pride in Football ‘Call It Out’ symposium to the distribution of Olly Pike’s amazing children’s books to 50 schools nationwide in response to the push back on Andrew Moffat’s ‘No Outsiders’ campaign. Each team member is encouraged to help choose, and engage with, the causes supported by Stream Publishing. Darren and his team’s support for the Elton John AIDS Foundation has funded testing and treatment in South Africa; their support of the Peter Tatchell Foundation has supported key work in Russia; their support of the Matthew Shepard Foundation has funded anti-bullying campaigns across the US; and their support of the John King Brain Tumour Foundation helped fund a microscope for St George’s Hospital in London. Attitude also works with corporate clients, taking the opportunity to speak to LGBT+ staff and groups to seek positive change and contribution.

Darren Rickards

Managing Director, Head of Corporate Banking, CEEMEA
Bank of America

Darren is a high-profile City banker and active role model, speaking of his own experiences from 30 years in the industry both in the UK and in the Middle and Far East and is strong senior advocate of D&I in the bank globally. He is Senior Sponsor of the bank’s LGBT+ Pride Network in EMEA and member of the global LGBT Leadership Executive Council advising on policy, representing the bank in the media and external forums, eg the UK Institute of Directors, Tech London Advocates etc. He speaks both internally and externally at various events on D&I in the workplace with a focus on LGBT+ inclusion and has been published in professional journals: for example for Treasury Management International (TMI), advising companies on their LGBT+ initiatives to help motivate, retain and recruit talent. He also penned an article for the Gay Times, examining the importance of supporting the next generation of LGBT+ talent in the workplace. His regular visits to the Middle East and to Africa provide further opportunities for transformative talks around LGBT+ inclusion. As a senior leader, he maximises the benefit of these groups to a wider audience, both internally and with clients and other stakeholders, suppliers and market participants.

Lawrence Spicer

VP Audit, Personal & Commercial Banking

As the first visible gay executive at RBC, Lawrence is a diversity pioneer. He is the Executive Chair of RBC’s PRIDE Canada ERG, fostering the group’s growth of 10% every year for the last five years. He is currently working with senior leaders to expand the PRIDE ERG to the Caribbean region. Lawrence worked with HR to make it possible for employees to self-identify their LGBT+ status through the talent management process, enabling the bank to measure their diversity and inclusion progress. He supported the creation of a  mentorship program connecting LGBT+ employees with LGBT+ executives and allies, and led the inaugural RBC enterprise-wide PRIDE event in 2017, hosted by the CEO and senior executives. This year, his influence led to RBC sponsoring the first RAHM LGBT+ Global Leadership Contest in North America, and he procured RBC funding for Start Proud, a Young Professionals Leadership organization. Beyond RBC, Lawrence connects members of the LGBT+ community internationally and is a mentor and coach to young professionals and executives on being out in the workplace. He was one of 45 executives invited to participate in the inaugural Stanford University LGBT+ Executive Leadership program and has been one of its media spokespeople. He is a regular media contributor and has been a jury member for the global RAHM LGBT+ Leadership Contest, among many other external initiatives.

Olfert de Wit

Chief Operating Officer HSBC Singapore

Before joining HSBC, Olfert was a Partner at The Boston Consulting Group and led BCG’s LGBT Network in Europe, Middle East and South America. While there, he helped establish an LGBT+ career development and continuous coaching programme, which won the Stonewall Innovation award; launched LGBT+-focused recruiting workshops at universities internationally; and oversaw the network’s South America expansion. Now in HSBC Singapore, Olfert is Executive Sponsor of the HSBC Pride Network. Within the last year, the network has expanded its internal activities to include a D&I Fair and a #togetherwethrive Pledge drive, where colleagues pledged to strengthen HSBC Singapore as an LGBT+ inclusive workplace. HSBC also participated for the first time in Singapore’s PinkFest, a community-led festival celebrating diversity and inclusion. As an out senior executive within HSBC Asia, Olfert participated in this year’s launch of the Pride Network in India. Beyond his work with HSBC, Olfert and his husband support numerous charities focused on LGBT+ causes, and are founding donors of GiveOut.

Trevor Burgess

Neptune Flood Incorporated

As a serial entrepreneur, Trevor establishes culture from the formative stages of his companies. At C1 Bank, he formed a board with multiple LGBT+ people, and when going public on the NYSE, part of the investment bank selection criteria was a review of the advisor’s LGBT+ policies. Benefits for LGBT+ families at C1 matched those of other colleagues before the legalization of same sex marriage. Trevor was the first openly gay CEO of a publicly traded bank.  Across C1, TRB Development and his insuretech, Neptune Flood, Trevor and his teams have been active supporters of the local LGBT+ community, helping to fund the state-wide organization Equality Florida, as well as local LGBT+ health resources for underprivileged members of the community. Recently, Trevor founded #QTHEVOTE, a charity with a digital tool which allows members of the community to register US Citizens to vote in a fast and easy way. #QTHEVOTE has partnered with Equality Florida to register people to vote at Pride events across the state. #QTHEVOTE does not endorse candidates or parties but aims to increase LGBT+ US voter engagement including in Florida where it is still legal to fire someone for being gay.

Ben Foat

Group General Counsel
Post Office Limited

Ben is the co-founder and previous chair of the Post Office PRISM LGBT+ network, and was previously the chair of Zurich Insurance Company’s first LGBT+ network. Having been promoted to Group General Counsel and joining the Executive Committee earlier this year, Ben has utilise his leadership role to enhance the organisation’s approach to D&I, and specifically LGBT+ issues. He was recently interviewed about his experience growing up gay and the importance of Pride events which was shared across the Post Office Network and social media platforms. Since establishing PRISM, Ben has advocated for LGBT+ inclusion at the Executive Committee, and is the General Executive representative at events such as Pride; he has introduced Global Butterflies’ Trans Inclusive 101 Training; and he led the Post Office march in London Pride. He has also introduced D&I requirements for Post Office suppliers, supported the drafting of the Post Office’s Stonewall Workplace Equality Index submission, and registered a trademark for a rainbow flag version of the iconic Post Office logo. Externally, Ben is involved in numerous efforts to build LGBT+ inclusion, including giving interviews, for example while being awarded Solicitor of the Year, in which he speaks about the importance of D&I; being a Stonewall Ambassador; mentoring multiple LGBT+ people and as a member of the Law Society LGBT+ Committee.

Tifenn Dano Kwan

Chief Marketing Officer
SAP Ariba and SAP Fieldglass

As one of very few out executives at SAP, Tifenn is a visible senior role model to her peers, and especially to the younger generation. Having become a mentor to multiple LGBT+ individuals at SAP, Tifenn passionately guides them on the importance of being comfortable and out in the corporate world. As a result of her devotion to empowering everyone around her on being proud of their own identify, Tifenn has recently become the North America Executive Sponsor of the Global SAP Pride organization. She plans to empower the organization to bring positive awareness as well as action-oriented plans to continue bettering SAP as a whole when it comes to inclusivity in the workplace.

Gabrielle Novacek

Managing Director and Partner
Boston Consulting Group

From 2010 to 2018, Gabrielle served as the global leader of the Boston Consulting Group's international group for LGBTQ employees, Pride@BCG. During her tenure, BCG’s LGBT+ population increased over 400%, expanded its reach into almost all BCG offices worldwide and saw the placement of LGBT+ executives into several high-profile senior executive roles. Gabrielle oversaw the introduction of multiple internal initiatives aimed at ensuring an equitable and inclusive environment for LGBT+ employees, including the addition of medical transition support for transgender employees to US health care plans, and the implementation of a global mentorship programme aimed at driving career success for LGBT+ employees, which was recognised with a Workplace Innovation award by the Human Rights Campaign. At the end of 2018, Gabrielle was named D&I Chair on BCG’s North America Management Team, where she continues to advocate for programming that supports LGBT+ inclusion. Externally, Gabrielle is on the board of Reaching Out MBA, a US non-profit dedicated to educating, inspiring, and connecting the LGBTQ MBA community to impact change in the workplace and create the next generation of out leaders. Recently, the reach of the organisation has expanded to include conferences in Brazil and Hong Kong, an Out Women in Business event, and year-round campus programming and engagement.

Justin D’Agostino

Executive Partner
Herbert Smith Freehills

Justin is at the forefront of bringing LGBT+ issues into the spotlight ensuring that it is kept on the agenda at board room level right across the globe. He founded HSF's first LGBT+ network in London in 2007 and is the network’s global Executive Sponsor. He proactively supports its growth across Asia, Australia, the UK and EMEA, transforming the network into a thriving global community for LGBT+ and ally employees. This led to the development of the global IRIS Network, bringing together regional frameworks to ensure support for all. Justin was instrumental in the firm signing up to the UN LGBTI Standards of Conduct for Business and launching the firm's Global Transitioning Guidelines. He is an active mentor and spokesperson for LGBT+ Partners Associates and Business Services Professionals throughout the firm. Beyond Herbert Smith Freehills, Justin is involved with numerous local and global LGBT+ organisations. He is a Top Table Stonewall Ambassador and is a mentor with the Queer Straight Alliance in Hong Kong, a proud supporter of and mentor with Pink Dot, and hosted a CEO roundtable in Hong Kong with Out Leadership. Justin has personally supported events in favour of marriage equality across Australia and supported the firm’s involvement in the marriage equality campaign in Northern Ireland, and in L’Autre Circle in France.

Shamina Singh

Founder and President, Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth & Executive Vice President, Corporate Sustainability

As an LGBT+ executive, Shamina is committed to advancing a culture of values-based leadership, diversity and transparency. At Mastercard, Shamina is one of the Executive leaders representing Mastercard in the company’s sponsorship of World Pride, taking part in Pride activities and recruiting other LGBT+ staff and allies to do the same. In addition, she regularly counsels the LGBT+ BRG and provided mentorship to junior colleagues. Indeed, recognizing the value of diversity and inclusion, Shamina regularly puts other LGBT+ staff forward for leadership, speaking roles and visibility opportunities. A proud advocate, Shamina has been featured in an internal communications podcast, reflecting on the ways in which her identity as an out LGBT+ executive make her a more effective leader. She has also supported Mastercard’s efforts as a signatory to amicus briefs made to federal courts, including for cases seeking to secure full rights and protections for members of the LGBT+ community. Shamina is a renowned thought leader who addresses the need to advance diversity and inclusion to solve big, global challenges. She is regularly invited to speak on technology-driven innovation, where she advocates for reducing design bias by incorporating LGBT+ voices in decision-making roles. Shamina has hosted several Mastercard-sponsored events for OutWomen and has appeared at convenings such as the Out4Undergrad Conference, SXSW, Bloomberg Philanthropy’s annual Data for Good Exchange, the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos and the United Nations General Assembly.

Ronnie West

Chief People Officer
IHS Markit

Ronnie leads the People Transformation Agenda at IHS Markit where he works alongside his team to connect their approach to talent management with the long term strategy of the organization. He understands how the world is changing and develops new approaches to harness the change, creating a more inclusive, accepting, and representative workplace. His role within the executive team at IHS Markit gives him the ability to drive a powerful inclusion agenda where people can bring their whole selves to work and makes the firm a place where everyone is respected and accepted regardless of gender, race, background, age or sexual orientation. He knows there is much to do and much to change to truly be inclusive around the globe, but has taken on the challenge with empathy and pride. Ronnie is proud to be a vocal and visible member of the LGBT+ community.

Hayley Sudbury

Founder and CEO

Hayley is the founder of WERKIN, a company dedicated to making workplaces more diverse and inclusive through mentorship. Each decision made, from hiring to promotion to office locations, has been driven by creating an environment that encourages employees to bring their true selves to their work. Hayley has worked with recruiters to find talent from underrepresented groups, and her team is now made up of 60% women, 33% LGBT+ and 40% ethnic minority individuals. WERKIN has a flexible and remote working arrangement, allowing for caring responsibilities and personal commitments, and there is a culture of trust and open communication across offices in Liverpool, Hong Kong, London, Berlin and New York. All WERKIN employees are encouraged to attend D&I events and participate in professional organisations related to representation in the workplace. WERKIN has participated in Pride in London and New York as panellists. Hayley has launched mentoring programmes for many LGBT+ organisations as part of a personal commitment to create a fundamental shift for the female, LGBT+ and ethnic minority talent pipelines. She was recently selected to represent LGBT+ tech entrepreneurs as part of the UK’s first LGBTQ Founders Mission to the United States. Hayley had been recognised by UN Women; Women in Finance; and the the Diva Power List among other awards.

Jay Lin

Portico Media

Jay’s company, Portico Media, is a local representative for media companies, such as NBCU Comcast, Viacom, Blue Ant and A&E. They are also a media company heavily focused on creating and distributing LGBT+ content, with a high percentage of employees being LGBT+, and aiming to spread equality in Taiwan, Asia, and globally. Portico is also one of five founding members of the Marriage Equality Coalition, the main lobby pushing for same-sex equality in Taiwan. Jay and his team have organised and participated in many of the rallies and fundraisers, and produced dozens of videos related to LGBT+ activism. They created Light Up Taiwan a platform to inform the general public about the stance of local politicians on the issue. Last year, Jay’s team organised the photoshoot OUT IN TAIWAN in collaboration with Singaporean photographer Leslie Kee, to showcase the lives of the local LGBT+ community in the island. After co-founding the Taiwan International Queer Film Festival, Portico launched the first LGBT+ film ecosystem, consisting of the film streaming platform, GagaOOLala; the film funding and production hub, GOL STUDIOS, and GagaTai and LalaTai, the largest gay and lesbian lifestyle blogs in the world for Chinese speakers. Externally, Jay is a gay dad of two twins and helped organise the first Men Having Babies conference in Asia. At the beginning of 2019, he was named one of the top innovators of the year by Newsweek magazine.

Matt Scarff

Director of ITV Creative & ITV Experiences
ITV plc

Matt co-chairs the ITV Pride LGBT+ Network and launched the ITV Pridecast, the podcast for LGBT+ colleagues and allies at ITV. The ITV Pridecast was introduced to support colleagues not able to make a monthly meeting because of filming and production schedules. Matt produces and co-presents the ITV Pridecast in addition to his Director role. The podcast has interviewed on and off-screen talent including Neil Thompson, Editor of Good Morning Britain, about LGBT+ features and interviews and why it they are so important and a special invitation was received from Lorraine Kelly to record an ‘in-vision’ Pridecast at Television Centre. The ITV Pridecast is supported by the ITV Board and Chief Executive Carolyn McCall. There are plans to make ITV Pridecast available externally too. Additionally, Matt has delivered an ITV D&I workshop for LGBT+ managers, supported by Stonewall. He supported the ITV News team with their Transgender Awareness Week feature and drove ITV’s submission to the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index, in addition to driving ITV Pride’s participation at Pride in London, Leeds Pride, Manchester Pride, Pride Cymru and Belfast Pride. Externally, Matt was part of the 'Braving the Backlash' panel at We Are Social, he presented to the Institute of Directors about Making Diversity the Every Day at ITV and supported BBC Studios and STV on establishing LGBT+ groups within those organisations. Among many other external initiatives, Matt also took part in a panel for British Airways’ IDAHOBIT Day and has worked with the charity Opening Doors London.

Catherine Vaughan

Global Ethics & Compliance and Financial Crime Leader

Catherine continues to champion LGBT+ inclusion both Ireland where she is a Partner and more broadly through her global role. In Ireland Catherine made a number of contributions, working with the Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee to identify emerging priorities for LGBT+ colleagues, and co-develop responses. Catherine delivered LGBT+ inclusion training to partners and directors, and is an active mentor of future LGBT+ leaders. Catherine continues to be a visible LGBT+ role model in the Irish market, and is a driving force for LGBT+ inclusion through numerous initiatives. In addition to hosting EY’s Pride celebrations, Catherine spoke at the Chartered Accountants Young Professionals Inaugural Pride celebrations. Speaking to around 200 young professionals she reflected on the profession’s progress along the inclusion journey. Catherine will continue to help the Institute build on its commitment to LGBT+ inclusion. At a global level, Catherine worked with the Global LGBT+ Partner forum to identify and address priorities for LGBT+ colleagues throughout the EY network. She has been instrumental in increasing LGBT+ partner visibility and connectivity across the EY network, bringing new members from to the Partner forum. Catherine champions change in countries where LGBT+ rights are lacking, raising questions of LGBT+ inclusion in such countries, challenging EY as change makers in business and society. She co-hosted EY’s first global LGBT+ live webcast marking the launch of EY’s global Pride celebrations and she delivered talks in regions where LGBT+ inclusion is challenging, including India, where she hosted the first LGBT+ event.

Emma Woollcott

Partner & Head of the Reputation Protection Group
Mishcon De Reya

Emma founded Mischon de Reya’s active and inclusive LGBT+ Pride Network, which hosts regular events for clients, contacts and colleagues. Before this, she carried out pro bono work for LGBT+ causes and hosted events with the GWN and with Stonewall. Since its creation four years ago, the network offers a place for colleagues to network and grow friendships, and to collaborate on business development projects. Emma now sits on a cross-firm panel which feeds into the Board, focusing on championing LGBT+ initiatives within the firm and more widely. Emma established the firm's support to Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre in two of their award-winning pro bono legal projects: Pink Law and SPITE (Sharing and Publishing Images to Embarrass). Pink Law supports lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender clients seeking legal advice on a range of issues relating to immigration and family law concerns, including civil partnership formation and dissolution, cohabitation and adoption. SPITE is a "revenge porn" advice service, assisting those who find that their intimate images are shared online without their consent. Emma volunteers with Diversity Role Models and has provided pro bono advice to various LGBT+ campaigns, charities and people. Most recently she helped a group of transwomen to engage with and respond to hostile and dangerous media and social media publications.

Luiz Felipe Centeno Ferraz

Mattos F. Veiga F Marrey Jr e Quiroga Advogados

For years Luiz Felipe has advocated for a culture of inclusion inside Mattos Filho. Under his coordination, MFriendly (the firm's LGBT+ group) has strengthened internal relationships and fostered acceptance among professionals, who are now free to live their real lives and focus on what really matters: their professional developments. Externally, actions with the public demonstrate to the firm’s professionals and the market that the MFriendly program is more than a project on paper. Since 2016 Luiz Felipe has been working with the firm's pro bono team to provide free legal assistance to the LGBT+ population. The success of his management has historically reverberated in universities and in the labor market as a whole, consequently fomenting the attraction of new talents to the firm. Luiz Felipe has been actively working with the Brazilian LGBT+ Business and Rights Forum and with the Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, and was recently recognized by the Chambers Diversity and Inclusion Awards: Latin America 2019 as one of six outstanding professionals who are leading the way in their commitment to LGBT + diversity and inclusion.

Eliezer Silveira Filho


One of the reasons for Eliezer to take on the CMO role at Azion was to broaden diversity initiatives, including LGBT+, gender and race issues. Eliezer and his team established the company’s ERGs; increased the hiring of minority individuals by 50%; developed an LGBT employability workshop using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology; conducted 4 talks per year focused on inclusion; and provided training to all employees. The company connects with global initiatives, such as Reaching Out, structuring a discussion on digital transformation and LGBT+ inclusion. The team structured Azion's partnership with the “Together in IT” initiative, focused on the employability of minority populations, and also the inclusion of Azion in Brasscom, Brazil's largest technology association, focused on diversity. In 2016, Eliezer joined GAMES, which focuses on developing actions to impact the LGBT+ population. He organises discussions and connections between organisations, has taught English to trans individuals, and developed a mentoring project for trans people, together with Transempregos, focused on employability. In 2017, Eliezer founded Divercitizens, which developed a study on the situation for the LGBT+ community based on Sustainable Development Goals, and continues to develop further studies. Last year, he integrated this with social projects focused on helping vulnerable communities.

Kristin Hansen

CEO & Founder
Hansen & Partner (ELLA)

Kristin is CEO and Founder of Hansen & Partner, who organises the ELLA International Lesbian Festival in Mallorca / Spain which also supports women’s initiatives in different countries such as Costa Rica, Mexico and Colombia, where ELLA Festivals will be hosted in 2020 realised in collaboration with local LBT associations. The company promotes visibility and empowerment of lesbian, bisexual and trans women. They have held numerous inspiring ELLA Talks, created ELLA Travel the first lesbian travel section in international tourism fairs like FITUR or ITB, and founded a non-profit organisation, ELLA Global Community, implementing a programme of monthly activities in Costa Rica and preparation for the ELLA Festival there. ELLA Global Community also signed a partnership with the renowned international aid organisation HIVOS from the Netherlands earlier this year. Also currently developing an application called QTELLA on a mission to connect and offer a sense of safety and belonging to LBT women across borders in safe online and offline spaces, resources and services to meet, make friends, share wisdom, travel safely, learn and help one another and our local communities. Externally, Kristin has been 1st Deputy of the AIDE GANDIOLE association since 2008, who aim to help the people of Gandiole in Senegal. Among many other initiatives and engagements, Kristin spoke recently at the summit for GAY8 Festival in Miami as a panellist discussing Equality and Economic Empowerment for LGBTQ+ Communities Through Global Partnerships and received in 2019 the ITB LGBT PIONEER AWARD whose aim is to support global engagement and courageousness to stand in for diversity.

Eugenio Pirri

Chief People & Culture Officer
Dorchester Collection

A multi-award winning industry leader, Eugenio Pirri has dedicated his 30-year career to ensuring that people are the cornerstone of every business decision. An ardent advocate for diversity and inclusion across all aspects of operation, Pirri has pioneered several pivotal initiatives for Dorchester Collection, including the We Care philosophy. Under the wider umbrella of We Care, Pirri launched the global RESPECT initiative to wholly champion an environment where all employees feel valued and treasured. Dedicated to celebrating individuality and the brilliance it adds to Dorchester Collection’s company culture, Pirri and his team bring diversity and inclusion to life via training, education and consistent employee recognition. With particular focus on all protected classes under the Human Rights Act, Pirri introduced coaching, mentoring and diversity celebrations to showcase the truly inclusive environment of Dorchester Collection. He also conducts Diversity and Inclusion workshops within the firm, working with hotels to support local charities in order to advance the company’s important message of inclusivity.

Lauren McCallum

Global Managing Director
Mill Film

In her role as Managing Director at Mill Film, a Technicolor company, Lauren champions LGBTQIA+ visibility and responsibility. She believes that leadership provides not just the mandate to lead a business but also a platform from which she can empower her crew to celebrate diversity and design a space where crew can bring their whole selves to work. With 15 years’ experience in Film and Episodic VFX and over 45 films in her filmography, she has worked with leading Hollywood studios and independent directors alike and recognizes that she must lend her voice to diversity and inclusion as a business imperative, championing that the people who create visual effects should look as diverse as the people who consume them. Lauren empowered her crew to create a trans toolkit at Mill Film’s studio in Montreal, and successfully campaigned to have gender neutral toilets installed in each of Mill Film’s facilities, so trans crew can feel safe and bring their whole selves to work. Lauren speaks internationally on inclusion, diversity and belonging in film, visual effects and media including Siggraph 2019, Lesbians Who Tech, effectsAmerica and HubMontreal. She is active in the Canadian voluntary organizations, Access VFX and Women in Animation and chairs both Montreal chapters. Under Lauren’s leadership Mill Film became the first global visual effects studio to publicly commit to maintaining a 40% female creative workforce by the end of 2019, after successfully surpassing her 30% target in 2018.

Ilse van Gasteren

Clifford Chance LLP

Ilse has been with Clifford Chance for almost 20 years, as a lawyer and more recently as a partner in the Amsterdam office. During this time, she has been an active member of the Diversity Working Group, championing gender equality issues and tirelessly supporting LGBT+ initiatives. In the past few years, Ilse has given several speeches within the firm about diversity, gender equality and her personal journey as an LGBT+ lawyer. She has attended many external diversity events hosted by Clifford Chance in Amsterdam and abroad, and she has also attended D&I-focused conferences, such as the annual Workplace Pride conference in Amsterdam. Ilse is open about her sexuality in communications, not just local, but global, shared with staff in regions where being openly gay is more problematic.

Martin Stead


As CEO of Nutmeg, Martin drives change through creating inclusive policies, setting targets and ensuring accurate reports are carried out. He is a positive, visible LGBT+ role model at work and takes on multiple public and media engagements where he discusses being a gay man and the importance of being able to bring your whole self to work. Martin is proud that Nutmeg is gaining a reputation as an inclusive workplace, attracting employees from a broad cross-section of society. Nutmeg has a growing and thriving LGBT+ and ally community, and a Pride wall, Pride events and lunch & learns to raise LGBT+ awareness and inclusion. Martin has raised awareness of LGBT+ issues at board level to drive cultural change. In the past year, Martin has continued to volunteer for Diversity Role Models and has trained to become a facilitator, so he now leads workshops to tackle homophobia and transphobia in secondary schools. In addition, Martin mentors with EMpower to support the next generation of diverse talent. He sits on the board of CMI Women, promoting the intersections between gender and LGBT+ diversity and bringing allyship to the board. He has helped define a strategy to engage men as active agents of change to make workplaces more inclusive of everyone.

Andy Woodfield

Partner, UK Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

As the only out partner at PwC in 2012, Andy created the firm’s first inclusive business network, GLEE@PwC, based on the idea that employee networks needed to evolve to engage and educate those who are not LGBT+ if they are to be more effective at making workplaces more inclusive and welcoming to LGBT+ employees. Andy is a visible, positive LGBT+ role model, and among a number of other activities partnered with clients and OUTNext to create the first global curriculum for the next generation of LGBT leaders and delivered this programme for a number of years in the UK, USA, Hong Kong, China and Australia. This work has led to the coalition of PwC Shine, the new global inclusive network lead by LGBT+ PwC Partners from around the world that builds on the work of GLEE@PwC and continues to ensure that LGBT+ voices are not only heard within the firm but are transforming the firm and the business environment one client at a time. Andy has sponsored the firm’s partnership with Pride in London, mentored dozens of LGBT+ individuals, and driven LGBT+ staff engagement. Externally, among many more initiatives and partnerships, Andy has been a trustee for Diversity Role Models, Opening Doors London, and has mentored many LGBT+ individuals outside PwC, including senior police leaders and government officials.

Michael Sosso

Associate General Counsel- Downstream

Michael leads a global team of over 100 lawyers responsible for legal matters across all of BP’s Downstream businesses, including retail, fuels and marketing, refining and manufacturing, petrochemicals, Air BP, Castrol lubricants, Chargemaster, electric charging, and other low carbon initiatives. He is the Executive Sponsor of both the UK and AsPac Legal and E&C Diversity and Inclusion Committees and is a frequent speaker and panellist at internal and external D&I events, including in Australia, China, Singapore, Spain, the UK and US on topics such as unconscious bias, establishing effective Business Resource Groups, LGBT+ equality, and creating an inclusive environment. He participated in a webcast targeting some Asian countries where same-sex conduct is illegal to promote greater acceptance. Michael has also participated in interviews and other media opportunities discussing LGBT+ issues; is an active member of BP Pride; mentors diverse employees; and supports numerous initiatives focused on advancing LGBT+ inclusion. He spoke about the business case for D&I at a conference for managing partners of nearly 100 law firms, and to the global partnership of one of the world’s largest firms on promoting D&I in the legal profession. In the United States, he has represented LGBT+ asylum seekers pro bono, testified in Washington, DC and advocated for gay marriage and equality.  He has participated in conversations with both US and UK officials on how businesses and governments can work together to promote LGBT+ inclusion globally.

Ali Potia

McKinsey & Company

Ali joined McKinsey in 2007. He helped to establish the Asia chapter of McKinsey’s LGBTQ+ affinity network, GLAM, which he continues to lead. Since then, Ali has led the expansion of GLAM, plus inclusive benefits and policies, to 25 offices in 16 countries across Asia. He is on GLAM’s global leadership team and steering committee. Ali also leads an effort on intersectional inclusion in McKinsey Asia, working with gender and disability networks to improve inclusion for all. He has also sponsored LGBTQ+ recruitment efforts at 12 university campuses across Asia; has rolled out GLAM Allies across Asia; is driving a comprehensive improvement in policies and benefits in all Asian offices, including gender reassignment, adoption and surrogacy; and he leads an annual Day of Pink celebration for LGBTQ+ colleagues. Ali has acted as a visible out role model and actively improved the environment for colleagues to feel comfortable being out. This year, Ali will convene the first GLAM Asia summit and to march with colleagues in Taipei Pride. Additionally, Ali has launched McKinsey’s LGBTQ+ Masterclasses in Asia, which have reached over 60 leaders in Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney. Ali convenes a network of senior LGBTQ+ executives in Asia-Pacific, supports numerous LGBTQ+ causes and he is a frequent speaker and panelist on LGBTQ+ issues.

Filipe Mota da Silva

Head Business Development - Energy & Resources
TATA Consultancy Services

As Head of Business Development, Energy and Resources at TATA Consultancy Services, Filipe founded the LGBT Network at TCS, which now has more than 300 members. He developed the LGBT Talent Development Program to develop and retain LGBT+ employees, and developed webinars with LGBT+ speakers. He also created an informal TATA LGBT+ coalition to share best practices and exchange ideas, and has reviewed and included information about the network in Induction Information Packages in the UK and India. Filipe has supported the development of local TCS networking and charity events across the UK and supported the D&I Training Module developed by the Talent Development team on inclusion. He has been actively involved in Pride celebrations, including leading TCS’s mark at Pride in London. Filipe mentors young MBAs at Hult International Business School, and at TATA and is a leader at TCS D&I Council.

Kyri Evagora

Vice Chair: Business & Finance Department and Board Member
Reed Smith

Kyri is the first openly gay board member of Reed Smith, having just been re-elected for the fourth consecutive year. He led the Global Energy and Natural Resources business for 12 years, which now boasts a 64% diversity ratio.  Through his role as Vice Chair of a global department, Kyri is now seeking to implement positive change for all LGBT+ staff at Reed Smith. He is the firm’s Executive Sponsor for Reed Smith’s global affinity network, PRISM, and uses this platform as an active role model to mentor and support LGBT+ staff at all levels of the organisation. Last year, Kyri and the Reed Smith Board helped to secure the appointment of Reed Smith’s second openly LGBT+ board member, increasing inclusion and visibility at the highest level. He has also helped to rearticulate the firm’s D&I objectives to shift the institutional emphasis onto the nurturing of LGBT+ and diverse talent. Externally, Kyri routinely works with LGBT+ affinity group leaders in the corporate sector with a view to guiding them and their teams in the development of institutional programmes. Kyri also dedicates time to mentoring and acting as a role model to LGBT+ people in his and other ethnic and religious communities. He is a proactive member of numerous industry associations, where he acts as a visible and positive LGBT+ role model.

Nassib Abou-Khalil

Chief Legal Officer

Nassib has been Nokia Chief Legal Officer since August 2019. He has long been an advocate for inclusion and diversity at Nokia, including supporting the Legal & Compliance team in joining the Minority Corporate Counsel Association and speaking about LGBT+ inclusion in an international setting at their conference in 2018. Nassib is executive sponsor for the Nokia LGBT+ employee resource group, called EQUAL!, and worked to ensure CEO and group level support for Nokia to sign the UN LGBTI Standards of Conduct for Business. Nassib encouraged Nokia to join Workplace Pride and supported a Workplace Pride assessment. He has spoken at events organised by Nokia customers on LGBT+ inclusion, and was an inaugural member of the Nokia OUT Leader program. He has given many interviews to promote LGBT+ inclusion across the company.

Samantha Grierson

Group Strategy Director

Samantha built an LGBT+ network at HomeServe, creating a logo and organising for the UK CEO to wear it on his shirt as he ran the London marathon. She launched a pull campaign aimed at increasing network visibility and to show LGBT+ support, encouraging employees to sign up for the HomeServe rainbow logo for their email signatures. The network organised a HomeServe Pride event across all UK sites and the US, including banners, flags, bake sales and leaflets on effective allyship. HomeServe also sponsored Walsall Pride. Samantha promoted a review of HR policies, with a particular emphasis on transitioning, diverse interview panels and adding the rainbow flag to job adverts. She encouraged HomeServe to sign up to join Stonewall and to enter a submission for the Workplace Equality Index. The LGBT+ network held a stall at all UK-wide engineer roadshows, and Samantha has run campaigns around LGBT+ and mental health awareness, LGBT+ Heroes, LGBT+ Spotify playlists, Intergenerational LGBT+ issues and Bi Visibility day. People have said, for the first time in their working career that they are out at work and there are stories in the office of discussions such as “What is Pansexual”? Samantha has pushed hard to ensure that L, G, B, T and + identities are all represented within HomeServe to ensure that their voices are heard. She is passionate about LGBT+ families. She is currently writing the LGBT+ strategy for HomeServe, looking at the intersectionality with LGBT+ and faith and is an external mentor for INvolve.

Jorge Pikunic

Managing Director, Centrica Business Solutions

Jorge continues to serve as the Executive Sponsor of Spectrum, Centrica’s global LGBT+ network. In recent months, he has raised visibility for the network through conversations with key board members, resulting in the Group CEO and divisional CEOs talking about the importance of LGBT+ diversity and inclusion in their communications, making a big difference for the ally programme. Jorge is an advocate for sexual orientation and gender diversity with the Group CEO, the board and senior leadership. He has been instrumental in key policy changes, including setting an expectation for suppliers to promote LGBT+ inclusion, changing the employee engagement survey to include questions on sexual orientation and gender identity colleagues, and preparing to implement a Transitioning at Work policy and gender neutral titles for customers. Beyond policy and practice, Jorge seeks to progress the LGBT+  agenda through changing behaviours, mindset and tackling difficult conversations. He is a courageous and visible D&I leader; he hosted a town hall in Dublin this year, discussing personal experience and LGBT+ inclusion, and he marched with 50 colleagues at Pride in London. Externally, Jorge volunteers as a speaker and role model to guide LGBT+ people in universities or companies with no senior LGBT+ role models. He mentors young LGBT+ talent outside Centrica, and he supports the Albert Kennedy Trust and the Terrence Higgins Trust

Alan York

Reed Smith LLP

This year, Alan assumed leadership of PRISM US, Reed Smith’s LGBT+ business inclusion group. Over the past several months, Alan has facilitated the sponsorship of receptions for Lambda Legal, the leading US legal advocacy group for LGBT+ and HIV+ issues. He also led Reed Smith US Pride month activities, including weekly messages to all US personnel regarding LGBT+ issues; facilitating a firm-wide presentation regarding LGBT+ history; facilitating the declaration of the first Reed Smith Pride Day and the distribution of Pride flags to all US personnel; and co-hosting a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall. He led the sale of Pride bracelets benefiting the Trevor Project, and the firm’s sponsorship of the LGBT Bar Association national conference. Externally, Alan serves on the Houston Leadership Committee and National Leadership Council for Lambda Legal and has been a contributor at the Liberty Circle level. Alan continues to actively support Lambda Legal, an organization that argued one of the marriage equality cases before the US Supreme Court, fights for the rights of trans people serving in the military, and for the rights of same sex parents, among others. He was a founding member of Overture, an effort by the Houston Grand Opera to reach out to members of the LGBT+ community. He also worked closely with several local judicial candidates in the November 2018 elections to help ensure their success, including screening candidates through the local Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus.

Alex Kalomparis

Vice President, Public Affairs, EMEA
Gilead Sciences

Alex is the Executive Sponsor and a founder of Gilead EMEA’s LGBT+ ERG. Now in its second year, the group have partnered with HR to develop an LGBT+ recruitment and onboarding strategy, run numerous awareness sessions for employees including on trans inclusivity and mental health, promoted and lobbied for the new gender identity policy and ensured Gilead was represented in Pride events in London, Paris, Brussels, Tel Aviv, Munich, Sydney, Madrid, Milan, Cork and Lisbon. They have also established a mentoring programme for colleagues based in countries with fewer rights for LGBT+ people and established an employee fundraising campaign for organisations like Kaleidoscope and the Albert Kennedy Trust. Externally, Alex is an active speaker and campaigner on LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace, including at the Pink News Parliamentary Reception, IE LGBTQ@Work event in Madrid, the LGBTech Roundtable in Tel Aviv, London's Lord Mayor's LGBTQ+ event and the upcoming EUROUT event in London. He is especially focused on increasing awareness and empowering students and young professionals to be able to be themselves at the workplace.

Jeffrey Krogh

Managing Director, Global Banking
BNP Paribas

Jeffrey co-founded BNP Paribas’ Pride network in the UK 10 years ago, and continues to serve on the steering committee - actively working to promote LGBT+ inclusion internally. Jeffrey is a visible, positive LGBT+ role model who actively supports the graduate recruitment and training teams to facilitate LGBT+ inclusion through a variety of different events. He has also helped the launch of the Pride network in France and has been the driver behind promoting the group CEO as a true ally. Jeffrey has personally used LGBT+ diversity in driving business, inviting an openly gay CEO client to come to BNP Paribas and present to a large group of middle management to discuss LGBT+ inclusion and mental health, chaired by the CEO of BNP Paribas UK. Externally, Jeffrey is involved in a number of organisations and activities which promote LGBT+ causes. He is a member of The Alliance, a global empowered network of senior LGBT+ leaders, where he is involved in the ‘Strengthening the Network’ working group, which is finding new ways for The Alliance to make an impact. He is also actively engaged in Series Q, a network of LGBT+ entrepreneurs.

Steve Wardlaw

Emerald Life

Steve co-founded Emerald Life in 2016, with an ethos to provide equality to all customers, with a primary focus on the LGBT+ community. Emerald Life’s staff work around the clock on LGBT+ issues in terms of their products and their advocacy work. They work to properly educate the LGBT+ community on how to be protected and train other insurers on offering LGBT+ customers a proper, equal service and product. Emerald Life partners with various companies and charities to offer products as employee benefits to those organisations. Emerald Life are the only insurer in the UK to include cover for discrimination claims and employment claims. The company also has a dedicated trans advisory group who give regular advice on trans-specific issues that may affect insurance and financial services. Steve is regularly featured as a positive LGBT+ role model in the press due to Emerald Life’s work in LGBT+ inclusion. He sponsors numerous grassroots initiatives designed to support the LGBT+ community, and has set up the 50Fund to support LGBT+ and women’s grassroots initiatives globally. Steve also regularly speaks at and chairs LGBT+ events and panels.

Jamie Corbridge

Group Talent Director
Just Eat

As Global Talent Director, Jamie and the Just Eat team have driven numerous efforts to build LGBT+ inclusion, including sponsoring Bristol and London Prides, establishing the LGBT+ network Come As You Are League, and entering Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index. Internally, Jamie has initiated a systematic review of LGBT+ inclusion throughout the business. With workstreams in reward, learning and development, people operations and recruitment, the team will have greater data to highlight specific issues and act upon them. Just Eat’s LGBT+, women in tech and ethnic minority networks have all highlighted mentoring as something that could help support them in the business, so Jamie and his team decided to tackle mentoring in one intersectional approach. Externally, Jamie has worked with adoption agencies to ensure LGBT+ parents are respected, including through implementing procedures for investigation of concerns. He and his husband also act as mentors to other LGBT+ adopters.

Tim Ehinger

American Express

Tim is the Global Co-Sponsor for the PRIDE+ colleague network at American Express. In this capacity, he travels globally championing non-US LGBTQ+ colleagues while backing them in order to drive an inclusive agenda. He hosted American Express’ first ever I&D town hall in Kuala Lumpur, Manila and Buenos Aires with a focus on LGBTQ+ inclusion. He was a key partner in the launch of regular speakeasy sessions with LGBTQ+ colleagues and allies in Kuala Lumpur to discuss opportunities for positive change, resulting in policy reviews and changes that helped to support and engage colleagues. Tim has also championed the launch of new PRIDE+ colleague network chapters in Asia and South America. His support was integral to bringing to fruition the first ever global PRIDE+ celebration at Amex. He has led and facilitated efforts to sponsor Out Leadership events in Sydney, hosted Out Leadership and OUTstanding events in London and co-hosted the third global PRIDE+ network Leaders’ Summit among numerous other initiatives. He engaged local Amex resources to support McKinsey Alliance initiatives to accelerate social change and acceptance in India, and spearheaded efforts to sign the amicus brief in three cases before the U.S. Supreme Court on prohibiting discrimination.

James Miller

Chief People Officer

James leads on all aspects of the employee experience at GBG, and as part of GBG’s People Plan, known as be@GBG, he has fostered a culture of diversity and inclusion through the be/yourself pillar. James role models a culture of acceptance and understanding through numerous initiatives, including speaking internally and externally about his career, his sexuality and how they have affected each other. GBG holds regular events around Pride and throughout the year, plus regular communications on LGBT+ issues through an internal webinar series and intranet discussions. James has led work to improve employment policies, ensuring all team members are treated fairly, and there are now a number of visible LGBT+ team members across GBG’s offices. Beyond his work with GBG, James supports various LGBT+ organisations. He is a regular attendee at Pride and Stonewall events, encouraging the attendance of straight allies. He is an active supporter of the Human Rights Campaign, and regularly speaks at external events about LGBT+ causes, in addition to mentoring emerging LGBT+ talent.

Annika Zawadzki

The Boston Consulting Group

Annika works as a Partner in the Cologne office of Boston Consulting Group. Her areas of expertise are public-sector and infrastructure topics. Annika supports in yielding insights into LGBT+ and coauthors numerous diversity reports. In her recent survey Out@Work, she found that 80% of LGBT+ employees are ready to come out at work, but only half actually have—a third of those employees say they worry that coming out will hurt their careers. Providing a safe space for employees to come out and be themselves in the workplace is the aim of the Pride@BCG network, which Annika leads in Central and Eastern Europe and in the Middle East. She is responsible for developing the network in the region; for example by organizing networking events including LGBT+ working lunches, networking dinners, discussion roundtables, and a mentorship program. In addition to that, Annika is a mentor to LGBT+ employees and has spearheaded the network’s expansion into countries where LGBT+ employees are underrepresented. She also works externally to promote an LGBT+-friendly environment. Annika was one of the founding members of the GGLBC German LGBTIQ* Business Chamber. Its goal is to strengthen the financial, intellectual, and social capital of the LGBTIQ* business world through support and promotion, while providing the German economy with a platform for networking with the LGBTIQ* business community. In addition, Annika was recognized as one of the Top 100 LGBT+ executives in Germany in 2019.

Noel Gavin

Senior Vice President, Global Head - Corportate & Institutional Services Learning
Northern Trust

At Northern Trust, Noel has consciously looked to shape policy through engaging senior leaders, HR and CSR. In addition, he has actively shared his lived experience, contributing to a culture shift within the organisation. He is Executive Sponsor of the Northern Trust Pride network and has previously been a member of the EMEA D&I Council. He is the most senior out employee in the EMEA region and is a proactive role model for LGBT+ colleagues and allies, and he delivers an ally awareness programme to employees in Ireland. He has participated in reverse mentoring for C-suite executives, and has acted as a panellist on discussions about mental health and the impact of coming out on wellbeing. Noel led Northern Trust in their Pride march, along with the Chair of Northern Trust  Pride, and he has worked to implement a biannual sexual orientation and gender expression survey to tailor support for employees. Externally, Noel supports the LGBT+ community as Director of GOSSH Ltd. and as a board member of the Limerick Chamber of Commerce, where he is establishing a D&I strategy. He has been a member of the GLEN Advisory Group and has presented and participated on panels at numerous D&I and LGBT+ events.