Lex Shu Chan

General Counsel
The Business of Fashion

Lex is the Co-head of BoF's Diversity, Inclusion, Community & Equity (DICE) Council. Over the last two years, they have been involved in leading various initiatives from establishing and managing the activities of Employee Networks (comprising of BAME, Families, Female Empowerment, Pride, People & Planet and Mental Health) to working with the Editorial Team on the foundation of a fellowship program for up-and-coming Black journalists. They have also created a gender identity and expression guide policy for current and prospective transgender and gender non-conforming employees. Lex is also a writer, and has contributed opinion pieces on topics such as visibility for the Trans+ and Asian communities and coming out narratives for publications such as i-D. They are also Co-founder of Sachiko & Shu, and released "Recipes Against Racism", a charity cookbook in support of End The Virus of Racism and Stop Hate UK, in April 2021.

Satish Kumar

Accounts Analyst III
Swiss Re Global Business Solutions India Private Limited

Satish is a founding member of the Bangalore Chapter of Together with Pride network, which aims to promote LGBT+ inclusion. To create awareness within the organization, he has launched an Allyship reward program which is a unique concept of rewarding allies who actively contribute towards inclusion in the workplace. Satish has been actively involved in organizing multiple initiatives to create an impact and sensitize people on LGBT+ topics such as a session on being queer and facing mental health issues intersectionality faced by the LGBT+ community, a Theatrical play titled "The Fight Continues" and a panel discussion during Pride week. In a short period of time, these events created an impact and increased the number of allies within the organization. In November 2019 and 2020, Satish also received the highest nominations for the Asia D&I Award for outstanding work in the LGBT+ space in the Bangalore office.

Delia Deng

Enterprise Account Executive

As the Co-lead of Pride@SAP Australia & New Zealand, Delia worked on establishing a Culture of Pride and Inclusivity, which resulted in SAP being awarded Bronze status for the first time in 2021’s Australian Workplace Equality Index. During her role at within Pride@SAP, she championed awareness of LGBT+ days of significance, promoted SAP’s LGBT+ policies and resources internally, as well as secured funding for D&I initiatives. In 2021, she was involved as a facilitator and panellist in multiple internal and external events, and organized a regional Wear it Purple Day event, resulting in an increase in SAP’s employee donations over previous years. In addition to being an active advocate and visible leader in the promotion of diversity and inclusion, Delia also featured on Out for Australia’s 30 Under 30 Role Models and was the inaugural category winner of 'Success in Career'.

Val Walls

Director, Sales Effectiveness

Beyond their job role, Val is the Global Council of Chairs and Member of the LGBT+ Pride group at Scotiabank. In their role, they have led global LGBT+ meetings, developed the D&I strategy for Automotive Line of business and is an active Sponsor for the LGBT+ Sponsorship program. Val also has developed and facilitated various trainings for up to 1,200 team members, as well as delivered ‘The Power of A Pronoun' and collaborated in developing a training for 450 Tangerine employees. Their work had a huge impact on increasing awareness to be an ally, improving leaders coaching and mentoring and supporting team members to create a more inclusive environment within the organization. Over the last three years, Val was also Board of Director of Pride at Work Canada and in 2020 they were the Individual Leadership winner for the Above & Beyond Award Diversity Best Practices, which raised awareness on the importance of leaning in with your passion to drive change.

Bruna Gil

Channel Partner Lead

Since 2021, Bruna is the Global Co-Chair for Out@In, LinkedIn's LGBTQ+ Network and she leads a global team of 50+ leaders with presence across 23 offices and 4 regions. Out@In aims to engage, educate, and empower LinkedIn's LGBT+ community by fostering an inclusive and supportive environment across the globe. As the Global Co-Chair, she is responsible for setting and executing the mission and vision, overseeing annual strategic plan and she serves as the primary partner to the Diversity & Inclusion team and Executive Sponsors. As part of her role, she is also a visible lesbian leader and have featured in employee videos centered around Pride month and LGBT+ topics. During her tenure as Global Invest Lead, she has spearheaded the creation and launch of a global leadership development program called Out@Leadership, targeting LGBT+ employees who were looking to move into leadership.

Jenn Renoe

Associate Media Director
Publicis Health Media

Jenn is the Global Co-Lead of Égalité BRG and an Associate Media Director at Publicis Health Media. During the last three years, her work focused on establishing Transition Guidelines to ensure a safe, respectful, and supportive workplace for transgender transition. Jenn created numerous initiatives within the organization including the execution of a recurring programming event during Trans Awareness Week, which aims to offer education to cisgender employees and spotlights their transgender talents. She was also involved in the development of an International Trans Day of Visibility panel to support transgender children by educating parents on the truths of gender. In addition to this, Jenn also participated to multiple external panels and conferences to speak about the importance of gender diversity in the workplace and for affirming trans rights. Currently, she is working to champion a new student organization which creates a pipeline of LGBT+ students’ talent for agencies to hire and offer internships.

Jules Buet

Quantitative Analyist

In addition to their role as trans representative of OUT in Markets and Citi London Pride, Jules was also the first person to come out as transgender at Citi’s London Office. Since then, they have been actively involved in helping other individuals across EMEA in their coming out. Amongst multiple initiatives and events, they have helped explore the intersection of LGBT+ and neurodivergence and made sure that intersex day of visibility was celebrated. Jules has been an LGBT+ mentor in a reverse mentorship program to help foster LGBT+ awareness among senior members of the company, while also being a Role Model for young graduates who wanted to be out as LGBT+ at work and get involved in LGBT+ activism. They are currently working with Citi in the renovation of the building to guarantee better trans inclusion in bathrooms, changing rooms as well as in the gym.

Chris Mossiah

Vice President
JP Morgan Chase

Chris, a software engineer, serves as the Co-Chair of the Global Gender Identity and Expression Council in JP Morgan Chase where they create space for awareness, visibility, and support within the firm for transgender and gender expansive employees. They are also co-lead of the Global Technology LGBT+ Community talent acquisition team, where they help to bring diverse LGBT+ talent to the technology sector across the globe. Chris has been dedicated to help promote, retain, and recruit transgender and gender non-conforming individuals to and within the firm and has also created cross-department trainings on the importance of pronouns as well as resources such as a non-binary toolkit within JP Morgan Chase. Chris is often found to be a panelist, creator, and guest speaker of many inter-company events and conference summits such as Lesbians Who Tech and Out & Equal that focus on LGBT+ advocacy and building an inclusive workplace.

Rachael Stein

Project Leader
Boston Consulting Group

Rachael is the leader and founder of Pride@BCG North America Intersectional Diversity Taskforce, which elevates the voices and needs of women, people of color, and transgender people in BCG’s LGBT+ employee network. In this role, they work with Pride@BCG board members to identify areas for improvement and support the execution of intersectional empowerment initiatives. As the Pride@BCG North America Communications Director, Rachael spearheads the development and documentation of annual goals by functional topic and co-leads all national communications. Since 2018, Rachael has also been on the leadership team of Out for Undergrad Business, a nonprofit organization which support the careers of LGBT+ undergraduates. In this role, they were responsible for executing a conference which dramatically increased student access to professional opportunities in the business world. While in their most recent Programming Director role, Rachel worked to create specific mentorship and professional development tracks for LGBT+ students.

B. Pagels-Minor

Board of Directors, Secretary
Howard Brown Health

As the former global lead for Trans*, the transgender ERG at Netflix, B. worked with internal teams to upgrade the technology used and hold partners accountable to evolve their systems to be more inclusive. They have also worked to upgrade benefits to better reflect the needs of trans employees including no longer requiring additional paperwork to make legal changes. B. led numerous initiatives to make the content more trans-inclusive, including setting up trainings for production teams. B. also courageously led the walk out at Netflix. In addition, they are a board member of Howard Brown Health (HBH), one of the largest LGBT+ health care organizations in the world. HBH is breaking ground as world-class care facilities for the LGBT+ community on the North and South sides of Chicago. In 2021, B. was also named for the 40 under 40 by the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Saiganesh Krishnamoorthy

Scrum Master

Saiganesh, an ex-member-of-board for Equal Asia Foundation (Stichting EqualA Foundation) and Pride+ Network (ABN AMRO Bank), is an active voice for Queer POC within the organization/The Netherlands. After becoming a runner-up of Mr. Gay World India and featuring on the top 100 World's Young LGBTI leadership Talent (RAHM) in 2017, Saiganesh focused on enhancing the openness of exchange across diverse countries on the oft unspoken topics such as the significance of mental health in the LGBT community and the intersectionality between faith and sexuality. Mentored by the founders of the Pride Circle (India), Saiganesh has co-created courses on unconscious biases and intercultural communication, and is often visible as a guest speaker, panellist, or organizer at various D&I events inter-company and across the globe. His current endeavour is to create more visibility for Queer POC in the Netherlands and an eclectic, inclusive space that transcends borders and boundaries.

Leigh Capule

Migrations Manager

From being the HSBC Pride + Ally Lead in 2020, Leigh has now broadened her scope of influence as 2021's GSC Philippines Pride Sponsor and Inter-GSC Pride Co-Lead. Given her new role, she shifted her focus into disparities brought by different culture-and country-specific laws across the GSCs and is helping to drive changes in terms of benefits and policies. This year, she has been involved in communications campaigns to increase awareness of LGBT+ events, as well as a 24-Hour Pride session to create sensitivity around lesbian experience in a male dominated corporate world and allyship. In 2019, In addition to playing a critical role in the establishment of Pride ERGs in other GSCs, Leigh has also established an Annual PAN GSC SOGIE Awareness session across India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. Pushed by her passion in driving change through education, she has also been involved in multiple external panel discussions and interviews.

Gatonga Theuri

Dynamic Demand Sensing Senior Program Manager
Diageo Plc

Gatonga is dedicated to inclusivity and ensuring that everyone can be their true selves at work. As a member of Diageo’s employee Rainbow Network UK, Gatonga works to ensure that all Diageo’s LGBTQIA+ employees are respected, valued and embraced. Most recently, he has driven awareness and self-declaration of gender identity, sexual orientation and pronouns internally; hosted mentoring sessions with an LGBT+ focus, and led on the creation of ‘Confronting Queer Bias’ training resources. Gatonga is also a member of the Race, Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage employee network and ally to the Spirited Women’s Network. This has seen him lead discussions called ‘Surviving Hate Crime’ which highlighted incidences of UK hate crime and ‘Then and Now: History of Queer Women in the UK and Africa’ to educate colleagues about the community’s history in the UK. Committed to driving inclusion around the world, Gatonga helped to create Diageo’s global #MyNameIs campaign to raise awareness about the importance of pronouncing someone’s name correctly.

Belton Flournoy


Belton is the co-founder of Protiviti U.K.'s LGBT+ employee networking group (‘Best D&I Initiative’ winner, Inclusive Tech Alliance Awards), and he recently co-hosted global Protiviti/RHI Pride webinars, and is a co-founding member of Protiviti U.K.’s ProCulture group which aims to recognise people's cultural differences by providing a safe space for discussion/education. In 2020, Belton was shortlisted by the British LGBT+ awards for co-founding Pride in the City with Pride in London, a mayor-backed initiative dedicated to amplifying the voices of LGBT+ and their allies. In January 2021, he joined the advisory board for The London School of Economics Inclusion Initiative (TII), an innovative programme that aims to provide behavioural science insights to help firms achieve their DEI goals. He was also one of the hosts of MyGwork’s WorkPride 2021, a global 5-day virtual conference. Belton is a TLC Lion whose story has been shared with over 10,000+ employees worldwide and translated into 9+ different languages.

Kimmah Dozier

Program Manager, AI&D

As a Program Manager for the AI and Data Enablement team at Verizon, Kimmah helps business units solve key challenges using AI and Data solutions. Along with her job responsibilities, Kimmah creates programming within Verizon to amplify the voices of LGBT+ colleagues by providing space to share and highlight lived experiences. As Global Chair for Programs and Events for Verizon PRISM, the LGBTQ ERG, Kimmah has developed intersectional series to celebrate diversity and create inclusion and belonging. A champion for DE&I, she partners with cross-functional teams and creates engagement and training opportunities to provide visibility and education. Outside of Verizon, Kimmah is the Board President for the Harriet Hancock Center Foundation in Columbia, SC, where she supports, empowers, and educates the LGBTQ+ community. She serves as Director of Diversity for STEM Without Boundaries, a student-led non-profit that provides opportunities for STEM in grade schools, where she helps shape the future generation of leaders.

Antonio Vega

EMEA Mobile Apps Partner Manager

Antonio is a former member of the steering committee for Pride@Google in Ireland. Over the last 2 years, he has been acting as the DEI ambassador for his team across Europe, developing education activities around DEI and leading the analysis, strategy and execution of the D&I pillars in the organization’s annual survey for his team. In his role, Antonio consistently creates new opportunities for education and facilitation such as supporting programs for inclusion and deploying trainings around the understanding of Race, LGBT+ conversations and Bias. In 2020, he co-led the virtual Pride celebrations and was nominated to the prestigious "Spirit of Google Ireland Award" for his contributions on making the Dublin site an inclusive environment. Antonio also co-led the Project Lambda to help LGBT+ and ally owned and operated businesses grow their online presence with Google products. After the pilot, the event was also launched in Paris, Milan, Madrid and Amsterdam, impacting more than 500 LGBT+ owned businesses.

Jeanette “JT” Tubil

Accenture Technology Solution Planning Manager

JT is credited as the first female lead of Accenture in the Philippines’ LGBT+ Employee Resource Group. Under her leadership, she substantially increased the number of Pride allies, helped enhance the SOGIE learning materials and hosted podcasts on a wide range of LGBT+ topics. She supported major events on SOGIE, Transgender Community and the LGBT+ journey. Her unwavering commitment to LGBT+ inclusion and strong collaboration with leaders and the LGBT+ Community helped increased SOGIE awareness in and out of the organization. In 2019, she represented Accenture Philippines in the Accenture Global LGBT+ Leaders Master Class Training, where she authored the vision statement of Accenture Philippines’ Pride Community, "to be known as an authentic, inclusive community which makes a difference inside and outside Accenture, with a commitment to change the world". JT held the role of Pride Community Lead for Accenture Operations in the Philippines until her recent transfer to a new role.

Max Evans

Strategy Manager
Virgin Media O2

As Co-Chair of the LGBT+ Network at Virgin Media O2 (‘Proudly’), Max is responsible for the LGBT+ inclusion strategy, leading the 30-strong steering group, advising the business and ultimately representing and maximising impact for VMO2’s LGBT+ people. Navigating a Joint Venture and a COVID-impacted environment, Max ensured the team focused on creating a safe space and active virtual community, which has seen membership grow from several hundred to 1000+ since 2020. The team have delivered a hyper-inclusive program of virtual events including for LGBT History Month, Trans Day of Visibility and Pride Month 2021, focussed on priority themes including intersectionality, storytelling and allyship, and partnering with Terrence Higgins Trust. Before VMO2, Max worked for Accenture where he was involved in leading LGBT+ inclusion, as part of the steering committee and as Chair for the TMT business. Max was subsequently invited to attend the Pink News Pride Parliamentary Reception in Westminster 2019 in recognition of his contribution to LGBT+ inclusion.

Bandile Mndebele

Research Analyst
IHS Markit

Bandile is the Representative of Pride@IHSMarkit as well as the Founder and Chairperson of Ubuntu@IHSMarkit. For the past two years, they have been promoting within the organization discussion around intersectionality in the LGBT+ community. In 2021, their focus was to facilitate critical discussions on the discourse of gender identity and media representation, and they have piloted a series of action points on LGBT+ inclusion through policy initiatives. Bandile is also the founder of Ubuntu, the first ever affinity network in South Africa to custody intersections of race, gender, gender identity and sexual orientation in the workplace and to spotlight South Africa as a meaningful contributor towards DEI and LGBT+ Inclusion. They were the first to contribute towards trans Inclusion in a university setting through the roll out of the Mx title and gender-neutral facility access advocacy.

André F. Macedo

Senior Consultant
Deloitte Portugal

André leads international consulting projects and teams, while being an active member of Deloitte Portugal's internal Consulting Advisory Group, in which he contributes and develops new ideas to support the future of the Consulting practice, both internally and externally. In his role, he works closely with the People Team and Marketing team on cross-firm initiatives that aim to foster diversity and inclusion, namely LGBT+ values. Taking his international experience working in different projects, with diverse teams and clients, André regularly supports the implementation of new ideas and best practices from different countries, namely on how to support LGBT+ employees. Through the sharing of his personal life experience and journey either with his community and in his work environment, or in talks and in interviews, he raises awareness and encourages others to be their own role models by embracing their authentic self, unique background and personal journey, increasing the engagement within LGBT+ community.

Gurchaten Sandhu

Programme Officer
International Labour Organization

Gurchaten is the president of UN-GLOBE. In their role, they have championed in advocating an internal and external wide system strategy on LGBT+ rights as well as participated in the Secretary General's Task Force to represent LGBT+ personnel and highlight the intersections of race and sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics. Gurchaten has also conceptualized and implemented various campaigns for key LGBT+ days and delivered webinars on the impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of LGTBIQ+ employees. In August 2021, they won the British LGBT Award for Exceptional Inclusion. To honor Gurchaten award’s winning, the UK Ambassador to the UN Mission in Geneva will be hosting a reception which will bring together Heads of UN Entities and UN senior leadership, Government Ambassadors and Representatives of the Equal Rights Coalition (ERC), and an intergovernmental body of 42 Member States dedicated to the protection of the LGBT+ rights.

Yeshua Delgado

Sr Financial Planner

Yeshua is the Latin America Lead of the Employee Resource Group "Rainbow Alliance" and the D&I Representative of the Executive Leadership Council. In his role, he has worked with the HR and the Senior Leadership on expanding the ERG across the region, and he and his team successfully added new ERGs in Mexico, all Central America & Caribbean countries and Chile. Yeshua was also the lead of an "Allyship Program" designed to educate, train and certificate allies within the organization. As the lead of the Self-ID project in Latin America Region, he developed the idea of the importance of visibility and be part of change, being now very close to achieve a successful launch in all the countries in Latin America. In addition to this, he is part of "Pride Connection" and has participated to numerous country-wide initiatives such as "Declaracion de San Jose", a declaration that includes principles against gender and sexual orientation discrimination.

Victoria Jackson

Associate Solicitor

Victoria is the Co-founder and lead of BLM LGBTQ+Allies Network. In her role, she has organized various panel discussions, educational pieces, learning seminars and activities within the organization and across other companies. The aim was to create a better understanding of LGBT+ issues and embedding inclusion across the insurance / legal industry. Her work for LGBT+ comprises also assisting the HR department in updating their internal policies to ensure inclusivity. Victoria has campaigned to add the optional use of pronouns to signatures across the entire firm, helped to set up other affinity networks in BLM and worked with them to collaborate on best practices and to address intersectionality issues. She is also a founding member of the Liverpool Law Society EDI Committee, where she helps other law firms on their EDI journeys, and she featured as a Top 10 Future Leader in the British LGBT awards 2021. She is also an Area Coordinator for Link-Up North LGBT Insurance Network.

Christian Tooley

Senior Innovation & Strategy Consultant
Capgemini Invent

Christian is a queer entrepreneur, innovation & strategy consultant, founder & CEO, startup advisor, venture scout and builder, working and hustling at the beautiful (yet underserved) interlock of innovation, intersectionality, and investments. His work founding i³ investing helps LGBTQ+ founders and consciousness investors connect. His eclectic leadership and expertise across London and Hong Kong has enabled him to push for advancement across corporate, entrepreneurial, political, and social spheres. From setting up a Fortune 500 company’s 1st Pride Network in Asia, and driving awareness for BAME and mental health communities, to supporting policy submissions on progressive LGBTQ+ legislation. As a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum and inaugural member of The Alliance by McKinsey & Company, Christian will continue to shape future LGBTQ+ progress. As an innovation and new ventures leader, he offers unique perspectives on bridging social impact with the business world. His philosophy on ‘Intersectional Incredibles’ will continue facilitating inclusive and sustainable growth for all those he empowers.

Frederico Bastos Pinheiro Martins

Litigation and Arbitration Senior Lawyer
Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr e Quiroga Advogados

Frederico is one of the founders of Mfriendly, an employee resource group at Mattos Filho that aims to create a more inclusive work environment for LGBT+ people within the organization. As part of Mfriendly’s executive committee, he has overseen the creation of gender-neutral restrooms at the firm and sensitivity training for teams working with trans professionals. He has also been involved in producing infographics on trans visibility, creating guidelines for hiring transgender professionals and developing two publications concerning the impact of COVID-19 on LGBT+ people. His work with Mfriendly impacts LGBT+ professionals' both at Mattos Filho and at law firms all throughout Brazil. Since 2018, Frederico has also been part of the organization committee for the Out&Equal Brazil Forum and Workplace Summit, major events that bring an outstanding array of multinational companies together, providing education and networking opportunities for advancing LGBT+ inclusion in Brazilian workplaces. More recently, Frederico has also been engaged in Mattos Filho’s pro-bono work towards defending the rights of vulnerable LGBT+ people.

Steven Lewis

Senior Legal Counsel
Capital One

Steven is the Co-Lead of Out Front Canada, the LGBT+ BRG for Canada operations. At Capital One, he has improved internal policies for family leave and gender transition in the workplace and created a partnership with an LGBT+ high school that includes unique annual Dragon's Den style entrepreneur competition. As part of international efforts, this year Steven's team secured donations to LGBT+ charities and tripled the engagement of Pride activities and intersectional discussions. They were able, for the first time, to bring together associates across the world for networking, mentoring, and events. Locally he kept a focus on unique issues in Canada with tailored programming and advocacy around the conversion on therapy ban. Steven also led education work in the community through many boards he sits on and contributed to significant improvements in the community, particularly with his work advocating for the trans and non-binary community in the Ontario cancer screening programs.

Deon Pillay

Head of Marketing Operations
Legal and General Investments

Deon is the Co-Chair of the organization’s LGBT+ Network and Steerco member of the LGBT+ ethnic minorities network. Through his work on reverse mentoring and coaching, Deon has increased the support and visibility of LGBT and Senior leadership within the organization. In 2021, he has developed a LGBT terminology guide and an employee allyship training to raise awareness of the network, resulted in a substantial increase of engagement. Moreover, his work focused on the development of a Trans and non-binary inclusion policy and a broader review of the organization HR policies to ensure LGBT+ inclusion. His initiatives also led to the development of a Global D&I council in 2021, which aimed to increase senior leadership commitment to drive change. Deon is also the Founder and Co-chair of InterInvest, which aims to drive LGBT+ inclusion in the asset management industry and featured on the British LGBT Awards Top 10 Diversity Hero's 2020 and the winner of the award in 2021.

Caroline Tutakiewicz

Director, Strategic Programs Lead

At RBC, Caroline is Co-Chair of the largest Pride Employee Resource Group nationally. In her role she has led and supported numerous inclusion initiatives including over 50 events focused on important LGBT+ topics, changed all digital backgrounds for pride month, pronoun inclusion, organized the largest contingent to engage in a Pride event and created the speak up series, amplifying LGBT+ voices in corporate Canada. Caroline is a sought after speaker and thought leader on intersectionality, women in leadership, LGBT+, and coming out at work. She serves on the Board of Directors for Start Proud, an organization that facilitates the professional development of 2SLGBTQ+ individuals. Caroline is also a Board Director for Sherbourne Health, a hospital committed to helping people who may have been under-served by conventional health serves (LGBT+, homeless, and under-housed individuals). Since 2011, Caroline has also been involved in facilitating youth diversion programs drawing on Indigenous restorative justice practices diverting young people from formal incarceration.

Manuel Schlothauer

Consultant, Therapist & Coach at HeyManuel.com; Business Partner, People & Culture, and Lead, Allyship Activation at Google
Google; HeyManuel.com

Manuel is the founder of HeyManuel.com, an award-winning private practice for inclusive therapy and coaching with the mission of transforming mental health for underrepresented groups. His unique programs use psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy, neuroscience, NLP, CBT, parts therapy and Gestalt psychology, in combination with exponential coaching, to sustainably elevate the LGBTQ+ and Black+ experience. In addition to HeyManuel.com, Manuel is a Business Partner, People & Culture at Google. Here, Manuel functions as an internal consultant and coach for employees of all levels, departments and geographies by “creating a culture that helps Googlers thrive, be authentically themselves and, by that, accomplish extraordinary things together.” He advises on the entire employee lifecycle but is the go-to person for Mental Health, Coming Out, Transitioning and Anti-Racist Capabilities. Manuel ensures diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging across all policies and processes. He also co-leads Allyship Activation for the Google EMEA Headquarters where his cross-functional team gamifies how we become better allies.

Melwyn Lobo

HR business Partner for Global Cloud First Business Teams, Accenture

Melwyn is the LGBT+ lead of the Pride program at Accenture Advanced Technology Centers in India. Committed to fostering a truly human and inclusive workplace, Melwyn has driven large-scale Pride sensitization workshops across Accenture and organized an experiential workshop for the leadership team. He has led several interventions and programs to bring in a cultural shift and burst myths about the LGBT+ community. Melwyn has played a key role in launching Pride High, a special series of curated events to discuss and celebrate Pride. His relentless efforts to create a safe and open workplace, where everyone feels comfortable, has helped Accenture amplify allyship. In addition to his key role in promoting a culture of equality at Accenture, Melwyn also started the High Heel Hotties project, an advocacy tool to reach out to the mainstream and LGBT+ population and talk about gender and sexuality through the medium of dance and entertainment.

Magda Markowska

senior client analytics executive

Magda leads the pride (LGBT+ & allies) ERG at NielsenIQ since 2016 and helped with expanding the network across Europe. In her role, she developed various regional activities such as webinars for Trans Awareness Week, a panel discussion featuring European NGOs sharing their experience on local LGBT+ activism and she moderated the Pride kick-off call with senior leaders. At NielsenIQ, Magda championed for driving change for more LGBT+ inclusive policies and benefits, including the creation and launch of the global trans guidelines and the policies & benefits tracker across Europe to monitor the progress. On this matter, she also designed and supervised annual surveys among NielsenIQ associates which aims to monitor the well-being of LGBT+ employees and awareness of the workforce on LGBT+ related topics. In addition to her work at NielsenIQ, in June 2021 she participated as a speaker during African Diversity & Inclusion Center webinar on LGBT+ inclusion.

Athena Lam

Content Lead
Passbase GmbH

Athena is the Content Lead at Passbase GmbH. In this role, she has worked with her Head of People to create a series of cultural blog posts outlining initiatives around diversity, creating a more inclusive recruitment process for LGBT+, BIPOC and neurodiverse individuals as well as influencing product UI changes to be more inclusive. Previously, Athena worked at Dalia Research, where she initiated LGBT+ D&I inclusion in the office space, through pronoun usage, and an event code of conduct. Amongst numerous initiatives, she won The Economist's #WorkWithPride competition by creating a crowdsourced LGBT+ workplace directory for Hong Kong professionals and associated social media campaigns to raise awareness on workplace inclusion amongst Cantonese locals. Since 2018, Athena is a Board Member for Planet Ally, a global LGBTQ rights organization, and an AsiaBerlin Ambassador, where she initiated the AsiaBerlin Summit's first LGBTQ spotlight programming in 2021.

Jon Tilli

Deutsche Bank

Jon is the Global Co-Chair of dbPride, Deutsche Bank's LGBT+ and ally Employee Resource Group. At Deutsche Bank, he developed an intersectional programming for LGBT+ Pride month, which featured the first openly gay Black and Latin members of the US House of Representatives in conversation with MSNBC's Jonathan Capehart. Jon also organized and secured funding for the first in-person Pride event since the pandemic, which took place at The Q, New York's, the first queer event space designed to help make nightlife more inclusive. In addition to his role at Deutsche Bank, Jon is Co-Chair of OPEN Finance which brings together 48 financial services firms and have engaged thousands of people in the New York area to drive forward LGBT+ inclusion using the power of the financial services sector. This marquee event has engaged senior leaders from across the industry in dialogue on how companies can achieve positive change for LGBT+.

Sophie Kershaw

Internal Audit Senior Associate

Sophie is the UK Co-Chair of Shine, PwC’s LGBT+ network. In this role she leads a national committee of 24 people based across the UK. At PwC, she champions inclusive behaviour, proactively engaging employees and supporting recruitment initiatives to promote visibility of Shine. Sophie focuses her work on underrepresented minorities within the LGBT+ community. In April 2021 she led a Lesbian Visibility day panel to celebrate the profile and successes of LGBT+ women in her wider professional network. In May 2021, she facilitated an internal event with panelists sharing their experiences of Pansexuality, Non-binary and Asexuality. More recently, she mobilised a panel that shone a spotlight on coming out in the black community. In addition to her work at PwC, Sophie sits on the steering committee for the East Midlands Alliance network, a professional network that she helped to establish in 2020 and has represented at three Prides in 2021 to drive positive change in her wider community.

Aoife Martin

BizOps Manager

As the Co-lead of Mastercard Dublin's PRIDE BRG, Aoife is responsible for the creation of regular company-wide comms to mark events in the LGBT+ calendar. This included events such as the World AIDS Day, International Trans Day of Visibility and IDAHOBIT. Since 2018, she is a Board member of TENI, the Transgender Equality Network in Ireland. Outside of her work at Mastercard, Aoife participated in multiple initiatives such as the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, where she appeared on stage and at the National Concert Hall. She also appeared on Irish Times Women's Podcast for International Women's Day and was interviewed for the Irish Government's Citizen's Assembly on Women in Leadership. In 2021, Aoife was awarded the Trinity Women in Law's Praeses Elit Award.

Weena Ekid

Vice President
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Weena is the Co-chair of JPMC Global Gender Identity & Expression Council and PRIDE Philippines BRG Co-Chair Emeritus. In his role, he is one of the pioneers who worked for the Enhancement of Transgender Medical Benefits in the Philippines. At JP Morgan Chase, he is part of the resource who conducted employee’s sensitivity trainings on sexual orientation, gender Identity and expression promoting awareness on how to be inclusive, Trans101 sessions, being an ally and how to provide self-identifying opportunities to LGBT+ Employees. Being an Out & Proud Transgender Male, He supports the Business' Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy of the firm locally and co-leading the Gender Inclusivity programs of the Office of the LGBT+ Affairs at JPMorgan Chase. Weena currently is the Chair and Board of Trustee of the Philippine’s Financial & Inter-Industry Pride and he aims to lead equal representation of the Board, member organization and strengthen the JPMC’s commitment to a more LGBT+ inclusive workplace in the Philippines. PFIP is one of the leading voices and champions of LGBT+ workplace inclusion, providing safe spaces and inclusive opportunities for LGBT+ professionals among private organizations in the Philippines.

Michelle Mariana Severino Vallejos

Cybersecurity, Privacy & Forensics Manager
PwC México

Michelle is a core member and spokesperson of Shine Mexico, the LGBT+ ERG of PwC. In her role, she supported students to develop their Inclusive Leadership skills, including LGBT+ Inclusion. She coached other women through her experience as a Lesbian, and led five volunteers to aid the Director of Cinema Queer Mexico. She is now a member of PwC's Staff Council of Diversity & Inclusion, in charge of the "Inclusion of People with Disabilities" workstream. She also appeared as the image of PwC PRIDE 2020 and was awarded PwC’s Wonderful Women of Cybersecurity, Privacy & Forensics for her accomplishments in Mexico and in the US. In 2019, she represented Mexico at the LGBT+ Summit in New York and in 2021, Michelle was the spokesperson at an event for PwC Colombia in which she shared her experience, professional challenges, and expectations for the future for the LGBT+ community.

Rafhael Romero Bentos

Tax lawyer
Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr e Quiroga Advogados

Rafhael is a founder and co-leader of Mattos Filho's pioneering employee resource group for LGBT+ rights – Mfriendly. This award-winning initiative was recognized and plays a significant influence across Latin America, shedding lights to the LGBTQIAP+ inclusion within the legal sector and beyond. Through pro bono assistance, promoting the inclusion of transgender people, and others, Mattos Filho has seen a significant rise in the number of self-declared LGBTQIAP+ professionals. More recently, Rafhael has been leading a new project aiming at gathering law firms around the topic. At the International Bar Association (IBA), Rafhael is responsible for engaging young lawyers around the globe in favour of LGBTQIAP+ rights. His recent initiatives have covered topics such as the inclusion in the workplace, mental health issues, and challenges faced by the LGBTQIAP+ community during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Seamus Kearney

Vice President
Northern Trust

Seamus represents Northern Trust‘s Pride Ireland Network. At Northern Trust, he has open conversations on issues faced by the LGBT+ community. In 2021, he spoke at LGBT+ Role Model fireside discussions where he shared his story, highlighted the impact of language & advised colleagues how they can raise their own awareness. He assisted in implementing a new trans policy. Seamus is part of Northern Trust’s Multi-Cultural ERG to ensure an intersectional balance across advocacy groups is maintained. Seamus is co-chair of FuSIoN Ireland, growing the network by almost 50%, while also driving key initiatives, including Network Best Practices and Community Engagement. Seamus is Volunteer Coordinator & Awareness Team Member of Equality For Children, an NFP that raises awareness of and provides information on the inequalities for LGBT+ parents. He is a steering committee member of an Assisted Human Reproduction (AHR) Coalition, which is made up of a number of groups with a shared goal – equal parental rights for all.

Jonathan Andrews

Reed Smith

Jonathan is an associate in Reed Smith’s Entertainment and Media team and a champion of LGBT+ (and particularly bi) inclusion firm-wide. He has spoken at numerous internal events with RS’s LGBT+ network PRISM, including RS's first-ever bi-focused event in 2019, ensuring intersectionality was front-and-centre. Named the UK’s fourth most influential disabled person in 2020, Jonathan also ensured LGBT+/disability intersectionality at RS’s 2020 Disability Inclusion Summit. Having co-founded Bauer Media's diversity forum, he has spoken across Bauer offices nation-wide, featured in videos/articles championing the importance of openness and trained senior management in LGBT+/intersectional inclusion. Jonathan is also a Trustee of the Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation (and a judge of the charity’s LGBT+ and disability scholarships in 2021) and serves on INTA’s 2021 Presidential Task Force for DEI, championing inclusion across the IP sector. From 2019-21 he was the first LGBT+ (and first-ever) chair of the Commonwealth Children and Youth Disability Network, and in 2020 was named a Franco-British Local Leader.

Samantha Nelson

Offshore Installation Manager (OIM)

Since joining Shell, Samantha has led the way regarding Transgender awareness, intersectionality and allyship across many business areas. She has worked to eliminate misconceptions and perceived barriers within the STEM arena and to open career paths to all elements of diversity through inclusion techniques, empathy as well as development of a safe space. By openly and honestly sharing the story of her journey in transitioning in a male-dominated workplace, she is passionately committed to helping people understand the value of authenticity, inclusivity, and the impact of allies. At Shell, she has introduced multiple initiatives including Trans-inclusive Healthcare discussions and the Development of an Allies guide. Samantha was awarded Diversity Champion title at the British LGBT awards in 2017 and at the European Diversity Awards in 2018. As regular speaker at events, she is an advocate not just for Trans inclusion, but she champions of all elements of diversity.

Evett Van Beek

Field People Officer

During her four years at McDonald’s, Evett was the National Vice Chair of the McDonald's PRIDE Network, which connects LGBT+ employees, and a strategic member of the US Diversity Strategy Council. With her involvement in these groups, Evett worked to drive change within the organization. While working alongside the HR team, she ensured more inclusive benefits at McDonald's with policies that offer reimbursements for gender reassignment surgery and coverage for HIV medication. She also worked on expanding the firm’s parental leave. The other part of her work with the brand included the education of employees around LGBT+ issues. For example, she was interviewed during Pride month featuring a conversation that aimed to educate viewers about LGBT+ labels and pronouns. In 2019, Evett also received the Women Rise Together Award from the Global Women's Leadership Network.

James D’Rozario

Software Engineer

James is the London chair of the LGBT+ Friends Network at Vodafone. As the first openly LGBT+ employee to travel to Kenya, he worked with the CEO and HR Director to shape global LGBT+ policies within the organization. His work on LGBT+ visibility included the organization of a series of panel events on the intersection of LGBT+ with faith, gender and race giving a voice to marginalized groups, and the delivery of trainings on LGBT+ topics to provide skills around language and inclusive conversations. James was also an organizer and keynote speaker at Vodafone's LGBT+ inclusion training and spoke at a Global and UK supplier event to share the LGBT+ youth & BAME perspective with senior leaders. Outside of Vodafone, James is working in partnership with Stonewall to create a mobile application for LGBT+ people worldwide to report hate crimes to a trusted source, receive wellbeing information and get support.

David Baboolall

Associate Partner
McKinsey & Company

David is a leader of GLAM, McKinsey & Company’s LGBT+ affinity group, and Global Director of The Alliance, a platform for convening a global network of LGBT+ senior leaders from prominent public, private, and social sector institutions who are committed to driving progress on issues facing the LGBT+ community. At the start of the racial reckoning in 2020, they co-founded and led McKinsey's Global Anti-Racism & Inclusion efforts, which has had enormous impact for LGBT+ D&I, including an immense focus on intersectional populations. David helped launch the first Equity and Inclusion learning program to establish an understanding of topics around equity, bias, privilege and allyship. In addition to this, they helped launch anti-bias trainings for evaluators and provided tips for mitigating bias in interviews with the target of identifying and removing potential biases in the firm's processes by early 2021. David is also leading McKinsey’s thinking on transgender inclusion in the USA workplace and intersectionality in the global workplace.

Daniel Clark-Bland

PMO Lead

Daniel is an inclusive leader and a passionate Trans, Non-Binary and Bi ally. He is one of the co-chairs of Aviva PRIDE, Aviva's LGBTQ+ steering group. In this role Daniel leads the community to make AVIVA a place where people can be their authentic selves. In particular he coaches and mentors community members with a keen eye on the next generation of leaders. He's empowered colleagues to hold accessible and intersectional workshops and developed a relationship with BI PRIDE UK, making AVIVA sponsors in 2021/22. He's featured in national media promoting Aviva's equal parental leave policy having led a collaborative study to assess LGBTQ+ usage of parental policies at Aviva, identifying opportunities for development. Daniel leads a Gender Non-Binary and Trans working group, which is committed to achieving system and process representation for all at Aviva. Out of work, Daniel also leads a campaign calling for improved screening for cancer patients in memory of his best friend.

Kirsty Mulholland

Client Relationship Manager
Bank of Ireland

Kirsty is the co-chair of "With Pride", Bank of Ireland employee network. In her role, she has conceived and co-hosted an ongoing series of LGBT+ Coffee Mornings, focused on discussion around LGBT+ inclusion and featuring representatives from TENI, BeLonGTo and Belfast Pride. During these events, the rainbow and trans pride flags were raised over BOI flagship office. Kirsty also led the development of "Trans 101" training for the frontline staff and delivered it to all firm’s branches during trans awareness week. This training pack has now been passed to other organizations including Indeed and Permanent TSB. Outside of Bank of Ireland, Kirsty has also collaborated with Dublin Technical University and Peabody in assisting them formulate their own policies on trans inclusion and gender identity and she is a member of the team that founded the FuSIoN Network Match program, an online networking program for LGBT+ finance professionals throughout Ireland.

Eleni Demetriou

Content strategy manager
Pearson education

As the Content Strategy Manager at Pearson, Eleni seeks to educate and bring representation to the table by working in an industry and in an organization whose content is taught and shared around the globe. Developing, implementing, and executing an inclusive content strategy is at the core of Eleni’s work, as well as recruiting a diverse set of talents. In her role, she provided editorial feedback to ensure inclusion is taken into consideration following an accessible and inclusive content strategy and she has created content for Pearson’s intranet on Pride 2021, increasing awareness about the LGBT+ experience. Eleni also published creative non-fiction on literary magazines around same-sex relationships, reaching readers around the world and ensuring they see themselves in the literary world.

Cameron Keast

Operations Senior Team Leader

Cameron is the SA Representative of BGIS CSR Diversity & Inclusion Committee and Pride Ambassador of the LGBT+ and Allies Group. In this role, Cameron has partnered with Minus18 to present workshops to BGIS on the Introduction of gender and sexuality 101 and supporting the trans and gender diverse community. Within the organization, he has organized multi-channel communications to the wider business about key days for LGBT+, ensured that the LGBT+ community was included in the BGIS Diversity & Inclusion Policy and he is currently working on creating the first BGIS Gender Affirmation Policy. These activities have resulted in an increase of engagement and the creation of a more progressive and welcoming environment. Cameron has been determined to drive change by inducing ongoing conversations within BGIS and his personal life, as well as exposing everyone to different perspectives.

Kushal Khandhar

Global Pride@BCG Manager
Boston Consulting Group

As former leader and subsequent advisor to Pride@BCG India, Kushal launched the network, making the LGBT+ topic a central theme for leadership in India and growing the numbers of members and allies. Kushal played a key role in BCG India sponsoring RISE-2021, the largest LGBT+ job-fair in Asia. Kushal helped in setting up a recruitment process for confidential LGBT+ candidates, played a key role in extending same-sex partner benefits including access to BCG’s mental well-being program and helped introduce BCG India's first all-gender toilet. Kushal co-designed and spoke at the "Friday Café", which aimed to familiarize allies with LGBT+ concepts. He has co-authored and contributed to the reports, “Why the First Year Matters for LGBTQ+ Employees” and “Fostering Pride in Higher Education”. He has spoken about LGBT+ DE&I in all-staff townhalls alongside eminent speakers at BCG offices across the world. In recognition of his contribution, he was awarded BCG’s “Giving Back to Society Award” and went on to become BCG's first Global Pride@BCG Manager.

Eddy van Hattum

Regional Portfolio Owner UK & Russia

Eddy is the co-chair of BP Pride. In this role, he has improved BP's Stonewall UK Workplace Equality Index and massively changed how BP tells external stories on LGBT+ inclusion, including an interview of the CEO on transgender and multiple social media campaigns over the years. He has also created virtual LGBT+ training sessions for employees in Malaysia and which also connect top level leadership. In 2019, he was chosen to represent BP at the Global Workplace Equality Awards. Eddy is the co-founder of BP’s Trans Working Group, for which he has created official Transgender Guidelines both in UK and globally as well as organized Trans-in-the-City events, including the biggest UK Trans event in history and implemented BP's first bi-visibility week. When still in The Netherlands, he was director of COC-Amsterdam, the oldest LGBT+ rights movement.

Hannah Collins

Trainee Solicitor
Browne Jacobson

Whilst working at Browne Jacobson, Hannah contributed to the formation of the first D&I steering group in the firm, where she leads on LGBT+ matters with James Arrowsmith, implementing policies, writing blogs, and raising awareness on LGBT+ issues. For the past three years, Hannah has coordinated pride events within the organisation, such as liaising with other companies to attend Pride marches, also organising virtual Pride initiatives during lockdown restrictions; including LGBTea@3 and LGBTQ&As. Additionally, Hannah has been part of a steering group in the East Midlands, which has bought The Alliance Network, a network of LGBT+ professional networks, to the region. Their mission is to unite organisations to share best practice, provide support networks, facilitate events, and make the region the best place for LGBTQI+ individuals to live and work. Alliance has featured in the Queer Bulletin and other publications. Hannah would like to thank colleagues, Browne Jacobson’s D&I group, and The Alliance Network for their ongoing dedication and support.

Noval Auliady

Program Manager
Perkumpulan Lintas Feminis Jakarta

Noval is always making sure that the Perkumpulan Lintas Feminis Jakarta (Jakarta Feminist) team represents marginal and minority groups,and specifically invites representatives of LGBT+ people to join the community and the team. In college, Noval initiated a student organization called SPACE UNJ to protect and advocate for all, including LGBT+ students and staff. The organization is now part of a network of 10 other SOGIESC student organizations at different universities across Indonesia. Noval is a great advocate for D&I, having worked as a sexual and reproductive health and rights coordinator in a youth organization and served as the Head of Women's March Jakarta, an annual march where 7,000 people join to speak out about the issues facing women and marginalised communities.

Mayur Gupta

CEO at Career Accelerator
Career Accelerator

In 2020, Mayur spearheaded an LGBT+ youth business mentoring program connecting 18-25 year old LGBT+ young people with LGBT+ business mentors and allies at top companies such as Snapchat, Microsoft, Pearson, Vodafone and GoCardless. So far Mayur worked with 30 young people from Stonewall Housing and PinkNews Futures and connected them with 30 business mentors. Mayur also led a partnership between Career Accelerator and Spark Inclusion, an LGBT+ consultancy, to integrate LGBT+ inclusion to the business' career education assemblies, workshops, and mentoring sessions in order to provide relatable LGBT+ role models and support to students at state schools. Outside of his organization, Mayur has spoken at PinkNews Futures on two occasions about the importance of LGBT+ inclusion and working in the tech world to 100 young people in person and virtually, while also writing about the importance of LGBT+ inclusive career support in schools for DiversityEd.

Christie-Lee Malek

Practice Support Coordinator (L&DR) and Co-Lead of the Arcus Australia Network
Clifford Chance

Christie-Lee is a passionate and driven champion of diversity and inclusion at Clifford Chance. In addition to her role as Practice Support Coordinator within the litigation and dispute resolution team, Christie-Lee co-founded and co-leads the Arcus Australia Network, Clifford Chance's inclusive employee network focused on issues relating to gender equality and LGBT+ inclusion and diversity. As a co-founder, Christie-Lee's dedication and leadership has helped grow the Arcus Australia Network to over 60 active participants. She has also advised the firm's Australia leadership team on introducing more LGBT+ inclusive initiatives, which have helped the firm in Australia achieve Gold status at the Australian Workplace Equality Index for the past two years. Christie-Lee also actively organises, promotes and participates in events aimed at LGBT+ equality, including a panel event for Wear It Purple Day in partnership with Out For Australia and a panel event for International Lesbian Day in partnership with the Pride in Diversity Sapphire Network. Christie-Lee's overall contribution has had a meaningful impact on the firm's culture and people.

Nathan Eastwood

Counsel | Legal Officer
Clifford Chance | International Seabed Authority

Nathan is a legal officer at the International Seabed Authority, he previously with Christie-Lee Malek, co-founded and co-led Arcus Australia which is Clifford Chance's LGBT+ network. He has also successfully campaigned for trans inclusion and achieved gold status in Australia's LGBT+ benchmarking index, Australian Workplace Equality Index. Nathan successfully drafted and implemented Australia's first ever Gender Affirmation Policy and led Clifford Chance to be the principal partner for Out for Australia. Nathan is an active advocate for LGBT+ diversity and inclusion outside his organization with appointments to LGBT+ law reform committees and as legal counsel for not-for-profit LGBT+ organizations. Nathan mentors several junior LGBT+ lawyers and students and is regularly featured as a speaker at LGBT+ student events. Most recently, Nathan was a panellist on Australia's first ever careers event focused on LGBT+ students in the legal profession and was named Asia-Pacific Future Leader: LGBT Lawyer of the Year.

Luke Adebiyi

Client Engagement Lead
Capital International Group

Within Luke's role as Group Diversity & Inclusion Lead, he has been making strides to implement new policies in relation to Diversity and Inclusion. In the last 6 months, Luke has been working on Capital International Group's five-year diversity plan which sets out long-term goals for board representation and talent acquisition. Representing his company in January 2020, Luke spoke at a sponsored event attended by over 100 local businesspeople. The topic of his talk was 'Creating an Inclusive & Diverse Organization'. Luke has presented and took part in panel sessions dealing with Mental Health & Diversity for Institute of Directors in February 2020. He is also a Company Director of Isle of Pride, who, together with the committee, was responsible for organizing the first ever Isle of Man Pride in history, promoting equality on the island.

Tolu Osinubi

Senior Manager, Consulting

Tolu sits on the leadership team for GLOBE Deloitte's LGBT+ diversity network, driving their initiatives and strategy around intersectionality. She has coordinated several cross-network inclusion initiatives and collaborations with the company’s Black and Multicultural diversity networks. As part of Deloitte’s Pride Month celebrations, she organized a virtual event, co-hosting a panel session with guest speaker Lady Phyll, the Executive Director of UK Black Pride, where they discussed topics such as role models, intersectionality and allyship. Tolu also represented the firm externally as a guest speaker at other firms to discuss the intersectional experiences of LGBT+ people and how society can apply an intersectional framework into the workplace. Tolu was also named DIVA Magazine Diversity Champion of the Year 2021 which recognises individuals for championing diversity and inclusion in their workplace and beyond.

Jarrod Trusler

Product Manager

Jarrod is deeply engaged with Dow's global LGBT+ and ally employee resource group, GLAD, serving on the global steering team and focusing on external engagement and internal policy projects. In 2020, he completed his tenure as leader of GLAD in Asia Pacific; his final project completed there was a formal upgrade to the region's HR definition of "family", ensuring that LGBT+ families would be recognized for benefits in the absence of country-level recognition of same-sex partnerships. Upon relocating to the Netherlands in 2020, Jarrod has launched multiple policy related projects such as a review of Dow's insurance coverage for trans and intersex individuals and expanded pronoun usage across the region. Jarrod is a regular speaker at internal events and education seminars, examples include hosting GLAD's Pride Month Launch Event with Suki Sandhu and Louis A. Vega, seminars on Switzerland's successful same-sex marriage vote, and discussions for multiple ERG chapters on addressing challenges faced by LGBT+ families.

Marv Echipare

Consultant, Lecturer

While working at Google, Marv established Google Philippines Pride, increasing visibility both internally and externally, leading to participation in Manila's biggest Pride March. Marv also leveraged Google's privilege to build an external community called Pride@Tech, partnering with tech companies in the Philippines to improve accessibility and safe spaces in the country. This led to the growth of Pride@Google APAC with the introduction of chapters in key locations such as Taiwan, Thailand, and Korea where there were no chapters previously existing, and resulted in creating a Google APAC Pride event. Outside of work Marv has taken part in a Facebook Live Webinar with Mind Nation in 2020 on Being Queer in the Workplace and its impact on mental health and Pride Digital Summit for LGBT+-owned Small businesses in the Philippines, and was a panelist at Phil Financial Inter-Industry Pride on Using Technology to improve Digital Diversity.

Mark Fanagan

Senior Manager - Operation Service & Implementation Delivery
Fidelity International

During his time at Fidelity International, Mark has been actively involved in promoting LGBT+ diversity and inclusion as Dublin LGBT+ lead and Global LGBT+ Network, where he supports initiatives and organizes LGBT+ events locally and globally. With Pride as a key D&I global celebration, Mark coordinated Dublin's celebrations including fundraising for LGBT+ inclusion charities since 2019. Currently, Mark is the LGBT+ Global Programme Lead and has created a new global events strategy to expand and increase the inclusivity of Fidelity’s event planning to incorporate the wider LGBT+ community and to empower local and regional leads to drive and celebrate LGBT+ events in a global coordinated effort. Between 2019 and 2020, Mark was a Community Engagement Lead and Fidelity representative for FuSIoN, Ireland's Financial Services Inclusion Network, where he created, set up, and organized FuSIoN's first 5km Virtual Run to raise money for Basis.Point's COVID 19 Emergency Relief Fund.

Vihaan Peethambar

Associate - Diversity and Inclusion
Goldman Sachs

From designing and launching an LGBT+ Reverse Mentoring Program for Managing Directors where he also mentors two MDs to be impactful allies, to leading the firm’s hiring efforts for LGBT+ professionals at RISE 2021, Vihaan has been successful in employing multipronged approaches to engage allies and sharing best practices to hire and integrate LGBT+ professionals in Goldman Sachs. Externally, Vihaan has amassed an impressive advocacy record serving on the boards of multiple LGBT+ organizations and committees including India’s first National Council for Transgender Persons. From publications to talk-shows and photo exhibitions, Vihaan engages in multiple public forums to create SOGIE awareness. Vihaan has been advocating against conversion therapy working with the Indian Psychiatric Society, Kerala Chapter to inform mental health professionals and managing litigation seeking a ban on conversion therapy in the Kerala High Court. Vihaan was awarded the Diversity & Inclusion Champion of Change Award by Community Business in 2020 and IVLP Fellowship by the US State Department in 2019 among others.

Simon Hague

Director, Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, Functional and Beverage Systems - APMEA
Kerry Group

Over the last 12-18 months, Simon created PRYSM, an LGBT+ global people network at Kerry Group which provides a safe space to people in difficult geographies that need a network, and creates, develops, and launches a number of key initiatives, such as educational videos to support learning and understanding, that have moved the business forward to be a safer space for the community and allies that work there. As part of Simon's work with PRYSM, he was asked to represent the business on the Partnership for Global LGBTI Equality as one of its youngest members on the steering committee. Simon has also worked with Global Mobility to support policies and procedures to make Kerry Group better not just for the LGBT+ communities but for other minorities as well.

Jose Martin Quesada


At Krew.live, Jose leads the internal LGBT+ group, organizing Pride Awareness month events, and coming up with hiring and content strategies to increase LGBT+ representation. Jose was a VP at the EurOut conference for 2 years in a row, and he currently mentors LGBT+ students at London Business School. While he worked at Google, Jose organized World Pride and sponsored LGBT+ at Work conference, and at McKinsey he led LGBT+ alumni engagement.

Helen Newburn

Senior Credit Analyst
Lloyds Banking Group

In 2021, Helen created the 'Introduction to Allyship' workshop for colleagues at Lloyds Banking Group, where she is working on making it a mandatory training for all employees. Helen also supports the company's trans working groups to help colleagues and customer journey which has led to internal IT changes being made, and created a local Pride in Halifax in August 2019 attended by over 2,000 people. For her work in D&I, Helen was featured in Gay Times magazine, has been a regular on BBC Leeds LGBT+ radio show 'The Scene’ and spoken on a D&I panel for Huddersfield University students.

Allison Kahn

Vice President, Communications (DEI)

Allison is the Global Co-Lead of the PRIDE BRG employee resource group at Mastercard where she leads efforts to drive LGBT+ employee engagement activities across the continents. Allison also works to connect colleagues across affinity groups and has created sub-committees focused on distinct and critical issues in partnership with Mastercard, including driving LGBT+ inclusive policies and benefits for employees, designing inclusive products and solutions, and being a strong partner to their external stakeholders and communities. She also leads Mastercard’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) communications globally and is a member of other affinity groups, whilst also sitting on a number of DEI-focused workstreams globally. In addition to her work at Mastercard, Allison is a writer with clips in the New Yorker, New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, NBC, Slate, among many other outlets. She is also an LGBT+ advocate who has led communications for LGBT+ groups at non-profit organizations including the Pride Agenda and the ACLU.

Abhishek Ghosh

McKinsey & Co. Alumnus

Abhishek previously led the India Chapter of GLAM, McKinsey & Company’s network of LGBTQ+ colleagues, and helped organize its first-ever participation in Pride Marches in Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai, India. He spearheaded a firm-wide 'Ally Engagement Campaign' showcasing personal change stories. The campaign led the India office to have one of the fastest-growing Ally communities in Asia. In his role, he enabled external partnerships, for example with India’s first-ever LGBTQ+ job fair. Abhishek curated a town hall of senior 'out' business leaders virtually for 500+ participants. Abhishek has also co-founded Qonnect, a mentorship and networking platform for queer professionals in India. He co-founded one of India’s first LGBTQ+ campus groups, QUEst at IIM Bangalore. He continues to be actively involved via podcasts, published reports, and fundraisers and is working on playbooks to help DE&I initiatives for the LGBTQ+ community in India to scale and sustain.

Mike Jackson

Assistant General Counsel/Senior Director, Workplace Investigations Team & CELA D&I Lead
Microsoft Corporation

At Microsoft, Mike is the global D&I chair and lead for the company’s Corporate, Legal External Affairs (CELA) department, responsible for setting their global fiscal year strategy as it relates to workplace diversity & inclusion. He also leads a cross functional team which manages all the department's D&I activities and aims (including the activities of the LGBT+ employee network). Mike currently serves on the Board of Directors for the National LGBT+ Bar Association where he is a member of the Finance and Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion committees. As a Board member of the Bar, he is focused on driving visibility and support of issues impacting the LGBT+ community across the United States. Additionally, Mike was recently named as a member of the MCCA Next Gen-Advisory Board which also focuses on driving diversity and inclusion of underrepresented groups in the legal profession, including LGBT+ persons.

Christina Papadimitriou

Principle Machine Learning Engineer
Palo Alto Networks

Christina is a member of the LGBTQIA+ employee network group at Palo Alto Networks. Prior to joining Palo Alto Networks, she was the co-chair of the PRIDE business resource group for JPMorgan Chase in the NY metro area, engaging 3,500 chapter members, helping organize over 30 events across North America, and launching two subcommittees for women and transgender, gender non-conforming and non-binary people. Christina was also a leadership team member of JPMorgan's Global Technology LGBT+ Community and organized an LGBT+ recruiting event in partnership with HR tech diversity recruiting that resulted in multiple LGBT+ hires this year. Christina also helped organize the JPMC Manhattan Tech Center “Inclusion Day", an all-day event with over 300 attendees. Outside of work, Christina is a board member of WiML, a non-profit that supports women, non-binary and gender non-conforming people in the Machine Learning field and is on the leadership team of Out in Tech, a non-profit group that unites the LGBTQ+ community in technology.

Robert Murphy

Customer Strategy & Proposition Delivery Manager
Permanent TSB

Robert’s role as a founding member and former 2020 co-Chair of Permanent TSB's LGBTQ+ Employee Network, PRISM, and current Stakeholder Engagement Lead enables him to take responsibility for championing the Network’s values with the employee population, aiming to generate greater visibility of and corporate support for LGBT+ employees and allies, by promoting and driving positive change. This change has included implementing PTSB's first gender neutral bathroom, adoptive leave for same-sex parents, and driving the education of pronouns within the organization. Robert also holds the position of Operations Officer for Fusion Ireland, the Financial Services Inclusion Network, serving as a key influencer in the Network's boarder strategy and currently leading the Committee's Network Best Practice Pillar. In this role over the last eighteen months, he has been working hard with the Committee to build-out a robust 2021 strategy in order to raise the standard of their collective Networks. Most recently, Robert has also completed Involve’s Emerging Leaders Programme.

Nikki Symmons

Global Communications Content Studio Planner and Head of Programs and Events for STRIPES Global (ERG)
Philip Morris International

Last year Nikki was one of the key founders of STRIPES Global ERG at Philip Morris International, helping to change the company’s narrative regarding D&I. She has developed and produced an LGBT+ and Inclusive Language toolkit which will be rolled out via intimate global sessions and through all of affiliates, providing a range of digital assets to help them raise awareness of their activities. Nikki is a consultant and sounding board to multiple functions and senior leaders within PMI, currently developing a D&I roadmap for the consumer group to measure their practices and help them develop into a fully inclusive department. Nikki has also actively helped the Yes campaign for Marriage Equality Switzerland and managed a partnership with Mission Winnow for Geneva Pride.

Jason Chinchilla

Central America Senior Sales Finance Manager
Procter and Gamble

Jason is the LGBTQ+ ERG leader at Procter and Gamble Latin America, leading the expansion of Prideskill, an initiative developed in LA to bring new work opportunities to LGBTQ+ population, and regional campaigns for Pride activities, including communication and sensitization strategies. In 2020, Jason developed support system for LGBTQ+ employees during the pandemic. Outside Procter and Gamble, Jason leads the "Declaration of Panama", a public compromise of 14 multinational companies based in Panama to support inclusion for LGBTQ+ persons in the workplace and is an active member of several boards of Pride Connection regional and local networks.

Jeana Hooker

Sr. Project Manager
Sage Software

At Sage, Jeana is the global LGBTQ+ ERG lead and regional DEI champion co-lead, advising, mentoring, and supporting groups in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Canada and the U.S., resulting in an increased sense of belonging among LGBTQ+ colleagues across the globe. In June 2021, Jeana facilitated a panel discussion with two prominent transgender and non-binary community leaders and activists that had over 100 Sage attendees from North America. She has also written several internal articles around her queer identity, resulting in greater connection, understanding, and empathy among Sage colleagues. Jeana is currently the acting Board Secretary and Equity and Inclusion Committee board chair for Oregon Pride in Business, and has worked with three Georgetown University DEI Certificate graduates to provide "The Continuum of Gender Identity" training to Georgetown University cohorts and other organizations.

TJ Richards

Construction PMO & Stakeholder Outreach Manager
Santander UK

As the national Co-Chair of Santander UK’s Embrace LGBT+ network, TJ worked with U.S. colleagues to help map trans customer journey and identify ways to improve their experience. She also launched "safe spaces" to provide an online space for colleagues to come together and share/support each other, as well as a new platform, Evolving Minds, where colleagues can learn more about different strands of diversity within the rainbow family, how to be better allies. TJ partnered with Stonewall to launch an initiative to support LGBT+ refugees with workplace skills mentoring across a 3-year period, the first initiative of its kind in Santander. In 2021, TJ updated Santander’s Global Engagement Survey to include questions around Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation for the first time ever and used the company’s network to put on events and raise funds for charities such as UK Black Pride and Albert Kennedy Trust.

Eugenia Linares Traiman

Global Field Compensation Controlling CoE

Eugenia is the Global Diversity & Inclusion Office ENG Lead for Pride@SAP Budget and Finance Workgroup and local lead for Pride@SAP Argentina network. She’s been involved in the Out and Equal Summit 2020 and the Virtual Equality Lounge @ Cannes Lions 2021, raising awareness with colleagues while supporting the LGBT+ community. In partnership with Tent.org, Eugenia is the Project Manager of a 3 year program for both the North America/Canada and Mexico City mentor/mentee engagement for 50 LGBT+ refugees, with mentors being employees of SAP. Since 2019 she has been the project lead for Casa Trans, a local Government-funded organization that provides support to the transgender community in Buenos Aires, coordinating a team of SAP and Pride Connection Argentina volunteers to deliver on site and virtual English and computing lessons. Eugenia also collaborates with big companies to help them develop an employment insertion program for the transgender community.

Paul McConnell

Technology Services Group (TSG), Embedded Control Management
The Bank of New York Mellon

As the Global Finance lead and member of the Global PRISM leadership team, Paul has been instrumental in driving the Bank of New York Mellon’s vision to ensure LGBT+ individuals are welcome, valued and can reach their full potential. He has been actively involved in numerous initiatives and activities promoting geographical diversity and increased focus in areas where LGBT+ is seen as a disadvantage. In 2020, because of their work and allyship, BNY Mellon signed the amicus brief to support the 28th Amendment to the US Constitution guaranteeing equal rights for all Americans, regardless of sex, and in 2019 Paul helped introduce the handbook for managers and employees: Transgender Guidelines: Gender Transition, Identity and Expression. Outside of BNY Mellon, Paul was the secretary for FuSIoN in 2019 and 2020, helping future colleagues realize how Financial Services in Ireland is an inclusive and welcoming industry for all.

Jaspreet Singh

Onboard Products, Inflight Entertainment - Marketing/Loyalty
United Airlines

Jaspreet serves as an active voice for DEI inside and outside of his work at United Airlines, helping to create United’s six-time award-winning “Entertainment for All" product, which is recognized as the world’s most accessible inflight entertainment system with an extensive suite of features that cater to all visual, mobility and hearing abilities. Jaspreet is an active member of United’s multi-cultural and LGBT resource groups, participating in a variety of volunteer events, including cooking meals for homeless LGBT youth. He recently participated in a global panel for AAPI month, discussing the intersectionality of LGBT/South Asian culture. Jaspreet helped showcase United’s 2021 Pride theme to the world during the debut of a new airplane delivery in June, which showcased United's new Signature Interior featuring Bluetooth pairing capabilities on inflight entertainment screens. Jaspreet has also published a children’s book about travel named Aya and Avi’s Airplane Adventure highlighting underrepresented minority and LGBT characters with a percentage of profits going to LGBT charities.

Marta Lima

Innovation Manager

Marta has established a mentoring program in the UK to match Vodafone employees with young people from disadvantaged and diverse backgrounds to coach them into STEM careers. The program is a partnership with Career Accelerator and the Vodafone Youth team, sponsored by senior executives. She is also the Development lead for a program to develop a mobile application that will support the safety and wellbeing of LGBT+ people, leading the technology and product development. She led the Design Thinking process through focus groups with LGBT+ people across Vodafone global footprint to develop the concept. Since May 2019 Marta has chaired the LGBT+ Friends Network in Vodafone's corporate head office in London, and she was also a keynote speaker at a Pride event 2021 for FutureGov, speaking about the importance of considering the unique experiences of LGBT+ people when building digital solutions.

Iris Rivera

Software Quality Assurance Manager

Iris has introduced many D&I solutions in her career so far, such as adding Unconscious Bias training to senior and lead team member training curriculum, held open Lunch and Learn sessions with team members on topics centered around diversity and inclusivity in tech, and revised team approach to recruiting, hiring, and retention to enhance DEI. This included efforts at removing biased language from job postings and interviews, removing bias from resume review, standardizing onboarding processes, practicing radical candor, and held intentionally inclusive team-building events. Iris has also volunteered as City Director at Lesbians Who Tech, where she helped bring inclusivity and visibility to the organization's overall efforts to change the face of technology. Through event planning, representation, and mentorship, they were able to build community in the largely underrepresented LGBT+ tech.

Lynne Nicholls

Vice Chair of WATMOS
WATMOS Community Homes

Lynne co-chaired Clarion Housing Group LGBT+ staff network, spearheading the work on Trans & non-binary inclusion with the Transitioning at Work policy, launched in 2020, providing guidance for staff and managers. Moving the activities online, organised virtual prides activities across the group in 2020 and 2021. She designed the 'Listen, Learn, Challenge & Celebrate' campaign, encouraging allyship, resulting in participation from all levels of the company, board, partners, residents and other companies’ LGBT+ groups. She hosted intersectional webinars on Inclusive Education, LGBT+ in Construction, LGBT+ Youth Homelessness and LGBT+ faith. Championing LGBT+ visibility and inclusion throughout the social Housing Sector, for HouseProud organised the sectors participation at Pride (London, UK Black Pride, Bi Pride & Norwich Pride), and supported the formation and development of diversity networks. As Vice Chair of WATMOS Lynne promotes diversity on boards. Passionate about inclusive education as Chair of Trustees for Schools OUT UK she speaks at international conferences and in schools for Diversity Role Models.

Louis Ng

Senior Manager, Early Careers Talent Acquisition
Fidelity International

Through Louis’ efforts in D&I, he led Fidelity International’s submission of Community Business' Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Index for 2019 and 2021, achieving gold and silver standard respectively. He achieved this by refreshing the diversity monitoring questions in Fidelity’s early careers recruitment and selection systems to better understand the company’s LGBT+ potential candidates, partnered with Human Resources Magazine to launch ShhOUT conference in Asia as platinum sponsor to drive the LGBT+ dialogue, promoted and recruited new allies in Asia through different campaigns, to mention a few. Louis also participated as a panellist in EUROUT conference in November 2020 on Change Makers: Innovating and Breaking New Ground and piloted the first ever student LGBT+ webinar in Hong Kong with GradConnection and Encompass to help students plan their career journey.

Carlos Leighton

Change and experience lead

In addition to Carlos’ role as Change and Experience Lead at bp, he also undertakes the role of Co-Chair of bp Pride UK , where he has created a Pride 2030 vision to strengthen bp’s D&I LGBT+ inclusion and strategies. He has facilitated five D&I global leadership teams moments, including the Russian and the Middle Eastern Vice Presidents, on the regional challenges LGBT+ people face and promoting how to be a better ally, and created the bpPride bisexual working group to drive inclusion for the company’s bisexual/pansexual community. He also looks for opportunities for intersectional events, he led and facilitated an event for the LGBT+ Latinx community “The Hispanic Perspective: LGBT+ Acceptance and Support”. His passion for DE&I goes beyond bp, launching the first not-for-profit volunteer mentoring program for LGBT+ people in Peru in partnership with LGBT Mentoring; so far Carlos has recruited 11 mentors and over 15 mentees with over 40 hours of mentoring sessions for the program.

Elizabeth “Ging” Hoyumpa

b. Manager, Business Planning & Strategy
American Express

Ging instituted a Pride+ chapter in American Express Manila, which she consequently led for two years. By her third year, she was invited to the company’s Global Pride Committee. The Pride+ Manila chapter leveraged data in the company’s Employee Satisfaction Survey to baseline the LGBTQ+ experiences, identify focus areas, and implement strategies to improve the LGBTQ+ employees’ experiences. Ging, along with the Pride+ Manila Chapter, organized learning sessions for the country executives and people leaders on Unconscious Bias, Sexual Orientation Gender Identity and Express, and Allyship. These captured the hearts of members and allies alike by elevating LGBTQ+ narratives in podcasts and webinars. Ging with the rest of Pride+ Manila extended the company’s LGBTQ+ activities to neighboring markets in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Malaysia and assisted in creating allyship networks and a safe space in these markets.

Joanne Gilmoran

Regional Head EMEA & APAC, - Global Custody & Agency Services
Bank of America - (Ireland)

As an LGBTQ+ champion for Prime Services, Joanne proactively engages Bank of America’s footprint across the UK & Ireland via small group meetings to highlight the work of the LGBTQ+ Network & Ally Program. Joanne also formed a company-wide strategy for 2021 focusing on intersectionality and ensuring proactive collaboration with clients and communities, and kickstarted a new talent acquisition strategy in March 2021 after observing the lack of transgender representation at BofA’s Europe offices. Joanne is an active member of and drives collaboration between the LGBTQ+ Pride Network and Parents & Carers Network, while also initiating collaboration with the Multi-Cultural Leadership Network (MLN) in EMEA. She was also invited as a panel speaker for Bank of America at an InterInvest event, an LGBTQ+ network in the UK set up for the Investment Industry community to discuss how Bank of America runs its LGBTQ+ Network & Ally Program.

Deanna Hallett

Director, Government Relations
Bloomberg LP

Deanna has led Bloomberg's LGBT+ and Ally Community (BPROUD) London chapter for two years. During this time, she improved Black, Ethnic Minority, and women’s representation on the community's leadership committee, set up the company's first LGBT+ mentorship scheme, and launched Bloomberg's first trans+ allyship training sessions, which was attended by almost 200 employees -- including senior leadership. Deanna also participated in several events as a speaker, including last year's 'Bloody Difficult Women' event, which discussed getting more LGBT+ women into politics. The event, which built relationships between women from various parties, later helped in the launch of cross-party campaigns.

Donald Darais

Senior Marketing Manager - US Continence Care
ConvaTec Inc.

Donald has been championing LGBT+ efforts at ConvaTec by being a part of ConvaTec's ERG Roundtable, which focuses on raising policy changes and addressing the unique needs of the LGBT+ employees, and being a part of talent/acquisition working group to hire LGBT+ employees. Donald helped create a Global Community Involvement program and advocated for ConvaTec's first ever involvement/sponsorship in local Community Pride events. In addition to his professional work, Donald volunteers with a local LGBT+ affirming, low-barrier, youth homeless shelter Sisu Youth Services.

Bunn Yang

CCSS Team Manager

Bunn joined HSBC Diversity and Inclusion in 2019, when the first PRIDE ERG (Employee Resource Group) was established in China. He has been working actively to promote and cultivate equality awareness through different kinds of activities with his PRIDE Team. With almost 3 years continuous effort, workplace has formed an LGBT+ friendly culture in the Global Service Center in China. Proudly in 2020, his PRIDE team successfully made huge evolutionarily changes on the internal gender neutral facilities and LGBT+ company policies for every employee, including benefiting LGBT+ employees and their spouses. Besides, Bunn also volunteer at Zhi Tong sometimes, an NGO to offer guidance and help to the local LGBT+ community.

Danni Davies

Associate, Real Estate Practice
Latham & Watkins LLP

As leader of both the Global LGBTQ+ Lawyers Group and the London office chapter, Danni plays a high-impact role in Latham's strategic goal of advancing recruitment, retention, and promotion of LGBT+ attorneys. Danni spearheads strategy and programs that foster intersectional community-building, promotes Latham's broader DEI goals, and identifies pro bono opportunities to aid LGBT+-focused organizations. They also played an instrumental role in producing Latham's Global 2021 Pride video, which features LGBT+ colleagues sharing personal experiences and firm leaders discussing the importance of allyship to true equality and belonging. Danni works closely with firm leaders to influence policies and benefits to better support LGBT+ colleagues, such as parental leave and adoption benefits, inclusive gender identification in HR systems, formal gender transition guidelines, and a gender-neutral parental leave policy. A cornerstone of Danni’s leadership approach has been to further develop pro bono support for LGBT+ charities, particularly during the pandemic.

Flo McCubbin

Data Engineer
Lloyds Banking Group

Flo strives to promote intersectionality in everything they do, whether it is in their study of data ethics or in educating their colleagues. They regularly run LGBT+ and mental well-being events, including during LGBT+ history month - their most recent events focus specifically on the history of LGBT+ people of colour and their contributions to the community. Within their team and beyond, Flo provides training on intersectionality and the impact of racism and xenophobia in the LGBT+ community, runs pronouns and trans inclusion training and furthers inclusive hiring by drawing attention to the intersections between gender, sexuality, disability, race, age, class, and adaptations that can be made to the hiring process to encourage diversity in teams. Outside of their organisation, Flo encourages young people to join apprenticeships, highlighting the accessibility and fiscal merits of non-university higher education.

Jake Potter

Head of Social Media
Colt Technology Services

In 2019, Jake launched the Pride Network working with Colt’s Head of D&I and executive sponsor, which runs awareness events in person and remotely. This resulted in the launch of the LGBT+ ally training which is run quarterly as workshops. Through working with partners and suppliers, Jake has held speaker sessions and panel events on LinkedIn and at Baker McKenzie. This has led Colt to partner with charity Mermaids to run trans awareness sessions. Jake has also partnered with HR to launch a transition at work policy and ensure the company’s other policies were inclusive. Outside of work, Jake is the Head of Social Media for Pride in London, a volunteer role that promotes Pride London events and activities, and has taken part in a My Gwork panel event called "How can LGBTQ+ Employees Spot Pride Within the Workplace in 2021" in June 2021.

Pedro Kuijt Rumayor

Senior Finance Advisor
Royal Dutch Shell

As global LGBT+ inclusion lead, Pedro launched the Global LGBT+ Forum in 2020 with the purpose of bringing together local LGBT+ employee networks, further strengthening efforts to advance LGBT+ inclusion within the company. He has recently developed a multi-year strategy and framework for LGBT+ inclusion, endorsed by the Executive Committee, which sets a clear ambition and targets to empower the lives of LGBT+ people within Shell and the societies in which it operates. Since joining Shell in 2014, Pedro has been instrumental in driving the LGBT+ agenda, advocating for LGBT+ equality at all levels of the organisation, ultimately securing support from Shell’s CFO, Jessica Uhl. He has led various external initiatives, including an award-winning campaign for Pride Amsterdam in 2018, and has helped several organisations in the Netherlands in strengthening their employee resource groups and developing a robust LGBT+ inclusion strategy.

Shraban Dutta

Senior Manager - Talent Development, Global Diversity Champion - LGBTQ+, PwD, Gender

At TCS, Shraban, a key member, to establish QOLORS, a global employee resource group (ERG) for LGBTQ+ and allies, in 2018, created to drive inclusion. He mentors members by holding periodic meetings, discussing agenda and issues, talks about how the inclusion journey can be sustained. He facilitated the first ever PRIDE Month celebration in TCS. Shraban has also planned educational and sensitization sessions for LGBTQ+ awareness for all managers, support staffs, HR leaders and admin, across the organization. Outside the workplace, Shraban has been a listener and counsellor to many friends and colleagues, and helped them in their coming out journey, speaking to their parents and family members to create an environment for acceptance. He has worked with training organizations conducting sessions on Unconscious Bias. He has hosted multiple events, as a Diversity Champion, - panel discussions, human diversity library, allyship stories, leader presentations & represented the TCS DE&I network during various client interactions, seeking collaborative support towards the cause.

Michael Newton

Manager, International Account Management

As a founding member of the LGBT+ network at Cvent, Michael and the network have been responsible for organizing the company’s virtual month-long Pride series for the last three summers, as well as supporting the woman’s network, hosting sessions on diverse families and the importance of allyship. Michael has also presented as Cvent’s keynote speaker in February 2020, sharing his story of growing up in a domestic abuse household, discovering he has HIV and his mental health struggles. Michael has continued to challenge the company’s leadership on internal policy to promote positive change with the organisation for all. Michael is also the CEO of The P3 Network, an LGBT+ charity that focuses on helping LGBT+ individuals start their families and with issues at school or in the workplace through education and advisory work.

Alexander Dmitrenko

Head of Asia Sanctions, Counsel
Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

As one of the most active members of the Halo network at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer in Asia and an LGBT+ rights activist, Alexander has organized events for colleagues and clients, such as a special panel discussion with Larry Bates, General Counsel/Chief Legal Officer at Panasonic. He also secured leadership support for Freshfields to endorse the "Viewpoint on Marriage Equality", one of his major initiatives in the last two years that encourages corporates to support marriage equality in Japan. Alexander is a Co-Founder and Co-Chair of LLAN (Lawyers for LGBT & Allies Network), one of the most prominent LGBT+ NPOs in Japan. Among many LLAN projects, Alexander originated and leads the Annual Equality Gala and the Viewpoint on Marriage Equality, focusing on the business case for marriage equality.

Kirstin Early

research scientist

Since 2017, Kirstin has been one of the key drivers on creating an internal community and improving policies for LGBTQ+ colleagues at Yahoo. Part of her work as an ERG chapter lead includes organizing monthly events with a mix of social, educational, and volunteer topics; advising executives on making their organizations more welcoming to LGBTQ+ employees; and partnering with local nonprofits to support external communities, such as Outlet, Asian Americans for Community Involvement, and the Billy DeFrank Center (San Jose's LGBTQ+ community center). Kirstin also represents Yahoo in the Silicon Valley LGBTQ+ ERG Alliance, across 50 companies in the Bay Area to share strategies for LGBTQ+ inclusion and work together to transform companies and communities.

Jake Furby

Communications Manager
Friends Provident Foundation

Although Jake has recently joined Friends Provident Foundation, they have been heavily involved in changing the way that funding is distributed across the charitable sector. Since 2010, Jake has helped establish three LGBT+ charities in York and has supported over 1,000 individual LGBT+ people over the years from giving support at asylum seeker hearings, helping people report hate crime and creating community groups for people to attend. Jake’s work is also global, supporting LGBT+ people in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and Poland. Jake has also delivered LGBTQ+ training as part of Diversity Enterprises to numerous organisations including the Prince's Trust, various county and borough council, as well as, Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD).

Oli Shakir-Khalil

Investment Director
Fidelity International

Alongside his role as Investment Director at Fidelity International, Oli is also part of the company’s global LGBT+ Working Group, where he was the first employee to blog about LGBT+ issues on the global intranet, resulting in supporting people seeking advice on being out and being a good ally. Oli has expanded his inclusion work beyond the UK to deliver LGBT+ ally training for 200+ people across Dublin, Luxembourg, Frankfurt and Sydney, and drafted Fidelity's first UK "Gender Identity, Expression & Transitioning at work policy". For his work supporting LGBT+ people in and out of his organization, Oli has volunteered and fundraised for AKT through internal events and redecoration of a safe house, attended InterInvest events to help push forward the LGBT+ inclusion agenda for the asset management industry, and attended an LGBT+ specific recruiting event at Imperial to promote LGBT+ inclusion in Financial Services.

Christian Laya

FP&A Lead Analyst
Diageo Plc

Christian is a true advocate for celebrating diversity and furthering the inclusion agenda at Diageo. Christian was appointed leader of Diageo’s 2021 Global Inclusivity Week, an employee-led week encouraging colleagues around the world to have open conversations about a range of important and challenging topics. Leading a team of 30+ people, Christian helped to arrange over 25 virtual panels, discussions and networks about topics including inclusivity, gender identity, hate crime, religion, and disability which were attended by employees globally. In Hungary, his dedication has seen him create several employee campaigns to raise awareness of the need for more professional counselling and mental health support for LGBT+ colleagues following recent legislation changes in Hungary which have negatively impacted the community. Despite the current political environment, as leader of our Budapest employee Rainbow Network, Christian demonstrated that Diageo is committed to inclusion by marching under the company’s flag at Budapest Pride 2021 with over 60 colleagues.

Aaron Chan

Pro Bono Associate, Asia
DLA Piper

Aaron advises and represents clients who have experienced discrimination due to their gender identities and/or sexual orientation. Some of the cases that Aaron has worked on have brought about systemic changes to Hong Kong's legal and social systems. Aaron Chan is one of the leaders of Iris Represents at DLA Piper. This employee-led pro bono initiative formalises its pro bono offering in the LGBT+ space, creating a visible presence specifically aligned to LGBT+ inclusion. In this role, Aaron works with DLA Piper's LGBT+ and Allied lawyers across the globe to provide legal services to the global LGBT+ community. Due to his insights and experience, he has been invited to speak at internal and external conferences on LGBT+ refugees and how businesses can promote LGBT+ inclusion. Aaron regularly engages with the business sector, third sector and diplomats on LGBT+ issues as part of his work. In 2020, he was awarded the Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Awards – LGBT+ Youth Champion Award.

Andrés López Castaño

Director, Clinical Data Management

In 2019, Andrés launched the Argentina ERG Chapter for LGBT+ people. As a result, MSD Argentina joined Pride Connection Argentina network, built gender neutral bathrooms and launched three internal campaigns on LGBT+ topics. Also, MSD allied and volunteered with 'Ciervos Pampas', the first LGBT+ rugby club in Argentina. From 2021, as the Europe Regional lead, Andrés supported the expansion of new and upcoming ERG chapters across Europe in Italy, France, Turkey, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania and Bulgaria, and actively supports existing chapters in Netherlands, the UK, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and Czech Republic. This resulted in an increased regional footprint and allowed MSD to have a more inclusive workplace globally. As a D&I champion, he also led both the D&I framework for new MSD office in Zurich and a D&I Initiative across Global Data Operations in four global locations focusing on training, awareness and visibility, and internal process.

Xavier White

CSR & Innovation Marketing Manager

Xavier is an active member of Prism, Verizon’s LGBT+ ERG, and has created #ChamberBreakers, a podcast series produced by Verizon and Yahoo! around key societal and business issues, ensuring that LGBT+, particularly trans rights, are a part of each season. Xavier also speaks on internal and external Pride panels, discussing trans and intersex rights, and has recently secured internal funding to use Verizon's technology to tell innovative CSR stories, including one around a young trans adult and their experience entering the workplace. Xavier is a Youth Advisor to The Youth Group, focusing on increasing minority reach, particularly LGBT+. He speaks as part of LGBT+ History month to school students about his record of activism, including founding a charitable organisation focusing on LGBT+ rights in education.