Alan Joyce


Alan is a passionate advocate for LGBT+ rights and speaks often about the importance of equality, diversity and being able to “bring your whole self to work’, in internal and external forums. He believes that being an openly gay CEO of a large publicly listed company sends a clear message about the kind of company Qantas is. In the past year, Alan has established a formal LGBT+ network, to help provide support for Qantas staff. He has also taken a very public stance in campaigning in favour of marriage equality as a fundamental human rights issue. This has attracted a range of reactions and sparked a broader debate about the role of business when it comes to social issues. His involvement has also resulted in a great deal of international media coverage, providing an even bigger platform to the fight for diversity and equality. Internally, Alan has also led a massive corporate turnaround which now sees Qantas as one of the best performing airline groups in the world.

Stacey Friedman

General Counsel
JP Morgan Chase

As General Counsel of JPMorgan Chase, and founding member of their LGBT+ Executive Council, Stacey is committed to serving as a role model and advocate for LGBT+ people. Currently the only openly gay General Counsel of a large financial institution, this high level of visibility affords her the chance to speak to, write about and mentor those internal and external to the firm. She regularly supports a wide range of programs designed to address the challenges and successes of LGBT+ professionals, sharing her experiences as an out woman in mentoring circles, on panels and other industry gatherings. Her support of the Legal Diversity Committee allows it to dedicate the time and resources necessary to educate and empower legal colleagues to “bring their whole selves to work” through round table discussions, best practices and the development of diverse talent pipelines. Outside of work, Stacey is involved with Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE), the country’s largest organization dedicated to improving the lives of LGBT older adults. Since 2011, Stacey has been on the Board Directors for the National Center for Law and Economic Justice, an organization striving to ensure no one lives in poverty or is denied basic human rights.

Jim Fitterling

Chief Operating Officer for Material Sciences

Jim Fitterling is Chief Operating Officer of the Material Science Division of DowDuPont and, after nearly 30 years in the closet during his professional life, he came out to Dow’s nearly 50,000 employees in late 2013. Since then, he has been instrumental in Dow’s drive towards LGBT+ equality, passionately mentoring LGBT+ employees, sharing his insights and striving to make a personal difference in the lives of these individuals. He was instrumental in appointing Dow’s first Chief Inclusion Officer who reports directly to him. In addition, he is an active member of Dow’s GLAD network, participating regularly in events around the world. As the highest-ranking out executive at Dow, he is a tremendous influencer of change through his high profile leadership example. Most notably, Jim has been a panellist at the Economist Pride and Prejudice event, keynote speaker at a number of LGBT+ events and, alongside his partner Alex, is a member of the Human Rights Campaign Federal Club, PFLAG and an active supporter of various LGBT+ charities.

Gigi Chao

Executive Vice Chairman
Cheuk Nang Holdings Limited

Gigi is the Executive Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong based real estate organisation Cheuk Nang Holdings Ltd. She is a visible and vocal advocate for the importance of being our authentic selves at work, to make the workplace environment safer and more inclusive. She regularly speaks on LGBT+ inclusion and is active on both social media and in the corporate workplace. In 2014 she shared her story at Diversity & Inclusion in Asia, as well as penning an open letter titled “Dear Daddy, you must accept I’m a lesbian”, publically imploring her father to accept her. She has since been hailed as an icon in the LGBT+ community for her public stance on inclusion and authenticity. Gigi is a founding member of Big Love Alliance which is a LGBT charitable organisation in Hong Kong which advocates for acceptance and equality. She is also an ambassador for Aids Concern, and an active member of St Johns Cathedral, an inclusive Anglican church in Hong Kong. Alongside these activities, Gigi is a special adviser to the UN Development Programme ‘Being LGBTI in Asia’ initiative, working to stimulate discussion and awareness around LGBT+ issues in Asia.

Dr. Vivienne Ming

Managing Partner
Socos LLC

As Chief Scientist at HR Tech company Gild, Vivienne invented AI products to “remove bias from the hiring system”. Her work there led directly to research and an upcoming book on the “Tax on Being Different”, in which she measured the economic cost of being gay or lesbian in the workplace. At Socos, the second company she co-founded with her wife, they develop technologies for parents, professors, and employers to maximize life outcomes of their children, students, and employees, directly combating the wasting of lives due to bias and misunderstanding. Her work also lead to numerous speaking engagements around the world on the economic benefits of inclusion, including keynotes at SXSW, Pride & Prejudice and Out & Equal, as well as advising the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US military, the UN, and numerous Fortune 100 companies. Vivienne is also the Chair of StartOut and continues to lead its research initiatives. She is also on the boards of The Palm Center, which lead the fight to overturn DADT and the ban on transgender service members, and enGender, a summer camp for gender expansive youth. Additionally, she has publicly shared her transition story in NYT, Oprah, TED, and The Atlantic.

Inga Beale

Lloyd's of London

Inga has always remained committed to driving forward change across Lloyd’s to achieve a much more welcoming environment for LGBT+ people. During this past year activities included sponsoring an event at Lloyd’s featuring artist Martin Firrell, to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Sexual Offences Act. During her time as CEO, the DiveIn Festival has continued to grow and, now in its third year, it spans 32 countries. Externally, Inga has been involved in a number of media interviews and campaigns, including sharing her story at the 2017 Fortune Most Powerful Women London Summit. She has also taken part in The Economist Changemakers Series: championing diversity in the boardroom, and ITV feature on the anniversary of the 1967 Sexual Offences Act, and a EurOUT online video project titled “So What”. Inga was also honoured in the UK Government's 2017 News Year’s Honours list, for her contribution to the economy, diversity of women and LGBT+ and the Dive In Festival.

Martine Rothblatt

United Therapeutics Corporation

As an open and visible transgender CEO, Martine always strives to be a positive role model for lesbian, transgendered and non-binary gender employees. She ensures that all of their employment policies are inclusive, treating all applicants and employees equally without regard to sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. Martine has always been very open about her transition and gender identity, and led the company to issue an official statement opposing transphobic legislation. Externally, Martine regularly speaks on the importance of LGBT+ inclusion, and often gives one-to-one advice to people who have recently come out in the workplace. She keeps up an active profile on social media, has been widely featured in the media, and regularly discusses the importance of openness in her life and her work, including giving a TED talk on her transition story. Martine is a vocal advocate for trans rights, and wrote a book called "Apartheid of Sex: A Manifesto on the Freedom of Gender,” in which she argued that “forcing everybody to be either male or female is a kind of sexual apartheid. This is not scientifically accurate.” She was also in attendance at President Obama’s LGBT+ Pride reception in 2016.

Jan Siegmund

Chief Financial Officer

Jan is Executive Sponsor of ADP Pride, ADP’s LGBT+ Business Resource Group, which he founded when joining ADP. ADP Pride focuses on inclusion and has specific Ally programming for straight allies, which has made it the fastest growing BRG at ADP. He has also driven adoption of LGBT+ Self-ID for U.S employees in 2017, and has now started rolling this out internationally and in ADP’s client solutions. He introduced successful mentoring programmes, in which he is a sought after mentor. Jan also oversees the Foundation grants and collaboration with organizations such as StartOut and the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, and drove ADP’s co-signing of the HRC Business Coalition for the Equality Act. Externally, Jan serves on the Board of Directors of The Center, New York City’s LGBT+ community centre, and was recently recognized with the 2017 Impact Award from the Center. In addition, he also drove ADP’s participation in The Cycle for the Cause, signing up over 100 riders to ride 275 miles and raising over $500K to support the fight against HIV/AIDS. He is a frequent guest speaker at LGBT+ audience conferences including being a keynote speaker for the global The Economist Pride & Prejudice.

Dr Siobhan Martin

Executive Director - HR UK & Ireland

As a company Executive, Siobhan has been key to Mercer’s D&I policies, and also makes herself available to other organisations who are working to ensure equality. She is the Global Chair of the Business Innovation work stream of Mercer’s global LGBT+ network, and created Mercer’s UK Diversity and Inclusion Council, UK D&I Advisory group and UK Champion network, including LGBT+ staff. She introduced monitoring for LGBT+ hires and is currently in the process of launching a self-identification campaign, to understand the workforce demographics. As Executive Sponsor of the LGBT+ network, she has also been hosting events around the country, such as ‘Coming Out as an Ally’, ‘Unbundling Lesbians’, ‘Engaging Men’, to create open and honest conversation around diversity. She has taken part in reverse mentoring schemes, and is often featured in internal and external media. Externally, Siobhan is an Advisory Board Member for the Global Professional Women’s Network, Fellow & Chair of the Monash Global Leaders Group, and until very recently member of the Parochial Church Council of the oldest church in the City of London and school Governor.

David Hynam

Bupa UK

As UK CEO of Bupa, David is committed to creating a positive and supportive work environment for LGBT+ people. Under his leadership, Bupa UK have tested all their policies to ensure they’re LGBT-friendly and updated maternity policies to support same sex couples. David has supported a broad range of initiatives including supporting his regional leaders in welcoming transgender staff, and working to recruit more transgender employees. He led the launch of a new Code of Conduct in Bupa UK which makes clear that team members are never to be treated differently because of their sexual orientation. His company’s pioneering work with a corporate client saw them become the first UK-owned company to extend their employee health insurance to include gender dysphoria. He has also championed Bupa DiverCity, Bupa UK’s diversity forum, who have hosted internal awareness days for Transgender Day of Remembrance, and are stakeholders of a RoundabOUT LGBT+ committee. David’s sponsorship of diversity extends beyond Bupa. Earlier in his career, David was a Global Diversity Champion at AXA and at Barclays provided support on LGBT+ issues through its diversity programme. Outside work, David owns a small hotel which takes an active part in the gay business community and actively promotes LGBT+ inclusion – linking and advertising through pink media.

Louis Vega

President Dow Australia & New Zealand and Vice President, Olympic & Sports Solutions
The Dow Chemical Company

Louis strives to show the power of diversity by bringing his 'whole', open self to work, and works to help others to be able to do the same. As a sponsor of Dow’s LGBT+ and Ally employee resource group, Louis is an outspoken, public supporter of the organization and its mission. He has spoken at numerous business & community events globally, and serves on the 30% Steering Committee, championing gender diversity. As an officer and member of the Board of Directors for both GLAAD and the Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute, Louis drives LGBT+ equality across the globe through leveraging his substantial corporate and political experience towards the critical missions of these leading organizations. He is also actively supports, through personal time or resource, many important LGBT+ organizations, including PFLAG, SAGE, the Gays & Lesbian Task Force and numerous AIDS Walk and Ride organizations. Recently, he championed Marriage Equality for all Australians through public and government advocacy and interactions at all levels, and is supporting the Australian LGBT+ community directly for the Australian LGBTQ Awards 2018. By living his authentic self, Louis brings his personal journey, story and passion to Boardrooms, Conferences Organizations and Sports Leagues around the world.

Michael Salter-Church MBE

Head of External Affairs and Policy
Open Reach

Having been with Openreach for only four months, Michael has already ensured that recruitment processes engage LGBT+ people, which has led to a successful increase in LGBT+ recruitment. He has also been completely authentic and open from day one e.g. in Senior Management Team meetings, so colleagues are able to clearly see a member of the LGBT+ community in a prominent position within the company. Prior to Openreach, Michael was part of the leadership team at Sainsbury's, where he worked with the LGBT+ group and the Director sponsoring that strand of diversity and inclusion, on an engagement plan and events. Whilst there he helped launch a specific pin-badge and an addition to email signatures highlighting the company's commitment to LGBT+ diversity. He also engaged Sainsbury's with Pride in London, specifically supporting volunteer events. Externally, Michael was the principle advisor to David Cameron on LGBT+ issues leading work on the introduction of same sex marriage. He also, founded and co-chairs London LGBT+ Community Pride, the group that has transformed the Pride event in London.

Daniel Gerring

Partner, Head of Pensions
Travers Smith

Daniel heads the Pensions practice at City Law firm Travers Smith. His team advises on pension funds with over £90bn of assets, providing benefits to hundreds of thousands of people. He is the firm's most senior LGBT+ role model and sits on its Diversity and Inclusion Board.  Daniel has led on a wide range of initiatives to promote greater inclusion for LGBT+ people and their allies, both in the workplace and in the wider community. Recent examples at Travers Smith include leading a review on trans-inclusivity and securing a range of corresponding improvements, providing better staff access to inclusive external service providers, regularly acting as a mentor and sponsoring a series of LGBT+ and intersectional events.  Externally, Daniel devised and launched a mentoring programme for LGBT+ students with charity partner Just Like Us and is a founding member of the Law Society's LGBT Committee. He leads a team providing pro bono legal advice to a range of charities and community groups including Stonewall, Series Q and Refugees at Home and has also secured significant funding for several LGBT+ organisations.

Peter Arvai

CEO & Co-Founder

As a CEO and co-founder of Prezi, the goal from day 1 was to create an open environment where everyone would be comfortable with sharing their identity with others and to celebrate diversity. As such, Peter talks about his background as a gay man to encourage others to be open to accepting different backgrounds. On the day of Budapest Pride, Peter walked with 60+ colleagues under a Prezi logo in their branded T-shirt. With support from Google, espell and Prezi, Peter helped to build an NGO called WeAreOpen, aiming to promote openness at the workplace and create an environment where the leadership of businesses could make a difference. In 2017, as a part of their effort, they set the goal to bring 100+ CEOs to Budapest Pride (where previously no CEOs showed up. They thought that this personal stand-out could send a positive message to the broader society and to the actual employees of a given company. The initiative became a major success, exceeding the original goal and bringing 120 CEOs to the Pride - including the CEOs of Vodafone and Citibank. Peter is often featured in national and international media discussing Budapest Pride, WeAreOpen, and the importance of openness in all aspects.

Stephen Clarke

WH Smith

Stephen has ensured that WHSmith is an extremely open and inclusive workplace, with many examples of successful LGBT+ senior management showing that they walk the talk when it comes to welcoming diverse individuals into the company. This attitude is facilitated by a results driven culture, where individuals are praised and promoted on merit, regardless of their gender, sexuality, age, race or disability. Externally, Stephen has been a mentor on the OUTstanding mentoring programme for the past year, and recently became a Top Tier Ambassador for Stonewall. He regularly has speaking engagements on the topic of LGBT+ issues in the workplace, most recently to a team of senior managers at BNP Paribas in London, and attends various events focusing on LGBT+ inclusion.

Josh Graff

EMEA VP for Marketing Solutions and Country Director UK

Josh is the Global Executive Sponsor for LinkedIn’s LGBT+ Employee Resource Group Out@In, and takes part in all Out@In events from the local Pride march to mentoring internal team members. He frequently uses the LinkedIn platform to share personal experiences and how they have shaped his career, hoping to help inspire those on his team to bring their authentic selves to work. This has recently triggered media interest resulting in additional interviews and a blog spot on the Huffington post. Externally, Josh is a founding member of Open For Business and has arranged LinkedIn participation and hosting of roundtables in India, Sao Paolo and Singapore. He spoke at the Out in Tech London launch event this year, and at the Sodexo & Disney conference which invited 250+ members of the LGBT+ community to hear from business leaders about their experiences coming out in at work and outlining clear steps companies can take to drive the diversity & inclusion agenda. He is also frequently involved in panel discussions, and speaks publically on the importance of diversity.

Philip O’Ferrall

Executive Vice President/MD
Viacom International

Philip leads international brand engagement, commercial & ad sales for MTV, Nickelodeon, Channel 5, TELEFE, Comedy Central, Bet, Spike & Paramount Channel, where he brokers deals with the world’s biggest brands. He chairs the International LGBT+ Affinity Group within Viacom that evangelises for LGBT+ and Ally individuals across all their brands. He is an 'Out' member of the President’s direct Senior Management Team, regularly speaking internally and externally to ensure all employees and partners feel included, welcome and supported. This work has led to the introduction of gender neutral toilets, Out at Work messages on desks, regular Emerge Group LGBT+ comedy nights and film screenings, among other activities. He is also a member of the Pride leadership team, and has donated event tickets to organisations such as Stonewall and the Albert Kennedy Trust. Externally, Philip is actively involved in the Royal Television Society and is a voting member for The International Emmy Awards and BAFTA.  He is a non-exec for entertainer Alan Carr, and was named in The Evening Standard’s ‘1000 Most Influential Londoners’ and Debrett’s ‘People Of Power’. He is an outspoken supporter of LGBT+ rights globally, a multi-award winning diversity champion, and judge for the British LGBT Awards.

David Furnish

Rocket Entertainment

As an openly ‘out’ CEO, David believes in creating an open and welcoming work environment that celebrates diversity and offers ongoing Human Resources support for all employees regardless of their sexuality or background. Externally, as Chairman of the Elton John AIDS Foundation, he has partnered with the United States Government via PEPFAR to launch at $10 million campaign to support LGBT+ people in countries where they are criminalised for their sexuality. The goal is to provide community support along with safe access to testing and treatment for people at risk of contracting HIV. The Elton John AIDS Foundation is also the largest single funder of gay men's health in America. He has also taken part in several corporate events to raise the issue of diversity in the workplace, and was a vocal advocate for marriage equality in the UK.

Christopher Bailey

Chief Creative Officer

In 2014 Christopher became the first openly gay CEO of a FTSE100 company, and continues to ensure that sexual orientation is not an issue within the organisation, with all employees valued for who they are. He has championed Burberry joining the OUTstanding membership, and recently spoke at the launch of the OUTstanding Future Leaders' Development Programme. Often involved in internal and external media, he inspires employees globally to be authentic and proud at work. He is an active supporter of, LGBT+ organisations, and has personally taken steps to engage the next generation of LGBT+ leaders in creating authentic and inclusive workplace environments. Among other accolades, Christopher was named ‘Designer of the Year’ at this year’s GQ awards, and was honoured in Creative Review’s ‘Creative Leaders 50’.

Sander van’t Noordende

Group Chief Executive, Products

As a member of Accenture’s Global Management Committee and the Accenture Diversity Council, Sander personally ensures LGBT+ inclusion remains a priority. He sponsors the Pride at Accenture Network with active involvement globally, and is the sponsor for the LGBT+ leadership training programme at Accenture. This year they have taken a new approach in which all countries are evaluated on an LGBT progress scorecard which has dramatically increased visibility of progress and the commitment of senior Accenture leadership on the ground. During his time at Accenture, the company has received a number of commendations due to their LGBT+ inclusion efforts, including a perfect score on HRC Corporate Equality index for 10 years running. He also personally connects with LGBT+ ERGs when travelling, including in India, Japan, and China. Externally, Sander is a Board member of Out & Equal, is active in the Human Rights Watch HRC, and Workplace Pride. He is a regular writer and speaker on the topic of LGBT+ inclusion, and often participates in global panel discussions on the topic.

Stephen Day

Chief Executive Officer, UK

In his first speech to Burson-Marsteller’s European market leads, Stephen outlined his vision and commitment for a London office with diversity as one of its core elements. This includes diversity in terms of thoughts and creativity, but also in terms of the people being given the opportunity to work at the company. Stephen is also playing a key role in ensuring that their new global initiative, the “Burson Promise” is launched successfully in London. This is a global commitment to creating a rewarding workplace and reinforcing firm wide beliefs around equality, respect, and driving change. Externally, Stephen has been a supporter of Stonewall through its campaigns in Parliament, and always endeavours to positively influence the debate in favour of LGBT+ issues. He was also recently invited to the Prime Minister’s reception at Number 10 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the legalisation of homosexuality. In May this year he was named by the PR Week Powerbook as one of the UK’s Top 10 most influential UK political consultants.

Brian Bickell

Chief Executive

As an openly gay FTSE 350 CEO, Brian has ensured that all staff complete diversity awareness workshops, and the firm’s public policies actively support all aspects of diversity. He is also now ensuring that diversity is a key criteria throughout their supply chain, as some 300 external advisors and consultants support the internal team. Shaftesbury are also supporters of the RICS Quality Mark employers charter and Real Estate Balance, both of which are focused on broadening and supporting all aspects of diversity in the real estate sector. Externally, Brian has been a board member of Freehold, the London-based LGBT+ real estate professionals group, for six years. In that capacity, he supported the establishment of a similar group in Birmingham, and spoke one of their networking meetings. He is a regular panelist and speaker at industry events on the topic of LGBT+ inclusion, and is an active Stonewall Ambassador. Under Brian’s leadership, Shaftesbury was a major corporate supporter of Pride in London, providing Pride with free office space and their first-ever shop in Soho and encouraging over 50 shops and restaurants across Soho and Covent Garden to become involved in the festival.

Margot Slattery

Country President - Ireland
Sodexo UK & Ireland

Margot sits on Sodexo's global LGBT+ leadership team and has been influential in ensuring LGBT+ considerations are included in Sodexo’s Global D&I strategy, and that practical guides to LGBT+ inclusion have been developed for use across the globe. In July when Sodexo joined with Disney to sponsor an Out & Equal event for 300 senior leaders, she fronted the event for Sodexo UK & Ireland. Externally, she has featured in the OUTstanding LGBT+ Top 100 business leaders for three years and has spoken at 27 external D&I events, promoting LGBT+ equality at work to over 3,000 people. They included eBay’s D&I Week, the Ireland Funds’ Young Irish Leaders Breakfast, Bank of Ireland’s LGBT Network launch, and Pride Week at Irish Life Plc. She has also been featured extensively in the media as an LGBT+ role model, including pieces in the Irish Times and the Irish Independent. Among various accolades, Margot was named Irish Tatler’s Businesswoman of the Year 2016 and, in 2017, was awarded the Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Merite by the French Ambassador to Ireland for promoting diversity and inclusion in the community and industry.

Geoff Godwin

UK Chief Operating Officer

As co-chair of the UK LGBT+ Employee Network, Geoff focuses on providing education & support for LGBT+ employees & allies, while providing initiatives and events to encourage networking and cultural awareness. He also leverages his position as an out senior leader, to deliver the introduction to all new starters and talk about how their culture is entirely open and encourages authenticity. He regularly attends the LGBT+ ERG events and speaks at the majority of them, as well as being actively involved in the activities of other diversity groups. Geoff is also passionate about being a mentor to diverse individuals, both inside and outside of AIG. Externally, Geoff personally supports a number of LGBT+ charities and encourages AIG’s corporate sponsorship of organisations such as the Albert Kennedy Trust. He is a founding member of the insurance industry’s LGBT supper club, and plays an active part at numerous networking events including LINK & TNON, to champion LGBT+ and the importance of Employee Resources/Network Groups. He has also been recognised on a global, internal level for his work to improve diversity and inclusion at AIG.

Bethmara Kessler

Senior Vice President, Integrated Global Services
Campbell Soup Company

Bethmara is a high-energy, passionate, values-based leader who is highly invested in helping others succeed as a diversity and inclusion champion and mentor for numerous employees throughout the organization. As the Executive Sponsor of OPEN, Campbell’s LGBT+ Pride Employee Network, she influences the dialogue that shapes policy and creates an inclusive culture, earning Campbell a perfect score on the HRC Corporate Equality Index for the past eight years. Campbell is also recognized by the HRC as a Best Place to Work for LGBT+ Equality and the Annual Buying Guide for Workplace Equality. To mark the beginning of Pride Month, Bethmara wrote a piece for the Campbell corporate blog titled, “Crossing the Threshold with Pride,” sharing her story on being out in the workplace. OPEN also sponsored internal events to foster LGBT+ inclusion and discussion. Externally, Bethmara was named by the Pennsylvania Diversity Council to the 2017 Most Powerful and Influential Woman list, and often dedicates her personal time to working with LGBT+ organisations. This summer, Bethmara participated in the Future Leaders’ Summit hosted by OUTstanding and will soon be part of a panel where she will help lead a discussion around fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Cliff Hopkins

Global Head of Marketing

Cliff founded and serves as the Exec Sponsor for the ‘LGBTQ of Instagram’ employee group, and most recently challenged them to “think big” with their #kindcomments campaign for Pride 2017. This saw the launch of a global initiative to turn walls in major Pride cities into colourful beacons of support for the LGBTQ cause as part of their commitment to foster safer and kinder communities. He regularly serves as a coach, advisor, and champion of the group, and helps individual members achieve their potential by brainstorming, problem solving, getting ahead of roadblocks, and helping them think through their career plans. He also hosted an internal speaker series, interviewing openly gay members of the IG community, to make LGBTQ people and issues more visible. Cliff is proud of the work Instagram has done with the Trevor Project on an initiative which allows anyone to anonymously report someone they believe to be in crisis to the Trevor Project, via Instagram’s support flow. Externally, Cliff is on the board of the SF AIDS Foundation, and was on the committee responsible for building an all-new Wellness Center for Gay and Bi Men in San Francisco.

David Isaac

Pinsent Masons LLP

As a senior Partner at Pinsent Masons, David sits on the firm's International Operations Board, and chairs the D&I steering group.  He is a senior role model and business sponsor for diversity. In the last year he has continued to work tirelessly to promote the business case for LGBT+ inclusion as well as the firm's highly successful submission to the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index. He launched some new initiatives for inclusion for transgender colleagues and is a mentor for a law firm in South America who are seeking to promote LGBT+ issues. He is a regular speaker, on both internal and external platforms, most recently in a debate around trans issues. David is the Chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, and works with the Commission's board and senior executive team to ensure that they protect LGBT+ rights. As the former Chair of Stonewall he is still a very active supporter and ambassador, and acts as an advocate for Stonewall’s WEI. He is also involved in various other campaigns to drive international LGBT+ change and ensure best practice, including supporting the continued diversity work in the Corporation of London.

Ken Janssens

Managing Director
J.P. Morgan

After creating the first LGBT+ employee network group for a bank in Brazil four years ago, Ken recently led a six month campaign to create the J.P. Morgan LGBT+ Executive Council, made up of the 20 most senior/openly LGBT+ Managing Directors at the firm. He also helped to create the firm's LGBT+ employee network in India and helped put in place a global process that governs how and when JPMC makes public statements in support of LGBT+ Rights around the world. Under Ken’s leadership, the first all gender bathroom and shower room was established in the UK at the London Technology Centre. He has also publicly shared his coming out story and journey to LGBT+ Advocate at the National Gallery in London in July 2017 as part the Equality Institute organised by Out & Equal, Walt Disney and Sodexo. Externally, Ken is on the board of Out & Equal, as well as being an active mentor in the OUTstanding Mentoring programme. He is regularly featured in the media, whether recording vlogs or co-authoring op-eds, discussing the topic of LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace.

Jim Ford

Allen & Overy

Jim is Chair of Allen & Overy’s LGBT network, with primary responsibility for acting as visible senior role model. The network is an international network involved in business development, graduate recruitment, mentoring and social responsibility activities. His profile raising of LGBT+ initiatives has led to LGBT+ and gender diversity being included as one of the firm’s key strategic priorities by the new management team. He also led on the successful launch of A&O’s first LGBT+ Allies group, and is working with Stonewall to ensure the firm’s LGBT network is truly global in its approach. Jim’s work as Chair of A&Out, such as a programme of staff awareness talks and mentoring of junior staff, has led to them being nominated for Pink News’ 2017 Business Equality Award. Beyond his role with A&Out, Jim has supervised the team providing pro bono legal advice to Stonewall on the recently passed Turing’s law and related matters. He participates in various external mentoring programmes, and often speaks on the topic of same-sex parenting.

Robert Hanson

John Hardy

As an out gay CEO of a global enterprise, Robert makes a point of building progressive employee policies resulting in perfect scores on HRCs Corporate Equality Index. He builds advocacy groups and addresses codes of conduct policies to ensure welcoming and supportive corporate cultures for LGBT+ people. He has represented his companies and industry in LGBT+ Executive visibility initiatives, and has often written on his experiences in order to role model a pathway forward for others. Externally, Robert has been a keynote speaker for Out & Equal, and is active in a wide range of LGBT+ organisations. His activities have included speaking at forums and on panels, mentoring LGBT+ talent, and writing on the broader equality agenda.  He is also not only an out CEO, but also serves as an openly gay Director of Constellation Brands, a publicly traded Fortune 500 company, increasing LGBT+ visibility and diversity in general on corporate boards.

Alex Schultz

VP Growth Marketing, Internationalisation and Analytics

Alex serves as the executive sponsor for the LGBT+ employee resource group which participated in 21 Pride marches worldwide this year. He also, on behalf of Facebook, accepted The Trevor Project’s 20/20 Visionary Award, an honor that goes to a corporation that publicly supports the LGBT+ community and works to advance an empowering message for LGBT+ young people and allies nationwide. In June, Alex and his team worked to release several ways to show Pride on Facebook globally, such as updating your profile picture with a rainbow frame, reacting with a limited-time Rainbow Reaction, using new camera masks and frames, and fundraising for an LGBT+ non-profit. Externally, Alex supports the Human Rights Campaign and Trevor Project and was the first international mentor on the OUTstanding mentoring program, which he continues to participate in.

Daisy Reeves

Berwin Leighton Paisner

Daisy is one of the most senior ‘out’ gay female lawyers in the UK and is BLP’s International LGBT+ Champion across all of BLP's overseas offices, driving the LGBT+ agenda globally. She is co-chair of the UK LGBT+ network group, established over a decade ago and spearheaded the award-winning LGBT+ Legal graduate recruitment event, ‘DiversCity’, now in its seventh year and participated by 14 City law firms. She then developed ‘AuthentiCity’ in 2015, a first-of-its-kind cross-sector event for LGBT+ students and apprentices who are interested in a career in the City of London. BLP then partnered with JP Morgan, KPMG, Aviva, M&G and JLL in this, now annual, initiative. Externally, Daisy is a founding ambassador of the ‘LBWomen’ initiative addressing the issue that lesbian and bi women feel far more discriminated against in the workplace than their gay male counterparts. She is also an active Stonewall ambassador, and participates regularly in LGBT+ charity events. She has often been recognised and awarded for her LGBT+ work, and consistently presents and writes articles around LGBT+ matters.

Amanda McKay

Quality Director Major Projects
Balfour Beatty

As an out Trans Woman and the most senior LGBT+ employee within Balfour Beatty, Amanda actively supports the LGBT+ community and works to demonstrate that Balfour Beatty is a diverse, inclusive and accepting employer. She is a Co-chair of the Women’s network and Scottish Co Chair for the LGBT+ & Allies network, and promotes both through public speaking, running events and workshops, contributing to internal media and acting as support and mentor to LGBT+ staff members. She is also part of the team who developed the initial Balfour Beatty group equality, diversity and inclusion strategy, developed their internal Transgender guidance document, and coached HR business partners in working with the trans community. She has regularly supported external organisations in their approaches to LGBT+ policy and employees. Recently, Amanda was a trustee and Board member for LGBT+ Health and Wellbeing in Scotland, and mentor with the Transition Support service. She is Scottish lead for the National Trans Police Association and works closely with Police Scotland and the Gay Police association to support LGBT+ in policing. Amanda is Board member and Trustee for the Chartered Quality Institute, and regularly speaks at events representing the organisation on Equality and Diversity, particularly LGBT+ inclusion.

Dan Fitz

Group General Counsel & Company Secretary

Since joining BT in 2010, Dan has become the Executive Sponsor for the LGBT+ community, and helped gather executive support for the successful launch of their Allies programme, which now has over 1000 subscribers.  He participated in a video alongside LGBT+ employees, the CEO, senior executives and others to address why BT believes in the value of bringing your whole self to work.  At work, Dan strives to role model the "normality of being out”, but is very aware that in certain circumstances it is easier to be out the more senior one is and so works to address the culture up and down the organisation. Externally, Dan participates in OUTstanding's mentoring programme and is now seeing his second mentee.  He also mentors widely in BT, to people of diverse orientation. He regularly participates InterLaw's programmes, and last year spoke at the launch of its BAME + Allies inaugural event.

Tudor Havriliuc

Vice President, Human Resources

Tudor has fought for equality of LGBT+ people in the workplace his entire career and, when at Salesforce, instituted the company's first benefits policy that provided domestic partners of LGBT+ employees the same health coverage as married spouses. He continues this work at Facebook, where he has introduced several market leading approaches to equalize benefits for adoption and surrogacy for LGBT+ people and provide full insurance coverage of the gender confirmation process for transitioning employees. Much of his work has allowed Facebook to score 100/100 on the HRC Equality Index for four years in a row, starting in 2015. Externally, Tudor has been working to impact state benefit legislation for LGBT+ people in California and is involved with the Human Rights Campaign, as a Federal Club member. Among other endeavours, Tudor is also involved with campaigns to increase the number of elected LGBT+ candidates at city and state level in the USA.

Elliot Vaughn

The Boston Consulting Group

Elliot serves on the global leadership of BCG's LGBT+ network and hosts, and regularly speaks at, internal events. He was recently interviewed for BCG's internal and alumni newsletter about his journey in the past year, and is currently developing a trans ally network within BCG. Externally, Elliot is a Board director of OutRight Action International and Founder & Board Chair of GiveOut, a new UK charity launching January 2018 which will raise funds for global LGBT+ causes. He has also carved dedicated time out of his BCG schedule in order to focus more attention and energy on these influential organisations. He is a regular speaker at various community events, including interviewing Christopher Bailey at OUTstanding’s Future Leaders Programme, participating in industry panels, and being keynote at Pride in the City. Elliot also donates to, and is an ambassador of, various LGBT+ organisations.

Deborah Sherry

Senior VP and Chief Commercial Officer
GE Digital

Deborah builds diversity into the fabric of her division and ensures that she is open and supportive of team members, to ensure an equal and safe workspace for all. She leads by example, and has supported numerous people coming out for the first time at work. She also supports LGBT+ organisations across the company and speaks with them, to provide dialogue and a role model for GLBTA Execs and potential Execs. She is also the Executive sponsor for the GE Digital global GLBTA organisation. Externally, Deborah supports and speaks at Lesbians Who Tech, EurOut, Open for Business and Stonewall, and helped deliver company support for Gay Games 10. She supported the efforts of the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on LGBT+ Rights. Deborah also uses her voice as a regular speaker, on business, authenticity and diversity and fostering full inclusion of the LGBT+ community, and all types of diversity.

Angela Darlington

Group Chief Risk Officer

Angela is the executive sponsor for, and an active member of, Aviva Pride, a highly regarded network in the Stonewall Index with Aviva ranking 39th in 2017. Aviva now has over 5,000 visible LGBT+ allies and 87% of their people think Aviva is a place where people from a diverse background can succeed. She is a champion of diversity across Aviva and works tirelessly to achieve the normalisation of being LGBT+ through education and promoting understanding, both in the UK and internationally. In 2017, she led a culture task force which encouraged several inclusive mind-sets for Aviva staff, and regularly mentors women and LGBT+ staff members. Externally, Angela is an active supporter of Stonewall as a Top Table Ambassador and Aviva continues to sponsor the Stonewall Equality Dinner. She is a frequent speaker on her work bringing together women and LGBT+ groups, and avidly supports Aviva's increased sponsorship of regional Pride events, attending many of them throughout 2017.

Mark Anderson

Executive Vice President - Customer
Virgin Atlantic

Mark Anderson is Executive Vice President - Customer at Virgin Atlantic - responsible for creating an irresistible customer experience and leading all front-facing teams. He’s a true commercial customer champion and passionate about developing people to be their best. Mark has a central philosophy of “bringing your whole self to work”, believing you get the most from people when they can be their true, authentic self in the workplace. As LGBT champion for the whole Virgin Group, Mark actively works with key partners including Stonewall and Open for Business to drive positive change for the community across the world, most recently leading an initiative to foster equality and openness in the Caribbean. He’s also a judge for the British LGBT Awards. Before his appointment, Mark was Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Virgin Holidays, where in less than 3 years he developed a high performing team that achieved record people engagement scores and operating profits, with strong customer advocacy. He has over 25 years of senior management experience in retailing and travel. In his (rare) spare time, Mark is a Trustee of Pennies, the digital charity that gives small change a big purpose.

Ali Berryman

MD, Head of Card Services and Interim CIO

As an openly gay senior leader, Ali works as a role model for those around her, talking openly about LGBT+ issues with colleagues and giving talks across Barclays sites in India, Scotland and England on how to create an inclusive workplace environment. She is an Ambassador for the Spectrum network within Barclays, has been a panel member for various events, and continues to work closely with the team on the strategy, providing guidance on ways to continue to grow. Most recently, she has been writing the diversity strategy for the Global COO Organisation, giving her an opportunity to promote inclusion and Chair the Service Company Diversity Forum. Ali regularly mentors LGBT+ colleagues internally, and externally is a part of the OUTstanding mentoring programme. Outside of work, she is one of the founding members of LB Women, and has been involved in panel discussions, and strategy sessions with other senior leaders to help determine and tackle some of the issues they see. She is also a Trustee of Diversity Role Models and has been on the Board for almost a year, working with them on their strategy, and as a part of the finance committee.

Suresh Raj

Managing Director, Global Business Development
Zeno Group

Suresh is fairly new to Zeno Group but, as an openly gay senior executive, he is keen to continue the diversity work from his previous role at Ogilvy Group. He is actively involved in a myriad of programs for LGBT+ communities, and is an Executive Sponsor of a number of Professional Networks which focus on personal and professional development of LGBT+, Black, Asian, Women’s and Latin communities. In addition, he actively helps channel and solicit the active engagement of these respective groups within the business, and is also a personal mentor to a number of LGBT+ individuals. He also runs professional mentoring programs for individuals in and outside work across the USA, UK, UAE, and Asia. Externally, Suresh sits on a number of advisory boards and continues to speak on a professional and personal level, at various ground-breaking forums in emerging and established markets. He is an active contributor on the global anthropological study on Leading Humans and has discussed the positive impact of living inclusive and open lives to aid societal progress.

Ben Foat

Group Legal Director
Post Office

As the first openly gay senior leader to manage a department at the Post Office, Ben leveraged his previous experience of chairing Zurich Insurance Company’s first GLEE LGBT+ network by being one of Post Office’s founding members of its LGBT+ PRISM network. He has chaired the Post Office PRISM network, and at the Post Office’s first Diversity and Inclusion Launch Event, he spoke as the senior LGBT+ leader on what it was like to be an openly out gay leader. During this time Post Office introduced rainbow lanyards and Diversity and Inclusion requirements for suppliers to Post Office; applied for a trade mark for a rainbow flag version of the iconic Post Office logo; created a Post Office PRISM intranet website, and introduced gender neutral toilets. Outside of work, Ben is a Stonewall Ambassador and mentors an LGBT+ university student through the Travers Smith’s Role Model programme. He has previously supported the Albert Kennedy Trust in their purple door project and LINK, as well as speaking publically to advocate for Marriage Equality in Australia.

Lawrence Spicer

Vice President, Audit, Personal & Commercial Banking

As the first open and visible gay executive for Canada’s largest bank, Lawrence is a role model and a mentor to colleagues and is committed to using his executive currency to drive change. His 2016 presentation to the RBC Diversity Leadership Council served as a catalyst for an enterprise-wide PRIDE event in June 2017, where he moderated a Group Executive panel discussing the importance of Out Allies. Since becoming Executive Chair for the employee resource group PRIDE Canada, membership has grown and Lawrence has championed initiatives such as the ability for employees to self-identify their LGBT+ status in HR processes, and a formal mentorship program. In 2017, he was appointed to the executive advisory council of Queen’s University, developing a LGBTQ Executive Leadership Program, a first in Canada. In addition to his impact inside RBC, Lawrence is a regular speaker at Universities, Pride events, and on panels on LGBT+ issues and is a champion of LGBT+ young professionals through advocacy work in Canada and internationally.

Alan Mason

Managing Director, Head of Americas ETF & Index Investing Portfolio Management

Alan leads BlackRock’s Indexing business for the Americas, overseeing a team of 80 portfolio engineers responsible for more than $2 trillion of index equity and asset allocation assets. He is also a founder and global sponsor of BlackRock's LGBT+ network, which will celebrate its tenth anniversary in 2017. The networks helped BGI and BlackRock employees successfully navigate the merger of the two firms in 2009, and the positive influence has been documented in a Harvard Business Review case study that is now being utilized in MBA programs. He has also led the network to engage externally at forums like Out & Equal, and created financial services LGBT+ events in both New York and San Francisco to promote LGBT+ leadership in our industry. Alan mentors more than a dozen global LGBT+ employees at BlackRock and externally through the OUTstanding Mentoring program. Outside of work, he and his husband are active supporters of various LGBT+ organisations, including Out & Equal and the Human Rights Campaign. He regularly speaks at industry events, on panels, and in external media.

Bob Annibale

Global Director of Citi Inclusive Finance and Citi Community Development

As a senior “out” executive, Bob co-leads Citi’s Pride group globally, with the President of Citi, and works closely with Citi's employees, customers, and senior management to develop more diverse senior leaders at Citi and to promote LGBT+ inclusion and rights globally. He is the senior Business Sponsor for the London & New York Citi LGBT+ employee networks. Bob has been honoured as a White House Champion of Change, under President Obama, for his work promoting immigrant rights and integration in the US, has worked closely with Citi colleagues to oppose increasingly LGBT+ hostile legislation in the US, and with Stonewall in its global advocacy work. He speaks at numerous forums on LGBT+, minority and low income communities challenges and policy responses. Bob serves as a founding member of the SAGE (senior vulnerable LGBT+) housing advisory council, and is actively involved with organisations such as Stonewall and the Human Rights Campaign. He serves on the boards of Accion, the U.S. FDIC Advisory Committee on Economic Inclusion, Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation and the Citi Foundation.

Cynthia Fortlage

Vice President Information Technology
GHY International

As an openly trans leader, Cynthia regularly helps businesses and government organisations with requests regarding documentation and process. In 2016 she represented GHY at the LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce, and participated on behalf of the business, and provided real life experiences, at a Transgender and Inclusiveness in the Work Place seminar. She has been regularly recognised as a diversity champion, and has recently been appointed to represent the company on a Research Partnership Advisory Panel. Externally, Cynthia was very open about her transition, which she blogged about across various social media channels. She serves on various boards, often as the only transgender voice around the table, and is a regular speaker at events on women and LGBT+ inclusion. She has also led job fair for minority groups, including LGBT+, and is a mentor to a non-LGBT+ woman outside of her company.

Deian Rhys

Simmons & Simmons

Deian became Head of the International LGBT Network at Simmons & Simmons in September 2016, shortly after arriving at the firm. He has reinvigorated the UK LGBT Network and raised its profile internally to offer LGBT colleagues a more visible support structure. Under his leadership, the Network has reached a new audience by co-hosting events with the firm’s other affinity networks and has strengthened its links with the Simmons & Simmons Straight Ally Network, including in Asia. The firm co-hosts an annual graduate recruitment event with one of its key clients, and has engaged a number of other organisations recently in the LGBT context, including those keen to establish their own networks. As Head of the International LGBT Network, Deian also offers one-to-one mentoring to all of the firm’s trainee solicitors who identify as L, G, B or T. Externally, as well as being a regular speaker and panellist, Deian supports a number of LGBT related charities and is an investor in ‘Maldod’, the first independent gay feature film to be made in the Welsh language.

Iain Anderson

Executive Chairman
Cicero Group

Iain is actively involved in mentoring through the OUTstanding network, and for LGBT+ people in communications by helping launch the InterComms LGBT+ network in 2017. He is also being reverse mentored by a young LGBT+ executive. He was asked by the Institute of Directors to help launch their first 'Pride in Business' network and Cicero Group has been recognised as the only SME nominated as business of the year in the Pink News Awards. This year he joined the Advisory Board of the Institute of Business Ethics with a mandate to promote diversity as part of the corporate governance debate in the UK. Externally, Iain is a Top Tier Stonewall Ambassador, and is helping to develop their work supporting SMEs in the workplace. He also attended the Prime Minister's LGBT+ reception in Downing Street in summer 2017 following his personal work to provide Government with thinking on LGBT+ workplace policies. He has had columns in both the Financial Times and The Times in the past 12 months to promote LGBT+ rights in Northern Ireland.

Gerry Stone

Chief Operating Officer, Global Banking & Markets Operations
Bank of America

As the most senior out executive at the bank, Gerry is Executive Sponsor for Bank of America’s LGBT Pride Employee Network, advisor to the LGBT Executive Leadership Council and executive advisor to the Technology and Operations Diversity and Inclusion Council. As the point of contact for leadership on LGBT+ inclusion topics, Gerry is a tireless advocate for LGBT+ rights and the engagement of allies to create a workplace where all employees can be bring their best self to work every day. He speaks regularly at LGBT+ and Ally events at the bank about LGBT+ inclusion, and has provided updates and insight to the company’s Global Diversity & Inclusion Council, Board of Directors and management team. He is also an active mentor to many LGBT+ colleagues and LGBT+ individuals outside the bank who frequently reach out for advice. Externally, Gerry liaises with various LGBT+ organisations, both on behalf of the bank, and in a personal capacity. He is a regular speaker on inclusive culture, shares his insights via social media, and participates in a wide variety of LGBT+ events.

John Clifford

Senior Partner
McMillan LLP

Based in Toronto, John is recognized Internationally as a leading M&A /business lawyer.  He was a founding member of, and now co-Chairs,  the Inclusion and Diversity Committee of McMillan. Under his leadership, the firm recently completed its second firm wide diversity and inclusion survey and later this year will issue guidelines for supporting the needs of transgender employees and will introduce gender-neutral washrooms.  He was also the catalyst for the founding of Fierté McMillan Pride, the firm’s affinity group for LGBT+ lawyers. He is a respected voice, both internally and externally, on what law firms can do to better diversity and inclusion policies. He is an active member of Canada’s  Law Firm Diversity and Inclusion Network, working to encourage inclusive cultures across the industry. Externally, he founded and continues to lead exeQutive, whose mission is to promote, support and strengthen the careers of Toronto-based LGBT+ executives, professionals, and business and community leaders. They host networking events featuring speakers and discussion about LGBT-focused professional development topics, and support the community financially. He has participated on and Chaired LGBT+ involvement committees of the American Bar Association, and been involved in political campaigns to increase awareness of LGBT+ issues and LGBT+ voter participation.

Antonia Belcher

Senior Partner

In the last 12 months Antonia has taken on a wide variety of speaking engagements, including presentations and panel discussions at Bloomberg, London South Bank University, Aon, and The London School of Business, to name a few. Whilst continuing her ‘Out Loud and Proud’ being a Transgender Woman campaign she sends the message that all workplaces need to be Trans aware, Trans ready, and Trans friendly, and explains the strong business drivers to do so. She personally mentors a number of professionals in varying stages of transitioning, or considering to transition, and assisted OUTstanding with the first Future Leaders Programme April 2017. She is also helping to guide the London Southbank University EDI Steering Group on trans issues as they set policy for staff and students across equality, diversity and inclusion. Externally, Antonia is a ‘Trans’ adviser to Emerald Life, assisting on issues relating to the setting up and operating of insurance policy offerings. She has recently joined the Peter Thatchell Foundation ‘Fund Raising Committee’ to help raise much needed funding, and add a ‘Trans’ perspective to their focus. She has also been shortlisted for the Gary Frisch ‘Success in Entrepreneurship’ category at the Gay Times awards 2017.

Jon Miller

Brunswick Group

Jon founded Open For Business, a coalition of 22 global companies promoting LGBT+ inclusion in countries where LGBT+ people are discriminated against. He has spoken on the economic case for LGBT+ rights at events all over the world, on platforms such as Davos, the UN Human Rights Council and Milken, and he has reached influential audiences through top-tier media coverage, including the FT, Economist and Huffington Post.  With Brunswick he advises the senior leadership of global businesses, helping them create value by building a successful relationship with society. Jon is the co-author, with Lucy Parker, of Everybody’s Business, which looks at the potential for big business to be a force for positive social progress.

Justin D’Agostino

Global Head of Disputes and Managing Partner for Asia
Herbert Smith Freehills

Justin is a member of Herbert Smith Freehills' Global Executive leadership team. He is the Sponsor of the firm's global IRIS (Inclusion, Respecting Identity and Sexuality) Network and has recently focused on developing LGBT+ activity in the firm’s EMEA offices where LGBT+ inclusion is less advanced. He sponsored the inaugural EMEA LGBT+ conference which has subsequently seen HSF be the first law firm to sign up to L'Autre Circle, a public commitment to LGBT+ equality in France. He also sent a firm-wide email of support for marriage equality in Australia and hosted two networking events in Sydney and Melbourne on the subject and carried the firm's banner at Brisbane Pride. Externally, Justin is a Stonewall Ambassador. He gave the welcome speech at the launch of the Stonewall Top 12 Global Employers launch with UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, and was a visible attendee at their Summer Party in London. Additionally, he is an active supporter and mentor with Pink Dot in Hong Kong.

Moriaki Kida

Deputy Area Managing Partner

Being born in Japan, growing up Asian in LA, and living through the AIDS epidemic, Moriaki had a long journey to finally coming out at EY, when he became part of the EY ERG “bEYond” steering committee. In this capacity, he has participated in various panel discussions and lobbied to enhance LGBT policy at EY. He has also established the LGBT ERG in Tokyo which led to the successful hiring of the first openly LGBT staff member in the Japan office. He is a regular mentor to ERG members from London, and has spoken at EY events on the difficulties of coming out as an LGBT employee in a professional environment in Japan. When in Japan, he became the official “Unity” (LGBT ERG) sponsor and the executive leader. In this leadership role, Moriaki led the change to enhance the social programs for EY LGBT employees such as marriage recognition and childcare benefits. Externally, Moriaki is a regular speaker at events for LGBT+ non-profit organisations, and encouraged EY in Japan to produce a video as part of the “It Gets Better” campaign.

Sally Susman

Executive Vice-President - Corporate Affairs

Sally has a longstanding record as a proponent of LGBT+ issues. Sally actively promotes Pfizer’s LGBT+ colleague resource group, OPEN, through events that demonstrate the company’s commitment to LGBT+ equality and inclusion. Through OPEN, Sally plays an active role in providing resources for employee networking events, Pride Month presentations, and facilitating the endorsement of inclusive LGBT+ policy initiatives. Sally is also part of a small group of senior executives who regularly consult on Pfizer’s internal and external responses to LGBT+ issues. In recent months, Sally has been involved in a series of discussions with transgender colleagues and their allies as Pfizer seeks to enhance its transgender-specific benefit offerings. Externally, Sally has been an advocate, fundraiser, and vocal supporter of several LGBT+ political candidates. Sally served as the Finance Chair for former New York City Council Speaker, Christine Quinn, when she ran for mayor. She has also served as a fundraiser for the Victory Fund, a nonprofit organization that works to increase the number of openly LGBT+ candidates and officials at all levels of government. This year, Sally joined LGBT+ students at the Out4Undergrad 2017 Business Conference as a keynote speaker, sharing reflections on navigating an authentic and meaningful life.

James Miller

Chief People Officer

Based on discriminatory personal events as a teenager, James has always been driven by a strong set of personal values around ensuring fairness and consistency for all. He has used this to promote an environment of diversity, be a visible and open gay leader, and improve business policies. He is a regular speaker at internal events, and actively mentors individuals within his team. His current role includes promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion across a team in 17 countries, with broad ranging cultures and legislation. Externally, James is an active supporter of various LGBT+ organisations, is a regular attendee at Pride events and while in the US he regularly engaged with the Human Rights Campaign, and he continues to support their work. Additionally, he undertakes many external speaking engagements and mentors individuals from a range of companies.

David Levine

GM, Disney Channels UK & Ireland, VP Programming, Production & Strategic Development

David serves as the Executive Sponsor for Pride UK&I, Disney's resource group for LGBT+ employees and allies, its first outside the US. With over 120 members, they have staged numerous events, including an LGBT Film Festival, fundraising for Albert Kennedy Trust, and sponsoring AKT and THT events. The LGBT group is now mentioned at new employee induction, and Disney Stores have made the first-ever Pride pin available to employees. They marched at Pride London, the 1st international Disney march, winning the 'Best New Group' award. David led the development and production ‘The Lodge,’ with the first-ever out gay character in a Disney Channel series. Externally, David is a member of the Human Rights Campaign, a Stonewall Ambassador, and had Disney join Stonewall as a diversity champion. Additionally, he participated in the Out & Equal sponsored ‘Equality Institute’, and has spoken at a number of LGBT+ focused events.

Marion McDonald

Chief Strategy Officer, APAC

Marion has lived in Hong Kong for 12 years as an out married lesbian leader, despite 78% of HK Chinese returning to the closet when they start their careers for fear of being fired. She launched Ogilvy Pride HK, the first in Asia, in 2016 to foster a more inclusive workplace. In the past year she has spoken on the business benefits of LGBT+ inclusion at American Chamber of Commerce, The Economist and the Planet Ally Rainbow Families APAC conference. Outside of Ogilvy, she actively promotes LGBT+ inclusion benefits in business through personal media interviews, her Twitter account and interviewing LGBT+ business leaders on She leads a pro-bono team of Ogilvy volunteers creating marketing communications for Hong Kong’s bid to host the Gay Games 2022. This effort saw the city shortlisted with Washington DC and Guadalajara, Mexico in March 2017. She is also a long term undergrad student mentor for the Queer Straight Alliance at Hong Kong University, guiding future business leaders on navigating LGBT+ issues in the Hong Kong workplace and dealing with D&I policies in interviews.

David Shelley

CEO, Orion and Little, Brown
Hachette UK

David has led Hachette's diversity and inclusion initiative 'Changing the Story' since its inception in 2015 , with a number of different activities to make the organisation, and the books they publish, more inclusive and diverse - including, this year, celebrating internally and externally the anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality by highlighting and repromoting the LGBT+ authors they publish. He has also spoken at publishing industry conferences, and at length internally at conferences, about the importance of welcoming all people into the industry from a wide variety of backgrounds. Externally, David is a strong supporter of the aims several LGBT+ focused organisations, such as Stonewall and OUTstanding, and makes his voice heard on the importance of LGBT+ inclusion.

John Basnage

Partner, Head of US Securities and Co-Head of ECM
Hogan Lovells

John is a leading member of Hogan Lovells’ global LGBT+ diversity committee, and former chair of their Pride network. As such, he played a key part in implementing Hogan Lovells ally network, Pride+, which was launched in May 2017.  As the most visible senior LGBT+ partner in London and Continental Europe, he is an active role model and mentor within Hogan Lovells' LGBT+ community. His personal interest also sees him engage with a number of intersectional activities across LGBT+, gender, and ethnicity. Externally, John founded and led Gaingels London, an angel investor network that provides mentoring, networking and investment capital to LGBT+ entrepreneurs. He is also a member of Out Leadership’s Global Leadership Committee and speaker at Out Leadership events. He attended the second annual Executive Leadership program for LGBT Executives at Stanford University, and supports various organisations such as Series Q and the Terrence Higgins Trust.  He recently joined the board of Chineke!, a foundation that provides career opportunities to young Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) classical musicians in the UK and Europe.

Kevin Jenkins

Managing Director, UK & Ireland

As an out senior leader, Kevin has invested in high profile activities and events to raise the awareness of LGBT+ causes with Visa staff in the UK and Globally. In the U.S. he helped the Out & Equal Work Place summit in Philadelphia to raise corporate support, and helped build Visa’s reputation as employer of choice. He hosted the launch of Rainbow laces at Visa in London in November 2016, and supported the associated promotion at Visa offices across Europe. Outside of work, Kevin is a major supporter of Stonewall, and put in place Visa’s funding of the national Stonewall season 2017. He is an active supporter of THINK EQUAL, working to stamp out LGBT+ discrimination and violence in troubled countries, by adding social and emotional learning as a compulsory component of education around the world.

Marianne Roling

General Manager Central and Eastern Europe

Marianne is the Executive Sponsor for all Microsoft D&I LGBT+ initiatives, and is a regular speaker at various global, internal events. Externally, she is a sought after speaker for industry events on LGBT+ diversity and inclusion, and has spoken on various occasions, including a TV appearance on National TV breakfast show segment about being an LGBT+ executive in a large multinational company. Additionally, she is a regular mentor to LGBT+ colleagues at Microsoft, and to LGBT+ individuals externally who are seeking support in coming out in the workplace and furthering their careers. She is also a strong supporter of the Gay Women’s Network, Peter Tatchell’s foundation, and the UK National Diversity Show.

Cynthia Armine-Klein

Executive Vice President - Chief Control Officer
First Data

Cynthia started the first ever LGBT+ Resource Group at First Data in mid-2014, which has now grown to encompass 8 chapters. She has worked to increased benefits covering domestic partners’ children, provided health care coverage for transgendered individuals, and established detailed policies and training support for transitioning in the work place. These activities have also led to expanded anti-discrimination language covering gender identity, gender neutral parental leave policy, and created a space where LGBT+ individuals can be authentic and visible in the workplace. She also implemented an Ally Pledge to support equal rights, which was approved by the full Board of Directors and signed by over 15% of the company. Externally, Cynthia serves on a number of boards, including WIN (Women In Need), and as Treasurer and Co-Chair of Out & Equal. She is actively involved with SAGE, and encourages First Data’s ERG and Ally’s do voluntary service monthly by feeding and sitting with elder LGBT. She also regularly participates in panel discussions, where she can share her views on LGBT+ diversity and inclusion, and how businesses can do more.

Dan Perlet

Director of Communications, UK

Dan has actively championed the development and growth of Amazon's LGBT+ group in the UK, Glamazon, helping to increase its profile internally and externally through a range of marketing, social media, PR, internal communications and other promotional activities. Externally, they have built awareness through a series of memberships including OUTstanding, Stonewall and a sponsorship of London Pride. In the span of two years they have established an excellent local leadership team for Glamazon, rapidly expanded membership, rolled out a range of support options for our employees and built their profile externally. Outside of work, he is an active personal supporter of Stonewall and the Human Rights Campaign.

Nicci Take


Nicci first came out by crossdressing at the office Christmas Party in 2012, in order to drive a culture change in the business. It not only made the business more diverse but more successful, and in 2017 she decided that professionally she needed to present as female permanently. They now use her "coming out" as a filter, for staff, new hires and clients. She trains and presents around the world as Nicci and starts all her sessions with an open and honest statement of her identity. She uses diversity to help her clients win, and fundamentally selects her clients on their D&I and Women policies. Externally, Nicci is a mentor to young trans people, and actively takes part in fundraising for trans organisations, such as UK charity Gendered Intelligence. She is a comedian and author, and uses her personal brand to raise awareness for trans issues at every opportunity.

Steve Wardlaw

Emerald Life

From introducing LGBT+ diversity into a Texas law firm, being an out trainee at his first law firm, and also setting up Emerald Life as the UK’s first insurance provider specifically ensuring equality for its LGBT customers, inclusion has been at the heart of what Steve does. He was even part of the group that set up the first 'GaySoc' at King's College London in 1989. Emerald has a Trans Advisory Group that meets four times a year to discuss specific trans issues around insurance, and a mentoring program for Albert Kennedy Trust service users. Externally, Steve is a Stonewall ambassador and regularly speaks in schools on behalf of Diversity Role Models, as well as a THT senior ambassador. He supports and sponsors a number of other LGBT organisations, and helps LGBT+ activists from the former Soviet Union area, based on his eight years working in Russia.

Liesbeth Botha

Strategic Digital Transformation Leader

Liesbeth is co-founder and sponsoring partner for the PwC Be Yourself network in South Africa. They arrange awareness and social events, and network with similar outside organisations, striving to create an inclusive workplace, where staff can truly “be themselves”. She is openly lesbian, and regularly shares her story and experiences, formally and informally, through various channels. She has been married to her wife for 10 years, since gay marriages were legalised in SA, and believes that being open about this allows her to be a role model to anybody who is different from the PwC stereotype. As a member of several professional male-dominated groups, advisory boards, and hobbies like riding BMW adventure motorcycles, she creates significant external awareness of, and familiarity with LGBT+ people and issues by being openly lesbian, and deliberately referring to her wife and kids. She is also open about being a lesbian when travelling to PwC countries like Kenya and Nigeria, which have anti-gay legislation and where being LGBT+ is not only illegal, but also socially unacceptable. Additionally, she is a mentor to several young LGBT+ people, men and women, in and outside the workplace.

Simon Altham

Managing Director - Revenue
Wyndham Vacation Rentals

A passionate promoter of diversity and inclusion across the travel sector he is leading senior LGBT+ champion.  Following his lead, a dedicated D&I module is now included in the induction process for all new starters at Wyndham Vacation Rentals UK brand Hoseasons, while gender-neutral toilets have been introduced at many of the company’s UK offices. The internal Pride group he set up at Hoseasons’ base in Suffolk, has been rolled out across all WVRUK locations, with staff encouraged to support local events and volunteer at local marches.  Simon, a member of the Human Rights Campaign, has also personally ensured that WVRUK partners with Stonewall – a move that over the last 12 months has led to significant improvements within the company to help improve their Workplace Equality Index ranking.  A member of the advisory board for Gay Star News, Simon was also this year asked to join the travel industry board for TTG LGBT.  Simon is a regular commentator in the media on LGBT+ issues, with 10 articles published this year alone and is often asked to speak on panels and at events.

Mark S. Bonham

Bonham & Co. Inc

Author of the newly released book ‘A Path to Diversity: LGBTQ Participation in the Working World’, Mark is a supporter and keynote speaker for several advocacy groups on various topics about the LGBT+ presence in the workplace, including Out on Bay Street, Pride At Work, and The Letters Club. He is a contributing author to The Canadian Encyclopaedia, on articles about LGBT+ individuals and history in the workplace, and has provided several annual Bonham Scholarships for LGBT+ students to pursue post-secondary business studies programs. Externally he is a benefactor and Board Member of The Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies at the University of Toronto, the world’s largest degree-granting research centre on LGBT+ issues. He was the lead donor to the newly expanded Casey House AIDS Hospice and co-chaired the fundraising campaign for the new LGBT Homeless Youth Centre in Toronto.  He is also founder and Managing Editor of QueerBio.Com, and an Advisory Board Member for the Inside Out LGBTQ Film Festival, Canada’s largest LGBT+ film festival.

Shachar Grembek

Founder and CTO
Reps AI

Shachar is a seasoned and serial entrepreneur specializing in the field of Artificial Intelligence, as well as a mentor and advisor to startups. The previous company he founded was chosen as one of the most promising startup’s by the leading Israeli business magazine – Calcalist. Prior to founding his first company, Shachar worked at Amdocs and SAP in various development and managerial positions.  As an LGBT social activist, he founded LGBTech and co-founded the Israel Diversity Standard (IDS) as part of his vision to make the workplace more inclusive for LGBT+ people. LGBTech is the first, biggest and fasted growing LGBT+ professional community in Israel with over 1,500 members. LGBTech connects LGBT+ professionals through fun networking events, providing access to and increasing visibility of global LGBT+ industry leaders, facilitates professional opportunities and offers top quality content. Additionally, Shachar has been involved in delivering educational workshops for high school students regarding the challenges of being LGBT+.

Pips Bunce

Director/Head of Global Markets Core Engineering Integration Components
Credit Suisse

As a highly visible role model, Pips is often approached by colleagues for advice and support on many topics including helping them to ‘come out’ in the workplace. She uses her platform to drive many LGBT+ inclusion items within the firm, particularly through reverse mentoring the EMEA CEO, to educate him on the importance of LGBT+ inclusion and need for the changes they are effecting. In addition to her job role, Pips is an active member of the LGBT+ and Ally Network steering committee and co-lead of the LGBT+ and Ally Program which drives ally engagement. She has authored the ‘Trans* Your Questions Answered’ educational guide which was circulated to 4000+ allies internally, and featured in ‘Credit Suisse LGBT+ Ally Program: Focus on Trans*’. She also recently partnered with the UK Benefits team to achieve significant enhancements to the organisation’s private medical cover for Trans* individuals. Externally, Pips partners with many charities and corporates to raise awareness of LGBT+ and non-binary inclusion, including the OUTstanding Trans* Advisory Group, and as an ambassador for Trans*formation. She is a highly active speaker and regularly appears on panels, all around the topics of trans* awareness, gender expression, and the importance of ally programmes.

Matt Scarff

Director of ITV Creative & Events

As co-Chair of ITV Pride and former Chair of InterMediaUK, Matt is an active supporter of diversity and inclusion across ITV and the wider media industry, working closely with the ITV Board to make sure ITV Pride remains relevant and delivers support and advice to all colleagues and programme makers at ITV. He works with ITV Recruitment and HR to promote LGBT+ awareness to all new joiners at The Big Induction, where colleagues across the company that are new to ITV hear all about ITV Pride. He has also worked with the organisation All About Trans to promote Trans awareness within ITV, and has been instrumental in promoting ITV Pride at all main ITV sites. Externally, Matt was invited by the Prime Minister in 2017 to celebrate the work of the LGBT+ community on behalf of ITV and ITV Pride. He has worked with the Pride in London team to help deliver the annual London event, providing key talent and support where required, and regularly supports Just Like Us, Stonewall and the Terrence Higgins Trust. He is a regular speaker, and was invited earlier this year by Pink News and Lloyds Banking Group to attend a Roundtable event to discuss Trans inclusion in the workplace.

Tim Ehinger

SVP and Chief Counsel, International
American Express

Tim is global executive co-sponsor for the PRIDE network, which is active in several countries around the world (and growing, with his proactive support).  He offers suggestions on how to advance their agendas, advocate for policy changes and sponsorships at enterprise-wide or local level, and increase their connections with external organizations and networks.  Tim’s international role has enabled him to give special attention and a voice to PRIDE chapters outside the US and the UK.   In India, for example, he played a critical role in the establishment of a PRIDE chapter by securing support from the most senior leaders there and linking up internal stakeholders and external contacts, and he has placed LGBT inclusion on the agendas of local leaders in other countries in Asia.  Outside PRIDE, he has supported D&I initiatives both in and outside the global legal department, by sponsoring employee-led initiatives and speaking openly about his personal story and values in internal media and events. Externally, Tim has actively participated in Out Leadership and OUTstanding events and is a contributor to Open for Business.  He is also a regular participant in events held by other organizations, particularly those who focus on inclusion and authenticity in the workplace.

Kevin Goodman

Executive Director
Babcock International

Along with his Chief Executive, Kevin wrote to the CEO’s of all FTSE 100 companies encouraging them to create safe and welcoming environments for their LGBT+ employees. He established the Babcock Pride network to help support and encourage those members of the LGBT+ community who are within the business already, as well as those wishing to have a career in engineering into Babcock and make it a more welcoming workplace. His work has aimed to challenge the attitudes and perceptions of the industrial sector and attitudes within the workplace on diversity. Externally, Kevin is a member of the OUTstanding Mentoring Programme and has given a number of talks at inaugural events on how to establish a Pride network, and challenge long held attitudes within the industrial sector towards LGBT+ community.

Steven Chan

Managing Director & Regional Head of Regulatory and Government Affairs, Asia-Pacific
State Street Asia Limited

Steven co-founded State Street’s Hong Kong LGBT+ Pride Network in 2014 and served as its co-chair for over three years. He worked closely with HR to institute same-sex medical benefits for over 650 employees in the Hong Kong office, and successfully advocated for and launched LGBT specific training targeted for employees at all levels. Last year, he worked with HR and the global headquarters to launch the LGBT+ Ally program and increased the Pride Network member participation by over 600 percent. For the past three years, he has organized panel discussions and programs to commemorate the annual IDAHOT Day to raise awareness on LGBT+ discrimination and inequality around world and the need for a more inclusive work environment for LGBT+ employees. Externally, Steven established the Hong Kong LGBT+ Interbank Forum and served as its first chair. For over a year, he led the drafting of the By-laws; consulted with individual firms; and built consensus to establish the Interbank. During the Out Leadership Senior Business Leaders’ Summit last year, he was a panel speaker and discussed managing risks while advocating for LGBT+ equality. He is Chair of AmCham’s Financial Services Committee, and actively champions LGBT+ issues within AmCham and its members.

Tim Millward


Being an ‘out’ leader in a remarkably traditional industry has had a tremendous effect on setting the tone of the way Tim does business. Not only does he actively support many LGBT+ initiatives, he makes it clear across the business that there is no room for bigotry or exclusion either in their offices or those of their partners. He has implemented state of the art equal opportunities and diversity policies, including gender reassignment. This year, he invested heavily in an external coach tasked with mentoring the team and training managers on how to promote mental well being, equality and inclusion. Externally, Tim has adopted the role of mentor among a wide pool of the LGBT+ community. He is a Stonewall Ambassador, an Associate Friend for Life of the Terrence Higgins Trust and a supporter of the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Wesley Bizzell

Assistant General Counsel & Director of Political Law and Ethics Programs

As one of the founding members of Altria's LGBT+ Employee Resource Group, Mosaic, Wesley serves on its leadership team and is the chair of its Issues Committee, which identifies improvements to corporate culture, policies, and practices that would support and develop Altria's LGBT+ employees. In this role, he has developed and led several initiatives that have created positive changes, including instituting a self-identification option for LGBT+ employees via their internal human resources database, securing Altria's participation in HRC's Corporate Equality Index, and ensuring corporate policies are inclusive of Altria’s LGBT+ employees. He has also helped expand Altria's supplier diversity program to proactively seek out LGBT-owned businesses. Additionally, he serves on the Altria Law Department's Diversity Committee and spearheaded an initiative to modernize how the Law Department tracks diversity metrics for all outside counsel who provide legal services to Altria. Wesley is actively involved with a number of LGBT+ organisations, and regularly speaks on LGBT+ issues, utilising both internal and external platforms. Since 2013, he has served on the Board of Directors for the National LGBT Bar Association and was a member of the inaugural class for the Stanford University LGBTQ Executive Leadership Programme.  He also volunteers for a mentoring programme for diverse and LGBT+ law students.

Adam Rowse

Head of Business Banking

Adam is the Executive Sponsor for the UK & Europe for Spectrum, the LGBT+ network for Barclays. He has taken an active role supporting the various LGBT events including Pride in London, Pride in Liverpool, and their annual summer drinks reception. Externally, Adam serves on the OUTstanding Events Committee. He is also a regular speaker at various LGBT+ business events, including EurOut 2016, and is an active supporter of a number of other LGBT organisations.

Dario Parente

Managing Director, EMEA Strategic Programmes
BNY Mellon

As an openly gay man at BNY Mellon, Dario strives to be a role model and actively works towards creating a culture of inclusion that empowers talent. He previously led EMEA operations of the LGBT+ Employee Resource Group, PRISM, and was active in the network’s re-launch in 2016. Dario leads Employee Development in PRISM EMEA and has overseen talent development and mentoring schemes for LGBT+ employees. He also personally mentors many employees and is invested in fostering diversity in all of its forms across the company. He is focused on increasing managers’ engagement with the LGBT+ agenda and successfully led the pilot of a Reverse Mentoring programme. He has also served as an active relationship manager between BNY Mellon and OUTstanding, regularly encouraging company involvement with OUTstanding events and programmes. Externally, Dario is a vocal advocate for adoption rights, and has spoken extensively about adoption at LGBT+ family events in the corporate and public sphere. He is a Board Member and Treasurer for New Family Social, an organisation focused on LGBT Adoptive and Foster Families. He has also joined Diversity Role Models, an organisation that works directly with young people to tackle homophobic bullying in schools across the UK.

Masa Yanagisawa

Director, Co-head of APAC Capital Introduction, Co-head of Japan Equity Sales
Deutsche Bank

Masa led DB’s APAC LGBT+ network and launched IDAHOT campaign across eight cities, as well as starting the Indian chapter of the network. He established the training course for new graduates on LGBT+ inclusive workplace, and arranged DB’s sponsorship of LGBT+ Finance float at Tokyo Pride. Externally, Masa organized the first ever large scale event in Japanese Parliament on LGBT+ and the workplace. As a founding partner of “Work With Pride”, he also helped launch the first LGBT+ Workplace Equality Index in Japan. He co-hosted the Human Rights Watch Council Summit in Kyoto, leading discussions on LGBT+ challenges with Justice Michael Kirby, and is an active founding board member of UWC ISAK Japan, the first international boarding school in Japan using the strength of diversity as a key philosophy of the school.

Emma Cusdin

People Director

Emma has led a trans webinar for the LGBT+ network, Aviva Pride, and has written the new transgender policy for Aviva as well as being part of the internal Trans Employee Group and Trans Customer Group. She successfully added the title 'Mx' to the application process and recently facilitated a webinar on non-binary identies in the workplace. She is a member of the Aviva Inclusion Council with special oversight of the Aviva Pride LGBT Group. She is also mentor to the organiser of their highly successful London Pride march. Externally, Emma is co-founder and CEO of trans*formation, working to make workplaces more trans inclusive. She is a member of the OUTstanding trans awareness working party as well as a trustee for GIRES, which promotes trans support and inclusion throughout the UK. Emma was also recently awarded the LGBT Positive Role Model award at the National Diversity Awards.

Hayley Sudbury

Founder & CEO

As an openly out LGBT+ female tech entrepreneur, Hayley supports professional LGBT+ communities through her company, WERKIN. The technology developed at WERKIN allows more LGBT+ professionals to be visible and supported in their careers. Externally, Hayley is committed to creating a fundamental shift for the female, LGBT+ and BAME talent pipeline and uses her technology to support mentoring programmes for a number of LGBT+ organisations, including Lesbian and Bisexual professional women (LBWomen), and OUTstanding. She is also an active mentor in the STEMettes programme, currently mentoring a female BAME undergraduate computer science student. She is a regular speaker with Founders 4 Schools, encouraging female students into STEM careers, and participates in a variety of other events and speaking opportunities.

Jeffrey Krogh

Managing Director
BNP Paribas

Jeffrey is the most senior out LGBT+ person in BNP Paribas, allowing him to act extensively as a Role model, help HR attract diverse candidates, and help existing colleagues to be comfortable being out at work. Most recently he has focused on engaging managers across the organization by for example interviewing an openly LGBT+ CEOs over lunch with an audience of 30 senior managers. He is on the Pride UK committee and is actively engaged in their numerous activities in the UK. He has also provided support and guidance to the colleagues who have launched the Pride network in France. Jeffrey represents BNP Paribas at external LGBT+ events, such as the Inside Out graduate recruitment event, where he also moderated a panel. He is also personally involved with number of organisations, including having been a mentor on the OUTstanding mentoring programme and is actively engaged with SeriesQ and has taken on a number of speaking opportunities at events and conferences around LGBT+ inclusion.

Michael Sosso

Associate General Counsel - Downstream & Shipping
BP plc

Michael currently leads a global team accountable for executing the legal strategy across all BP’s Downstream businesses and Shipping.  He is engaged in multiple Diversity & Inclusion initiatives within BP, including previously serving on BP’s Global Legal Diversity & Inclusion Steering Team.  After being interviewed on camera about his story of growing up, coming out, and living and working while openly gay, the video was made available at different BP offices and events to highlight respect and diversity.  He is an active member of BP Pride- the business resource group dedicated to the LGBT+ community and its allies- and has participated in and provided Executive-level support for “Safe Space” – a program designed to foster understanding of LGBT+ issues in the workplace and increase the number of allies.  Michael also mentors a number of individuals within and outside of BP.  Externally, Michael has participated in conversations with senior US and UK government officials to brainstorm how business and government can work together to advance LGBT+ inclusion around the world.  He is also an active member of and volunteer for a number of LGBT+ organisations, as well as a regular speaker at events and on panels.

Narind Singh

Clifford Chance

Narind is the partner champion and senior sponsor for the firm’s LGBT+ network, Arcus. He has been responsible for leading the Arcus initiatives in the firm for a number of years, supporting the wide range of programmes that have seen Clifford Chance move up the Stonewall Equality index to 4th place. He helped establish the Allies Network and regularly speaks at internal events, particularly on the intersectionality of ethnicity and mental health in LGBT+ communities. He also regularly mentors LGBT+ lawyers and works with LGBT+ networks with their clients. Externally, Narind recently spoke at the Stonewall conference on a panel discussing mental health issues amongst the LGBT+ community in the workplace. He also spoke on a panel with other LGBT+ executives at the LGBT+ Future Leaders conference, and he is a supporter of the Terence Higgins Trust.

Dr Debra Wilfong

VP, Formulated Products Technology

Debra is a visible LGBT+ female senior executive and a powerful LGBT+ role model, particularly in science and engineering where LGBT+ and women are under-represented. Her activity spans the very public support she gives to the BP Pride organisation, to the personal support that she gives to LGBT+ staff who are seeking advice on LGBT+ issues. She is an executive sponsor of BP Pride and an advisor for BP Pride strategy. She often takes the role of keynote speaker at internal Pride events, and was most recently interviewed on her experiences and insights in front of a live audience. Aside from public events, Debra is very open to mentoring and informal support. Externally, Debra led the BP sponsorship of the InterEngineering Report “Engineering Action: Tackling Homophobia in Engineering”. She gave a keynote speech at the Houses of Parliament reception for InterEngineering on her experience as an LGBT+ person in the workplace. She also attended the All Parliamentary Group on Global LGBT+ Rights. In 2017, she sponsored the first BP Pride float for London Pride – and marched alongside a Renault Formula 1 car carrying BP livery.

Nicholas Collins

Director, Global Customer & Sales Operations

As a senior LGBT+ executive in the business, Nick has been a highly visible and influential advocate for creating awareness across the business, and mobilizing an executive ally network that includes over 200 of the most senior leaders within the organization. Being highly visible in sharing his story, modelling the behaviours of inclusion, being actively involved in the affinity network events, and championing LGBT+ inclusion across a diverse global workforce, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region are hallmarks of Nick’s leadership in creating a workplace that is welcoming for LGBT+ people. Externally, Nick was the 2017 winner of the prestigious Hong Kong LGBT+ Executive Sponsor of the year Award, presented by Community Business. This award recognised Nick for his leadership in driving LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace and beyond. He led the participation of Telstra in Pink Dot Hong Kong, which is the largest LGBT+ community festival in Hong Kong. In addition, one of the initiatives being led by him is the creation of InterTech Hong Kong, which will bring together tech, telco and media companies that will collaborate on best practice for LGBT+ inclusion and support community based initiatives.

James Frost

Gay Times

Since James bought Gay Times in March this year, he's worked hard to ensure comprehensive representation of the the LBGT+ community in the workplace, providing a warm and encouraging environment for people from all backgrounds and experiences. Externally, James is an active supporter of the Terrence Higgins Trust, a member of the Purple Circle for the Albert Kennedy Trust, and an avid supporter of Centrepoint. James has also launched the Gay Times Honours, which recognises the tremendous impact individuals and organisations have had on what it means to live openly and freely as LGBT+ people in modern Britain. The Honours will take place at, and in partnership with, the National Portrait Gallery in November 2017.

Darren Styles

Managing Director
Stream Publishing Ltd

Darren is an openly gay man who believes you have to lead by example. He has ensured that all interview and employee handbook materials, as well as contracts and joining details, emphasise and indeed insist upon their commitment to diversity and equality. As a company, they make a point to celebrate, explore and enjoy what makes people different with the same gusto as they embrace all that binds them. Externally, Darren has created and run events that have raised nearly £350k for the Elton John AIDS Foundation since 2012. He has just reintroduced the Attitude Pride Awards on the eve of Pride in London, which both acknowledge and celebrate those who have triumphed over tragedy or excelled in the third sector. Aside from contributing nearly £10k to Pride in London this year, the resulting coverage has been seen by millions at the time of the 50th Anniversary of the Decriminalisation of Homosexuality. He is a Friend of the Terence Higgins Trust and a Purple Circle member of the Albert Kennedy Trust. He is also one of 30 Ambassadors for Downing Street's GREAT Campaign, encouraging investment, tourism and education in the UK, promoting the 'LOVE is GREAT' strand.

Simon Linares

Group HR Director
Direct Line Group

One of the Group’s 6 values is “Bring all of yourself to work”, which underpins a culture where diversity and inclusion is celebrated and valued. Since arriving in 2014, Simon has been the driving force behind a wide range of activity aimed at creating a better awareness of diversity and inclusion in the organisation, but also at building DLG’s external reputation as an inclusive employer. He has led the Group’s membership of OUTstanding, and has had various senior executives involved in the mentoring programme. He is also an active supporter of the LGBT+ diversity group, including involvement in internal communications and participating in London and Leeds Pride events. Externally, Simon supports a wide range of associations and actively participates with them in changing the workplace and community. As an example, he was pleased to have the Group as headline sponsors of the National Diversity awards, and was the presenter of the headline speech where he talked about his own experience of coming out at work.

Christy O’Gaughan

Head of Business Analytics & Insights
Roche France

Most recently, Christy has worked in partnership with HR in updating Genentech/Roche North America HR policies, in updating transgender benefits, as well as reproductive benefits.  She is an accomplished leader, with 20 years’ experience driving profitable business growth through the strategic use of data and analytics.  She has played key roles in driving analytical innovation, including leading the Big Data initiatives, for Genentech.  She is also passionate about mentoring other LGBT+ people and is an executive advisor to Genentech’s gPride ERG leadership team. Externally, Christy is involved with Reaching Out (ROMBA), an organization that serves LGBT MBA & graduate students and LGBTQ MBA business professionals. This last year, she has worked on the ROMBA Catalyst Committee, which was organized to decide the future of ROMBA, recommending how they can expand their reach and impact, as well as how the Board should be best structured for these changes. She is also a frequent speaker at LGBT conferences, including ROMBA and Lesbians Who Tech, and was named by Business Insider as one of “The 30 Most Influential LGBT People In Tech” and in The Advocate’s list of “10 Most Innovative Companies and the LGBTs Who Got Them to the Top.”

Abby Fiorella

General Auditor

Abby is an active member of Mastercard’s Global Diversity and Inclusion Council and sponsor of the global PRIDE network.  She is a frequent and featured speaker on LGBT+ inclusion, both in house and externally, and is a mentor to staff at all levels and individuals outside of Mastercard.  Abby was a key driver of Mastercard’s “Open for Business” initiative and is a firm lead and member of OutLeadership, OutWomen, and Open for Business.  Abby has also supported and contributed to the NYC LGBT Center, Hetrick Martin, GMHC, and HRC.  And, she is proud to be supporting and inspiring a new generation of advocates, including her daughter, who chairs her school’s “All Genders and Sexuality” club and is a vocal and passionate proponent for equality and human rights.

Martin Stead


Martin has been a LGBT+ role model since starting his career in 2000. He established Procter & Gamble's first LGBT+ network at the Geneva-based European head office, home to 2000 employees. At EDF Energy, he promoted LGBT+ awareness and sponsored Brighton Pride with a high profile branded float. Publicly out as CEO of Nutmeg, he has signed the company up to Stonewall's Diversity Champions programme and he encourages LGBT+ and Allies attendance at Stonewall, InterTech and InterBank events. Outside work, Martin founded London's first gay speed dating service in 2004 and he volunteers time to help tackle homophobic bullying by mentoring in schools with Diversity Role Models.

Amy Borsetti

Sr. Director Global Sales Readiness

Every day, Amy portrays the importance of going to work as her authentic self – an openly gay leader who is transparent and honest in the workplace. She also serves as an advisor to the LGBT+ employee resource group, Out@In, and actively participated in LinkedIn sponsored Pride events. Most recently, she has spearheaded a large “conscious inclusion" effort for sales productivity, pushing the envelope in creating a safe environment to have uncomfortable conversations, creating more awareness, empathy and belonging. She has also built a trans-friendly e-learning program to capture diversity and create learning experiences that are more inclusive. Externally, Amy sits on the Advisory Council for The Center for Global Inclusion, and is an avid supporter of the ACLU. This year, she launched the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks for San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Pedro Frade

General Counsel Brazil and Argentina

Pedro has been integral to the launch of the Pride Committee for HSBC Argentina, and is supporting similar discussions in Latin America. Various actions have been proposed to reach out to the entire organisation, such as workshops about gender identity, transgender people and bullying. He is also in the process of developing a direct line to employees to discuss LGBT+ issues, inside and outside the workplace and is structuring the ally program. Externally, Pedro supports various LGBT+ organisations, by attending events and participating in inclusion activities globally. Additionally, he has been a panellist at an event sponsored by IBM Argentina, encouraging other companies to establish their own Pride networks and discussing examples of best practice.

Greg Lowe

Global Head of Resilience and Sustainability

Greg has been involved as a steering committee member of the LGBT Insurance Network since its inception, and as his role has become more senior, his focus has been on being an out senior executive and ally to young talent coming into the business. He is mentoring LGBT+ graduates involved in the Pride network, particularly those who he sees having future leadership potential within Aon and the wider insurance business. As one of the most senior out leaders in EMEA, he openly shares his experiences through D&I microsites and videos, to encourage openness and provide a visible role model to colleagues. Externally, Greg is a supporter of the Albert Kennedy Trust, and has recently been involved with the LGBT+ discussions on the periphery of the World Economic Forum, primarily with US organisations. Working for a global company, global political and policy trends have always had an impact, particularly in some of the more challenging territories for LGBT+ people.

Kimberley Bird

Director of Group Operations Systems
Lloyds Banking Group

Kimberley has built on the success of the Group’s Private Medical benefits scheme to cover transgender related conditions, by hosting a round table with government minsters and members of the opposition parties seeking support for change in this area. She has taken the lead on ensuring Lloyds Banking Group continues improving their interactions with their gender variant and trans* customers, offering the opportunity to have debit cards with multiple names for gender fluid people and with Mx as a title. They have also recently produced training materials to help all staff gain a better understanding of the way they can support transgender colleagues and customers. As the Deputy Co-Chair of the Group’s Rainbow network, Kimberley is often called upon for guidance on LGBT+ issues, and is a regular speaker at internal events and in the media on the topic. Outside of work, Kimberley is a Patron & past Chair of Mermaids, the largest charity in the UK that supports young transgender people and their families. She is also a member of the Advisory Group for All About Trans, and the co-founder of trans*formation. Kimberley speaks on a regular basis in the UK and more recently in India and Ireland.

Jorge Pikunic

MD Distributed Energy and Power

As a passionate out leader, Jorge sponsored and was heavily involved in the creation of Centrica’s first LGBT+ network, Spectrum, in November 2016 and he continues to sponsor this network. He has contributed to a great deal of change through Spectrum and working with his team and colleagues to create a more inclusive environment for all. With a fast-growing membership base, Spectrum is present in three countries and has an active agenda that includes a review of policies and the engagement of Centrica’s leadership to make it easier for LGBT+ employees to bring their whole selves to work. Jorge has promoted a senior advocates network that includes the company’s CEO.  He is passionate about professional development of LGBT+ employees, and he works with independent organisations like Stonewall and OUTstanding to share ideas and to support their engagement of young people both in education and businesses.

Richard Beaven

Distribution Director
Swinton Group

Richard always strives to be a role model in the LGBT+ community, and is a trustee of the Board of Stonewall, supporting both the finance and remuneration committees. He speaks on behalf of LGBT+ people at every opportunity, including as NTT Data Diversity and Inclusion key note speaker, at the Worldforce event line and in the conference. He has also helped shape the policy of BIBA, the insurance broking industry body. Their manifesto now includes a D&I commitment and Richard was a key note speaker at the 2017 conference. Externally, Richard is a founding member of LINK, and the founder of an LGBT+ supper club working with C-suite leaders across the insurance industry.

Daniel Winterfeldt

Global Capital Markets Partner
Reed Smith

Daniel is the founder and chair of the InterLaw Diversity Forum (now in its 10th year), which promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion in the legal sector. The InterLaw Diversity Forum holds monthly panel-discussion meetings on topical issues for both their LGBT and BAME Networks. In 2014 they launched The Apollo Project, which holds an annual competition seeking out examples of best practice for inclusive workplace cultures, and provides these as a free resource that other organisations can adapt to their specific needs. In 2014 they also launched the Purple Reign art project featuring LGBT+ and ally role models and intersectionality.  They are now updating their 2012 Career Progression Report for 2017, with new research data. Every year they hold their Winter Carnival, which to date has raised over £400,000 for the Albert Kennedy Trust and Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline. In addition his day-to-day role in capital markets, Daniel is the Reed Smith Senior Diversity Advisor and works as a D&I consultant for CMS. Externally he is also the British LGBT Awards Head Judge and a patron of the Albert Kennedy Trust, and a supporter of Stonewall, the Terrence Higgins Trust, Mermaids, and Opening Doors.