The Outstanding Role Model Lists

The global Outstanding Role Model Lists supported by YouTube showcase leaders who are breaking down barriers at work and smashing the ceiling for LGBTQ+ employees within global business. 

These inspirational leaders are paving the way when it comes to increasing representation and driving inclusion for others within the workplace. 

Role Models featured in the Outstanding Role Model Lists do not work professionally in DEI but represent the wide range of individuals who have made it their personal mission to make a difference.  

Outstanding Executives

working hard to create more LGBTQ+ inclusive workplaces

Outstanding Future Leaders

making a significant contribution to LGBTQ+ inclusion at work


actively supporting the LGBTQ+ community within business

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Inspiring Words From Our Role Models

There was no hope for a life where I could be my true self without sacrificing my happiness. These lists solve that — they provide hope.

Pedro PinaVice President, Global Client & Agency Solutions, EMEA - Google

I think it actually helps to see that it’s more than just a role model ‘achieving’, but also be someone who people identify as someone who has done OK in their lives and can be examples of inspiration and being authentic is not an impediment

Ann LimbChair - The Scouts

You don’t get workforce diversity by accident. You have to actively make it happen. Inclusion isn’t a single sized pie, where if you give a bigger slice to some people, you take from others. It always expands more rights; more inclusion just makes the pie bigger for everyone

Bobbi PickardConsultant Senior Project Manager - BP

Communities are made stronger through full inclusion and equal treatment for all, and Role Models are crucial in proving that being different should not be an obstacle to success.

Jim FitterlingCEO - Dow

Honored. Humbled. Energized. To be among so many that I admire. Here's to staying the course and opening doors to inclusion for everyone, everywhere...no exclusions.

H L RayHead of Brand Experience/Business Development - Samsung Electronics America

To be included in the 2019 OUTstanding Top 100 LGBT+ Exec list is an honor. Equally important to recognize advocates and companies who support diversity in our communities!

Allyn L. ShawPresident & CTO - Recycle Track Systems (RTS)

Role Model