Neeraj Aggarwal

Regional Chair - Asia Pacific
Boston Consulting Group

Neeraj Aggarwal is Regional Chair - Asia Pacific at Boston Consulting Group, where he has consistently supported LGBTQ+ DEI by making it a key priority for the region. He championed the recruitment of their first LGBTQ+ equity partner (MD & Partner) and facilitated a pipeline of future senior leaders. Neeraj has spoken at several events, including BCG’s first in-person Pride@BCG conference in APAC and a landmark DEI roundtable conference that BCG had hosted for 13 C-suite executives from South-East Asia, which also covered LGBTQ+ DEI. Beyond BCG, he is committed to driving diversity and inclusion at Plaksha University, actively participating in panel discussions and events to raise awareness and foster inclusivity. Neeraj’s journey in advancing LGBTQ+ DEI is marked by a dedication to creating a more inclusive world within the workplace and society.

Cristina Diezhandino

Chief Marketing Officer

As Chief Marketing Officer, Cristina is responsible for the design and implementation of Diageo's commitment to progressive marketing across Diageo’s 200+ brands in over 180 countries. Diageo is one of the world's largest advertisers and is committed to a media environment where everyone sees themselves represented. Under Cristina's leadership, in 2021 Diageo updated its Progressive Marketing framework to be at the forefront of breaking stereotypes in advertising for gender, race, sexuality, age, ability, and social status. Diageo has trained over 2,000 marketeers and agencies globally on this framework. Also in 2021, Diageo committed to a multi-million-pound global program to invest in media platforms and publishers working to make media more diverse. This commitment was shown in December 2022, with J&B Spain’s "She" campaign making visible the experience of trans and LGTBQ+ communities during Christmas, with the aim that more and more families would empathize with their story and become a place to celebrate us all. Cristina is Global Executive Sponsor of the Diageo Rainbow Network, supporting, encouraging and championing the work of the group. Her role has included opening the celebrations to launch Diageo Great Britain's partnership with Queer Britain (UK's first national LGBTQ+ museum), with a speech reinforcing Diageo's commitment to the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ employees globally.

Derek Young

President, Japan
Fidelity International

Derek Young is President, Japan and a member of the Global Operating Committee at Fidelity International. As Co-Executive Sponsor of Fidelity’s LGBT+ Employee Network and an advocate of driving gender diversity, Derek is passionate about creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. He was recognized most recently on Kindness & Leadership’s 50 Leading Lights, Asia Pacific list and LGBT Great’s Top 50 Executive Ally list. With his support, Fidelity Japan received “Gold” status for the fourth year in a row for the Pride Index Results in recognition of the company’s DEI activities. He is outspoken regarding gender balance, increasing the percent of gender diversity on committees and in senior leadership positions, and empowers his team to drive this agenda in Japan through the Asset Management Women’s Forum and the 30% Club where business leaders take action to increase gender diversity on boards and senior management.

Balbir Bakhshi

Chief Risk Officer and Executive Committee Sponsor for the LSEG Pride Network
LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group)

Balbir Bakhshi is the Chief Risk Officer and Executive Committee Sponsor for the Pride Network at LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group). He has raised the visibility of critical issues and supports partnerships with organizations that provide expert advice on policies to create an open and safe environment. Balbir is proud in being very visible to promote LGBTQ+ rights. In Pride Month 2022 and 2023, he took a leading role in initiatives and attended London, Toronto and Madrid Pride parades. Moreover, he also hosted a special Market Closing ceremony with Trans in the City during Trans Awareness Week. Balbir is a DEI champion and prioritizes creating a workplace that welcomes all types of diversity.

Anne Aslett

Chief Executive Officer
Elton John AIDS Foundation

Anne is the global Chief Executive Officer of the Elton John Aids Foundation (EJAF) and has served the charity, in various capacities, for 20 years. She leads EJAF’s mission and activities across the UK, the United States, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe, including annual granting to programs in over 20 countries. During Anne’s tenure the Foundation has raised over $500m to become a top AIDS funder globally; has saved the lives of over 5 million of the most marginalized people in the world and raised awareness of HIV amongst more than 100 million people. This year Anne steered the Foundation through the development and launch of the Rocket Fund, its transformative $125 million campaign to redouble the fight against AIDS everywhere.

Fabrizio Campelli

Member of the Management Board, Head of Corporate Bank and Investment Bank
Deutsche Bank

Fabrizio Campelli is a Member of the Management Board and Head of the Corporate Bank and Investment Bank at Deutsche Bank. He is Co-Sponsor of dbPride, Deutsche Bank's Employee Resource Group (ERG) for LGBTQ+ and ally employees. In addition to this, Fabrizio is Global Sponsor of Wellbeing and has also actively supported a number of internal events hosted by Employee Resource Groups worldwide, including the Asian Leadership Forum, and dbEnable - supporting employees with different abilities - as well as dbPride. A frequent speaker on mental health in the workplace, Fabrizio has driven support for MQ Mental Health, the bank’s charity of the year in the UK and Ireland for the past two years and, in October 2023, was appointed to MQ’s Board of Trustees.

Caroline Frankum

Global CEO, Profiles Division

As a member of Kantar's Executive I&D Board, which sets strategy, standards, and policies for all intersections of DEI, Caroline is proud to be the Global Executive Sponsor and ally of Kantar’s Pride@Kantar Employee Resource Group - working to create a safe community for all LGBTQ+ employees across the globe. She brings the group’s priorities to Exco meetings to ensure Kantar is as genuinely inclusive as possible and encourages all Kantar employees to show explicit support and allyship for LGBTQ+ colleagues. Caroline also plays an instrumental role in creating, supporting, and funding a more inclusive world for the LGBTQ+ community externally through a number of initiatives including validating through Kantar’s award-winning Inclusion Index how ~50% of LGBTQ+ employees admit to suffering from high stress, anxiety, and mental health problems, and ~40% feel left out at work and experience or observe discrimination in their company. She also actively creates important partnerships and collaborations with other purposeful entities, including championing the CEO pledge and industry manifesto for inclusion and opportunity with The Market Research Society (MRS), and supporting DIVA Media and Stonewall shine a more authentic spotlight on how to better support LGBT+ women in the UK during Lesbian Visibility week.

Clive Selley CBE

Chief Executive
Openreach Ltd

Clive leads the UK’s largest digital infrastructure company, Openreach, which employs 35,000 people and supports more than 660 communications providers to connect 30 million customers across the country. Historically, Openreach has lacked diversity - but that’s something Clive’s been determined to change. Under Clive’s leadership, Openreach has published Diversity and Inclusion commitments for the first time; established new people networks – including a Pride community – with more than 6,000 members; and become Official Connectivity Partner for Pride in London. Clive has also championed the rollout of LGBTQ+ training across the business, whilst a reverse mentoring program gives senior leaders a better understanding of the experiences and challenges faced by LGBTQ+ colleagues. Openreach also now sponsors the Colchester Kings – East Anglia’s first gay and inclusive rugby club – which has a mission to eliminate homophobia and transphobia in rugby, as well as Cardiff Dragons – Wales’s first LGBTQ+ football club.

Julie Linn Teigland

EY Europe, Middle East, India and Africa (EMEIA) CEO and Area Managing Partner

Julie co-chairs the EY EMEIA Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee, a forum which spearheads initiatives to drive the EY diversity culture and performance. Julie created and appointed the first EMEIA LGBTQ+ Partner sponsor role and has endorsed an EMEIA LGBTQ+ inclusion strategy. In addition to ensuring that LGBTQ+ inclusion is prioritised by EY leadership, Julie actively engages with the over 150,000 employees in EMEIA on LGBTQ+ inclusion, and with the EY LGBTQ+ employee group “Unity.”

Alisha Alaimo

President of Biogen, North America Organization

Alisha deeply believes that diversity, equity, and inclusion are not only moral imperatives, but critical elements to business success. To her, bringing together diverse perspectives allows us to create an environment where people can be their authentic selves. She has empowered a more diverse and inclusive organization by elevating several LGBTQ+ leaders to senior leadership roles and encouraging community and belonging with national employee resource group events. Her efforts have been recognized in Yahoo Finance’s Heroes 100 List of Executives and PharmaVOICE 100. She is a Board Member of the Biogen Foundation, supporting health equity initiatives. Last year, Biogen was named a Corporate Ally Award winner by the Boston Business Journal for its longstanding commitments to the Greater Boston LGBTQ+ community, and for the last nine years, has scored 100% on the Human Rights Campaign’s Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index, named one of the Best Places to Work for LGBTQ+ equality.

Fraser Longden

Chief Operating Officer
Wickes PLC

As Chief Operations Office at Wickes PLC Fraser uses his position to drive tangible and effective change within the business to create a more diverse and inclusive environment. Fraser has also been the Exec Sponsor of the "Let's do it with Pride" The LGBTQ+ Employee Network Group and worked with the Network to implement new policies, procedures, and training across the business. Over the last few years that has seen Wickes improve from Number 268 on the Stonewall Equity Benchmark to Number 11 in 2023 - the highest place retailer. Fraser is vocal in his support and Allyship of the LGBTQ+ community using his platform both inside and outside of the business to amplify the lived experience of the LGBTQ+ community and call for curiosity, empathy, and support to ensure everyone can live as their authentic self without fear or hardship. This includes speaking at industry events, working with other Cisgender, Heterosexual Executives about the role they can play and supporting the development of industry best practice guides.

Jen Tippin

Chief People & Transformation Officer
NatWest Group

As Chief People & Transformation Officer, Jen leads NatWest Group's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy and is Executive Sponsor, member, and ally for the firm’s LGBT+ employee network. Jen co-chairs NatWest’s One Bank Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Action Committee, bringing together key stakeholders to share best practice and drive positive change. Jen pushes for constant improvement, e.g., by updating NatWest’s parental leave policy, introducing the first LGBTQ+ bank wide training module and enhanced private medical support for colleagues going through gender reassignment. Jen relentlessly holds leaders to account for attracting and retaining diverse talent and building strong sustainable pipelines. Jen has driven improvements to the experiences for LGBTQ+ customers, including providing more inclusive options for customers going through transition and enhancing the process for disclosing gender. Externally, Jen is a proactive ambassador, speaking at various events, external panels, interviews, and initiatives to support the LGBTQ+ community and facilitate change.

Steve Kemps

Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer
S&P Global

Steve Kemps is Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer at S&P Global, where he is a passionate ally and champion of the LGBTQ+ community. He often speaks at company events about the importance of acceptance, inclusion, and belonging. In partnership with the People team, Steve led efforts to expand S&P Global’s paid parental leave to a minimum of 26 weeks for all parents, including adoption, surrogacy and fostering, as well as increased fertility treatment coverage. He served as Executive Sponsor of the company’s Pride People Resource Group and helped lay the foundation for Pride's global expansion, with seven of their ten chapters outside the US and UK. Steve has also advocated for S&P Global's signature on multiple Human Rights Campaign Foundation amicus briefs supporting LGBTQ+ inclusive business practices. Steve is grateful to his son, Johnny, for giving him the inspiration, passion and drive to continue to do more, everywhere.

Anna Di Silverio

President, Europe and Middle East

Anna is Avanade President of Europe and the Middle East. She promotes a culture of belonging for all employees, especially focusing on empowering and supporting the LGBTQ+ community. As the Executive Champion for the Global LGBTQ+ Employee Network, Anna’s commitment is to elevate LGBTQ+ inclusion as a strategic priority for Avanade's leadership, aiming to create an environment where everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, feels safe and valued. Anna uses her voice to mentor a new generation of inclusive leaders, increase representation within the leadership team as well as challenge Avanade policies. Anna’s visible and pro-active allyship goes beyond the boardroom. She has joined employees at Pride parades and signed LGBTQ+ charters to advocate for LGBTQ+ equality. Anna collaborates with clients and partners to advance diversity and inclusion in the tech industry and is a passionate advocate for a technology that reflects and represents all voices without biases.

Amy Wilson

General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Amy Wilson is the General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at Dow. Within the organization, she has hosted numerous sessions and events highlighting topics relevant to LGBTQ+ inclusion, including joining a discussion panel at Dow’s 2023 LEAD conference to highlight the importance of diversity and inclusion at all levels of the organization, from the Boardroom to the C-suite, to office buildings and manufacturing sites. Amy has been a key driver in diversifying and refreshing Dow's Board of Directors, emphasizing diverse experiences and backgrounds. Outside of Dow, Amy is a member of the Leadership Counsel on Legal Diversity, which is striving to build a more equitable and diverse legal profession.

Esteban Samartin

Chief Operations Officer
SAP Latin America South

Esteban Samartin is the Chief Operations Officer at SAP Latin America South. He has been an active member of the company's LGBTQ+ employee network for over eight years and has acted as an Executive Sponsor in the last two years. Esteban has worked internally and externally to promote diversity and inclusion in several ways: educating the teams by making available and encouraging employees to access content and courses uniquely designed to create an inclusive culture and empathy with LGBTQ+ colleagues, supporting the employee network in virtual and in-person activities to brainstorm and implement policies and guidelines, and making sure that there is LGBTQ+ representation at all levels, especially in leadership positions. Esteban also works with volunteers to support Trans employability and mentors LGBTQ+ employees from other companies. He has also been a spokesman for several panelist events celebrating and raising awareness of the LGBTQ+ community.

Terecina Kwong

Chief Operating Officer, HSBC Bank Plc and Europe

Terecina, the Chief Operating Officer at HSBC Bank Plc and Europe at HSBC, sponsored various Diversity and Inclusion groups within HSBC, bringing diverse groups together across Europe region and Global and emphasize the importance of tone from the top. Terecina has placed significant focus on sharing her thoughts and examples in driving diversity and inclusion and what good looks like to create an inclusive workplace. She is a keynote speaker and has appeared at various events and on panel discussions. She believes her role as an Executive Committee Member within HSBC gives her an excellent opportunity to step up and foster cultural changes, particularly at the senior management level.

Hanneke Smits

Global Head of Investment Management
BNY Mellon

Hanneke Smits is the Global Head of Investment Management at BNY Mellon and a member of BNY Mellon Executive Committee. Throughout her career, she has been a champion of inclusion in the workplace. In 2023, Hanneke was appointed Global Chair of the 30% Club, a campaign that aims to increase gender diversity at the board and senior management levels to a minimum of 30%. As Executive Sponsor of BNY Mellon’s LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group PRISM, she has demonstrated her steadfast commitment to BNY Mellon's LGBTQ+ employees and allies by listening, learning, and understanding the community's accomplishments and challenges. Among her many activities, she continues to advocate on behalf of the LGBTQ+ issues through internal and external communications, including lobbying for the addition of pronouns to email signatures. This past Pride month, Hanneke championed PRISM and BNY Mellon’s LGBTQ+ community at a CorporateQueer exhibition at London’s Guildhall.

Donna Milrod

Executive Vice President, Chief Product Officer
State Street Corporation

Donna Milrod is the Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer at State Street Corporation, where she has served the past three years as Executive Sponsor for STT's PRIDE network, one of the global financial institution's largest and most popular Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), focused on LGBTQ+ employee and community support, education, and advocacy. Donna also works to champion underrepresented groups seeking corporate board seats, leveraging her board appointments and experience.

Lucy Izzard

Chief Operating Officer, Europe
TD Securities

Lucy is Executive Sponsor to TD Securities' European 'Forever Proud' business resource group dedicated to addressing LGBTQ+ issues. She provides strategic direction, executive consultation, and senior-level sponsorship to reinforce the group's aims in educating colleagues on LGBTQ+ priorities in the industry and beyond, now also supporting the community through charitable action. Lucy steers the group in identifying and troubleshooting cultural and operational barriers that impact LGBTQ+ colleagues at TD and endorses the implementation of thoughtful tactics to attract, develop and retain diverse talent. Leveraging external networks and best practice consultants, the group is shaping a workplace that celebrates, educates, and supports LGBTQ+ inclusion. From her influential position as COO, Lucy is committed to embedding diversity and inclusion as a core foundation to a meaningful career and productive work environment. She dedicates time to coaching, mentoring, and role-modeling her behavior, inspiring colleagues to meet their career growth goals, regardless of their identity.

Hamish Forsyth

President, Europe and Asia
Capital Group

As President of Europe and Asia at Capital Group, Chair of the firm's global operating committee, and Executive sponsor of Capital Group’s global Pride community, true allyship means empowerment and action for Hamish. CGPride is now one of the communities with a direct hand in shaping key business decisions, and so for example, LGBTQ+ care was integrated alongside the US healthcare plans and specialist recruitment support. This has helped to guide Capital Group’s corporate charitable giving, and as such, a portion of the emergency humanitarian support raised for Ukraine was ringfenced for organizations aiding LGBTQ+ refugees. Outside the firm, Hamish is a member of the Diversity Project's Advisory Council, a cross-industry initiative that champions an inclusive culture within asset management. In addition, he was involved in creating the equity and justice donation program, which galvanizes Capital associates across all communities to nominate charities where Capital Group makes a $2500 annual donation per associate. This has had an impact on LGBTQ+ organizations around the world, offering support to pillars of the LGBTQ+ community, such as Queer Britain and LGBTQ+ switchboard.

Melanie Knight


Mel, a Partner at KPMG, has been an active LGBTQ+ ally for almost 20 years. As the Lead Ally sponsor to the LGBTQ+ network, 'Breathe', she is a driving force behind the LGBTQ+ agenda within KPMG and amongst clients. With Network Rail, she spoke at railway events about HIV stigma. She is working with DfT apprentices to review experience on transport for LGBTQ+ people. Mel regularly speaks at firm-wide LGBTQ+ events, and mentors LGBTQ+ individuals, both within and external to KPMG. She reviews the Firm’s processes and employee feedback to drive inclusion for this network. She established the selling of red ribbons for World AIDS Day in train stations and worked with Network Rail and KPMG to raise £40k for the 40th anniversary of Terrence Higgins Trust, a charity supporting those living with and impacted by HIV. This Summer, she was honored to become a Trustee of this incredible charity.

Neal Sheorey

Former Vice President, Coatings & Performance Monomers

Neal Sheorey is the Former Vice President, Coatings & Performance Monomers at Dow. He believes that Dow's success is directly linked to the diversity and inclusivity of its workforce and a workplace where all employees – regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity – feel supported, respected, and valued. Neal is a longtime, passionate ally and advocate for inclusion and diversity, and was the Executive Sponsor for two ERGs at Dow. In both cases, Neal approached his sponsorship role with enthusiasm, passion, and a bias for action, seeking to elevate the networks' leadership and visibility to create a safer and more inclusive workplace where all Dow employees can thrive.

Rebecca Short

Member of the Management Board, Chief Operating Officer
Deutsche Bank

Rebecca Short is Chief Operating Officer at Deutsche Bank. She is also the Management Board Co-Sponsor of dbPride, DB's ERG for LGBTQ+ and ally employees. Rebecca allocates considerable time and resources from her team and across the organization to help dbPride evolve as an organization, create structure and governance to maximize volunteer time, and increase the effectiveness and global focus of dbPride. She was the driving force behind Deutsche Bank's statement condemning Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill and also continues to monitor the recent World Bank decision as further developments in the region impact the LGBTQ+ community. Rebecca goes above and beyond to engage with the LGBTQ+ community and remains a perceptible ally.

Roberto Quiroga

Managing Partner
Mattos Filho

Roberto Quiroga is Managing Partner at Mattos Filho, where he sponsored the creation of the firm's DE&I Program, which has five pillars (gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights, racial equality, rights of people with disabilities, and religious freedom). The program is carried out through institutional activities, such as specific human development policies, sponsorship of social projects pro bono legal services, and internal and external events to raise awareness. Roberto is also part of Mattos Filho's DE&I Commission, composed of members of all six affinity groups, which is mainly responsible for supervising the program's strategy and for promoting the mainstreaming of DEI across the firm.

Pete Markey

Chief Marketing Officer

In addition to being Executive Sponsor for Boots Pride BRG, Pete is Executive Sponsor globally for ‘Marketing for Change’, the Walgreens Boots Alliance network for promoting inclusion through advertising and marketing. Pete has worked with the BRG to shape a full program of events throughout the year including Pride Month campaign activity, featuring interviews and content from Boots team members and external guest speakers sharing their stories. Boots have also actively worked with suppliers and partners on an all year round DEI plan including LGBTQ+ under Pete’s sponsorship. He has also undertaken a complete review of all marketing comms alongside Creative Equals to ensure Boots’ creative work is inclusive, and has spearheaded the a number of high profile marketing campaigns which have inclusion weaved into the narrative and approach. Pete was recently awarded the “Corporate Ally of the Year” award at the 2022 Rainbow Honours awards in reflection of his work as an ally to the LGBTQ+ community.

Emanuele Vignoli


Emanuele Vignoli, CEO at HSBC, a fervent champion of LGBTQ+ inclusion, has notably spearheaded the overhaul of parental policies, positioning HSBC Luxembourg as a market-leader in providing exemplary parental leave benefits to LGBTQ+ parents, whether or not they are legally recognized as such. Other impactful initiatives include hosting a distinguished panel event on LGBTQ+ Inclusion and the Next Generation, uniting influential voices across the industry to discuss the transgender experience and career development. Emanuele has further amplified visibility for the transgender community through initiatives like ‘PINK Friday’ and actively supports local LGBTQ+ associations. Their latest endeavour involves fostering inter-company cooperation to advance LGBTQ+ inclusion across industries. Emanuele also participated in the OutLeadership Summit in London, further expanding his commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion on a global scale.

Raquel Flórez Escobar

Partner People & Reward, Co-Head of Global Markets
Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

Raquel is Co-Head of Global Markets at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer and a Partner in the firm’s People & Reward practice. As a leader, she regularly takes opportunities to advocate for LGBTQ+ colleagues and ensures that the firm’s approach toward LGBTQ+ inclusion fosters a culture where everyone feels they belong and can achieve their potential. As an LGBTQ+ Executive Sponsor and part of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee in the Madrid office, she continuously seeks opportunities to promote diversity through external partnerships and internal initiatives. She is currently supporting the CE Halo network who are working on a strategy to increase LGBTQ+ inclusion in the region. She is a founding member of the Spanish association REDI and has been working with the Madrid Bar Association (ICAM) on a guide of good practices for LGBTQ+ inclusion for law firms and lawyers in Madrid.

Yumiko Murakami

Managing Director, Accenture Technology, LGBTQ Ally Committee Unit1 Lead
Accenture Japan Ltd

Yumiko Murakami is Managing Director at Accenture Japan and LGBTQ+ Ally Committee Unit1 Lead. Currently leading the dozens-strong Ally Committee and the LGBTQ+ Initiative in Technology Consulting, Yumiko is spreading the impact of its efforts across the company, including to other organizations. In addition to leading the planning and organizing of monthly internal awareness events, Yumiko also organized a cross-functional event involving all Accenture Japan offices to raise awareness during Pride Enhancement Month. Yumiko will broaden the scope and maximize the effectiveness of its activities by collaborating with each of the Japan offices and local organizations, as well as with other themes that LGBTQ+ and DEI are working on. For a better place for each of us.

Georgia Dawson

Senior Partner
Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

As Senior Partner, Georgia has ensured LGBTQ+ inclusion is firmly a part of the firm’s overall DEI strategy, including setting concrete global targets at partner level. She also passionately pursues LGBTQ+ causes through her legal pro bono work and through publicly championing LBGTQ+ causes and events. Georgia has continued the work she did as Asia Managing Partner around increasing coverage of LGBTQ+ issues, celebrating the community’s achievements, and promoting LGBTQ+ inclusion and allyship in communications and townhalls.

Olivia Engel

Head of Strategy and Operations, Investments at State Street Global Advisors
State Street Corporation

Olivia Engel is Head of Strategy and Operations, Investments at State Street Global Advisors. In 2022, she was named STT PRIDE network's "PRIDE Ally of the Year" to recognize her passionate commitment to LGBTQ+ rights and engagement over the firm's internal communications channels. As a member of various ERGs, including PRIDE and the Professional Women's Network, Olivia is a mentor, contributes to mentoring circles, and works with several mentees. Also, as a DEI Council member for SSGA, Olivia raises awareness with senior managers around issues of representation. She also champions SSGA's self-ID program to increase participation through internal communications campaigns, town halls, and other visibility-raising efforts.

Clare Harris

EVP, Chief Supply Chain Officer

Clare Harris is EVP and Chief Supply Chain Officer at Shell, where her office sponsors internal LGBTQ+ resource group initiatives, such as the Pink Pearl network in NL and the Shell Supplier Forum which brings together some of Shell’s largest global Suppliers on International Coming Out Day. She is a visible ally to the LGBTQ+ community and encourages inclusion, respect, and acceptance across Shell in every aspect of diversity. Her participation on the closing panel of the 2022 International Workplace Pride conference is typical of her visible sponsorship to the LGBTQ+ inclusion agenda – reflecting on her allyship journey with true learner mindset and encouraging others to be curious, courageous and committed in their support.

Jun Shinohara

Managing Director, Japan Inclusion & Diversity LGBTIQ+ inclusion Lead
Accenture Japan Ltd

Jun is Managing Director at Accenture Japan, and as the Japan Inclusion & Diversity LGBTIQ+ Inclusion Lead, he has made an impact by presenting his clear vision of Accenture’s commitment to supporting LGBTQ+ activities and leading Accenture’s LGBTQ Ally Committee. He established a practical framework that allows each unit member to develop activities independently, such as awareness-raising, education, and organizing internal and external events. In the last 3 years, Jun organized monthly internal events for employee training of LGBTQ+ allies, participated in external events operated by LGBTQ+ local communities, published monthly internal newsletters and the annual Ally Handbook, and grew the number of LGBTQ+ allies in the company more than doubled by continuing his initiatives that had been started 5 years ago. Additionally, Jun was invited as a speaker and an influencer at Pride House Tokyo and sponsored various LGBTQ+ local events.

Tom Lapidus

Former Vice President of Information Technology

Tom Lapidus is the Former Vice President of Information Technology at Barilla. He has been the Executive Sponsor of VOCE – the ERG for promoting open, inclusive, and respectful work environments by stimulating cultural changes for LGBTQ+ inclusion since 2020. Tom is motivated and inspired by the passion for inclusion he sees in the organization's members and has garnered a better understanding of the challenges the LGBTQ+ community faces; he is committed to creating a more inclusive world and being a more active and vocal ally. Tom is proud to serve as VOCE's Executive Sponsor and work at a company that embraces everyone for who they are and educates its people on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Mohit Shukla

Managing Director - India Legal and Lead: India Government and Regulatory Relations
Barclays Bank PLC

Mohit is Managing Director - India Legal and Lead for India Government and Regulatory Relations for Barclays in India. He is the Executive Sponsor and an ally for the Barclays LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group, Spectrum, for India, and Co-Chair for Spectrum Asia-Pacific. Mohit is a senior advisor to the gender diversity employee resource group and actively promotes DEI awareness, enhancing visibility and inclusion of LGBTQ+ communities and mainstreaming their participation. Furthermore, Mohit has been supporting and helping build on sensitization, inter-sectionality, creating training on DEI topics for leaders, encouraging colleagues to be visible and vocal allies, and embedding, among others, a gender reassignment policy. His efforts have improved overall inclusion at Barclays in India. Mohit has also been active outside the company by hosting and participating in LGBTQ+ events, talks and festivals, and with sponsorship support for external community engagements.

Louise Prashad

Chief HR Officer

Louise was appointed Chief HR Officer in January 2022 and is the executive member responsible for designing and implementing Diageo's Inclusion and Diversity strategy. She’s committed to creating an inclusive culture and has always championed the LGBTQ+ community, ensuring Diageo is a great place to work for LGBTQ+ talent, and supports LGBTQ+ inclusion and rights worldwide. Her leadership was integral to developing Diageo's Gender Identity and Expression Guidelines, launched in 2020 and live in 30 countries. These Guidelines, developed alongside Diageo's Rainbow Network, ensure Diageo has support in place for employees who are transitioning, have transitioned, recognize themselves to be a different gender from the gender assigned to them at birth, and are gender-fluid or non-binary. With Louise's support, Diageo’s Employee Resource Groups empower everyone to champion inclusion and diversity, including the global Rainbow Network, which strives to create the most open culture for the LGBTQ+ community. Led by the Rainbow Network, 2023 Pride at Diageo was one of our biggest ever. 78 sites globally raised our Progress Pride flag to kick off the celebrations, with a variety of events, talks, panels, and parades bringing LGBTQ+ employees and allies together.

Carol Ward

Head of Solutions
Man Group

In September 2023, Carol Ward was appointed Head of Solutions at Man Group. In this new role, Carol continues to champion diversity, equity and inclusion both at the firm and externally. She is the co-chair of Pride@Man, Man Group’s LGBTQ+ network, leading its work and expanding its engagement across the firm and within the industry. Carol is a strong advocate for allyship and has contributed to an AIMA white paper on this topic. She has been recognized in for her contribution to DEI by the following awards series: Investment Week’s Women in Investment Awards, HERoes Top 100 Women Executives and Financial News’ Top 100 Women in European Finance list. In her previous role at Man GLG, she led the business’ DEI agenda along with its CEO, focused on recruiting, developing and promoting talented, diverse individuals. Carol is also a mentor to two women as part of Man Group's mentorship program.

Maria Abbonizio

Global CAO, Investment Management & Head of Hong Kong
Fidelity International

Maria is the Global Co-Chair of Fidelity International’s LGBT+ Network based in Hong Kong and is bringing more focus on regional benchmarking, external collaborations and setting appropriate KPIs in an APAC context whilst ensuring Fidelity continues to make progress against global standards. She passionately role models allyship behaviors, organizing webinars and bringing allies into the LGBT+ Network. Maria is an active mentor, having mentored extensively over the last ten years within Fidelity and more recently through INvolve’s cross-industry program.

Georgina Fogo

Chief Risk Officer
Janus Henderson

Georgina is the Executive Sponsor and ally of the LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group and Chair of the DEI Committee at Janus Henderson. Georgina’s mission is to be a visible and vocal ally with the aim of creating a safe and inclusive work environment for everyone at Janus Henderson. In the past two years, she has organized Trans Awareness training for the Executive Committee. She supported a 'Trans Inclusion: The Basics' education session for her employees and has been an active and vocal supporter of extending the firm’s benefits to support surrogacy, adoption, and gender affirmation. Georgina championed gender pronouns in the organization, working in partnership to agree on email signatures and guidelines incorporating the use of pronouns. She promotes awareness of the LGBTQ+ employee group and internal and external events, through messages, emails and newsletters as well encouraging senior leaders to attend LGBTQ+ events to show visible allyship and support.

Danielle Harmer

Chief People Officer

Danny is Executive Co-Sponsor for Aviva Pride, Aviva’s LGBTQ+ community, which has recently celebrated over 15 years at Aviva. She regularly meets with the Pride co-chairs and is a visible ally taking part in events in and outside Aviva. Danny is a driving force behind Aviva’s support of multiple sponsorships across inclusion, such as Pride Parades and Queer Britain. She is also the Executive Sponsor of the Mx titles project, which is introducing gender neutral titles to Aviva’s customer journeys and bringing in new trans and non-binary training for Aviva colleagues. Danny is a regular panellist and podcast guest, championing the LGBTQ+ agenda, and speaking publicly about Aviva’s inclusive colleague policies, including equal parental and carers leave. A passionate ally for all Aviva’s communities, Danny encourages everyone to join her on this journey.

Catherine Keogh

Chief Corporate Affairs & Brand Officer
Kerry Group plc

As the Chief Corporate Affairs and Brand Officer at Kerry Group plc, Catherine is responsible for sustainability, brand strategy, communications, public affairs, government, and NGO relations. Passionate about fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace environment, Catherine partnered with her peers to inspire positive change in the organisation, which led to the establishment of Kerry’s first LGBTQ+ employee network group, PRYSM, which was formed to help create a safe space for colleagues who identify as LGBTQI+. PRYSM has continued to promote LGBTQ+ rights to 23,000 people internally, with Kerry customers globally and the broader international community. In June 2021, Catherine was proud to sponsor Kerry in joining the Partnership for Global LGBTQI Equality (PGLE), and the signing of The United Nations LGBTQ+ Standards of Conduct for Business, which provides Kerry with a powerful framework to guide company actions, uphold human rights, and foster an environment of inclusion and respect for LGBTQ+ individuals.

Kasper Fangel

Group CFO
ISS World Services

Kasper Fangel is the Group CFO at ISS World Services. He is an EGM sponsor of the Global Pride Employee Resource Group (ERG) and has been actively promoting LGBTQ+ individuals' diversity and inclusion within the company. Kasper's engagement with the ERG chairs and regular updates on their progress demonstrates his commitment to understanding the challenges and concerns faced by LGBTQ+ employees within the organization. By actively participating in these discussions, he ensures that the ERG's initiatives and advocacy efforts are aligned with the company's overall goals and values. Kasper's involvement in promoting LGBTQ+ rights within the company extends beyond supporting the ERG, as he has also taken steps to advocate for diversity and inclusion in hiring practices, workplace policies, and employee training programs.

Pippa Hugill

Global Senior Director Talent Development Design
Ralph Lauren

Pippa Hugill is the Global Senior Director Talent Development Design at Ralph Lauren, where she led the creation and launch of the LGBTQ+ Global Learning Capsule. The initiative, launched to all employees globally, contains foundational, intermediate, and advanced learning. Pippa has also been a continuously active member in the #RLPride LBGTQ+ EIG (Employee Impact Group), attending local meetings and proactively promoting the group's great work. She firmly believes that as an leader, one has the influence and ability to ally with and advocate for others.

Priscila de Carvalho Serff

Head of PR and Social Media
Brico Depôt Iberia / Kingfisher Group

Priscila de Carvalho Serff is Head of PR and Social Media at Brico Depôt Iberia / Kingfisher Group. Within the organization, she is responsible for the We Build Better / Safe Space LGBTQ+ project, launched in June 2022, and was nominated "Inspiring Women" in the Women's Talent Day from "Equipos y Talento" for the launch of "Safe Space / We Build Better." Under Priscilla's leadership, she has seen the launch of the guide "How to Build Better – a Guide to Create a Safe Space for LGBTQ+."

Susanne Jorgensen

CEO, North America

As the CEO of North America at ISS, Susanne's experience working in various countries and regions has given her a global perspective on LGBTQ+ rights and diversity. She has witnessed firsthand the varying levels of acceptance and legal protections for LGBTQ+ individuals in different parts of the world. Through her exposure to diverse cultures, Susanne has gained insights into the unique challenges and barriers faced by LGBTQ+ communities in different societies.

Buddhika Piyasena

Managing Director
Fitch Ratings

Buddhika Piyasena is Managing Director at Fitch Ratings. Two years ago, he volunteered to set up an APAC chapter of the Fitch Pride Network ERG and build the membership from APAC from the organization's 11 offices located across APAC. As a result, numerous Pride Network events have been organized across many of these offices to build awareness of the issues facing the community and in support of building an inclusive culture with more than 200 employees in APAC participating in these events each time and increasing the membership of the APAC Pride Network significantly over this period. As a result, Buddhika was appointed Senior Sponsor of the Fitch Pride Network in early 2023.

Laura Porter

Global Group Head, Infrastructure and Public Finance
Fitch Ratings

Laura Porter is the Global Group Head of Infrastructure and Public Finance at Fitch Ratings. She has been a member of the Fitch Pride Network since its founding and has served as Senior Sponsor since January 2022. Laura has also served as a sponsor and advocate for LGBTQ+ team members and their needs. Her efforts have helped continue the progress and maturation of the Fitch Pride Network, including growing from a primarily New York/London-based group to one with a global presence, including in APAC and LATAM.

Pam Reynolds

Director and Associate General Counsel of Legal Affairs
Amazon MGM Studios

Pam Reynolds is Director and Associate General Counsel of Legal Affairs at Amazon MGM Studios. Within the organization, she continues to drive change and innovation. Most recently, in her role as head of MGM's On-Stage division, she has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of Broadway, co-producing two groundbreaking hit shows, "Some Like It Hot" and "New York, New York." In the 2022-23 season, these productions took the theater world by storm, garnering 22 Tony Award nominations and five prestigious Tony Awards. A historic moment was achieved with J. Harrison Ghee's groundbreaking Best Actor victory—a defining milestone as the first openly non-binary actor to receive such an accolade in Tony history. Pam is a dedicated supporter of MGM's Pride ERG, advocating for inclusivity and diversity within the industry. She has also been attending and actively supporting the annual GLAAD Awards, reinforcing her commitment to LGBTQ+ representation and advocacy.

Emily Midwood

Director of Change

Emily, Director of Change at AXA UK&I, is the Executive Sponsor of the Pride Network and a member of the Inclusion Committee for AXA UK. She has overseen a 200% increase in the Pride Network membership over the past year and proudly sponsored initiatives such as Pride roadshows across seven AXA UK offices and a Trans Day of Visibility event. Outside of AXA, Emily is also a Trustee of a charity that supports women and their children who have experienced domestic violence and women going through the criminal justice system, services which are also provided to transgender women. Emily’s passion for inclusion stems from supporting many of her family, friends, and colleagues who are members of the LGBTQ+ community and her dedication in creating environments where everyone is included and feel that they belong.

James Hanlon

Chief People Officer and General Counsel

As Chief People Officer (and General Counsel) James sponsored and supported the innovation of the Treatwell marketplace to support the LGBTQ+ community. This was a change that required an internal prioritization on product focus, as well as a clear alignment across the business on how to support the partners, customers and employees of the business. James encouraged and supported engagement with credible thought leadership inside and outside of the organization, leading to a greater visibility of the company offering to end user customers. All of these changes occurred under a strategy of Treating Everyone Well- the beginning of a cultural change for the organization reflecting a stronger direction of inclusivity for all.