Jen Tippin

Chief People & Transformation Officer
NatWest Group

As Chief People & Transformation Officer, Jen leads NatWest Group's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy and has been Executive Sponsor, member, and ally for the firm’s LGBTQ+ employee network since she joined in 2020. Under Jen's leadership, the company launched a new ‘Inclusive’ groupwide value, the first LGBTQ+ bank wide training module, launched equal parent leave, giving individuals up to a year off to spend with their family following the arrival of a child regardless of gender or identity, and enhanced private medical support for colleagues going through gender reassignment. Furthermore, Natwest sponsored UK Trans Fest in 2022 and the British LGBTQ+ awards in 2021, where Jen gave the keynote speech and was a panel judge. The firm also established a One Bank DEI Action Committee, which Jen co-chairs, bringing together stakeholders to drive positive impact, including commitments on LGBTQ+ inclusion. Jen has driven improvements to the experiences for LGBT+ customers, including providing more inclusive options for customers going through transition, enhancing the process for disclosing gender and by introducing the Mx title for personal customers. Jen’s involvement goes beyond Natwest and sees her attending and speaking at various events, external panels, interviews, and initiatives to support the LGBTQ+ community.

Fraser Longden

Chief Operating Officer
Wickes PLC

As Chief Operating Officer at Wickes PLC, Fraser uses his position to drive tangible and effective change within the business to create a more diverse and inclusive environment. Some key initiatives he has championed within the company have included creating a platform for and facilitating listening groups to hear from LGBTQ+ colleagues within Wickes and working with the Executive Board to embrace policy changes. As a direct result, Fraser supported developing a Wickes Transgender policy that ensures all new stores and store refits include gender-neutral facilities and have clear guidelines and support for transitioning colleagues, their managers, and the team. In 2021/22, he sponsored an all-employee training course on LGBTQ+ inclusion, and he led a session around intersectionality at the Wickes Annual Managers conference in March 2022.

Pete Markey

Chief Marketing Officer

In addition to being Executive Sponsor for Boots Pride, Pete is Executive Sponsor globally for ‘Marketing for Change’, the Walgreens Boots Alliance network for promoting inclusion through advertising and marketing. Pete is also the Executive Sponsor for the Boots Pride BRG and has helped shape a full programme of events throughout the year including Pride Month campaign activity, featuring interviews with top LGBT+ executives at Boots, and he has championed trans rights with a Boots Health & Beauty magazine front cover feature on Eva Echo, alongside a dedicated online interview conducted by Pete. He has also undertaken a complete review of all marketing comms alongside Creative Equals to ensure Boots’ creative work is inclusive, and has spearheaded the a number of high profile marketing campaigns which have inclusion weaved into the narrative and approach. Pete was recently awarded the “Corporate Ally of the Year” award at the 2022 Rainbow Honours awards in reflection of his work as an ally to the LGBT+ community.

Carman Wenkoff

Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer
Dollar General Corporation

Carman is the executive sponsor for EQUAL, Dollar General's employee resource group supporting the LGBTQ+ community. He actively advocates for the LGBTQ+ workforce and uses his voice to promote diversity and inclusion at Dollar General Corporation, especially in the LGBTQ+ space. Carman supports EQUAL's priorities on the executive level to further foster inclusivity. He encourages listening sessions in stores and distribution centers, regularly advocating for all DG employees. In addition, Carman championed the use of preferred pronouns in Microsoft Teams and uses technological innovation to find ways to help employees be their whole selves at DG. He has also been instrumental in recruiting an inclusive and diverse workforce in IT and has participated in a company-wide video, sharing his role as an ally to advocate for those who may not feel comfortable advocating. Carman regularly assists in hosting EQUAL Lunch & Learns and is always active for PRIDE Festival Month.

Jon Hayes

Global Co-Chair and Senior Partner
DLA Piper

Jon is the Global Co-Chair and a Senior Partner at DLA Piper, and for over three years, was the Executive Partner Sponsor for the firm's LGBTQ+ people network, Iris. Each year he provides feedback on contributions for performance reviews for the c.15 Iris leaders. As Senior Partner, he plays a 'Sponsor of Sponsors' role across all networks and sits on the company's DEI Council, bringing LGBTQ+ inclusion insights and priorities to the table. Jon's efforts in advocating for diversity and inclusion have seen him regularly speak at LGBTQ+ inclusion events internally. For example, he emphasized the importance of allyship at an event in 2021 with Jacqui Gavin, a transgender rights activist. In the same year, Jon chaired the EMEA and AsiaPac Iris 2021 conferences, and in 2022 he chaired a discussion about sexuality, faith, and religion. Jon’s passion for driving DEI is reflected daily by sending rainbow-colored emails to the network members covering various LGBTQ+ topics and sharing resources such as people profiles and book or podcast recommendations.

Roshni Rathi

Managing Director and Partner
Boston Consulting Group

As Managing Director and Partner at Boston Consulting Group, Roshni has Co-led the Pride@BCG India network since 2020 and led the Ally network for BCG India, growing the membership of both. She launched a Pride@BCG buddy program on 25+ campuses and championed two conferences for LGBTQ+ BCGers in India: Pride Connect & a Pride month celebration. Furthermore, she led multiple affiliation events for allies and members, including a video series on pronouns and allyship that received more than 7,000 views. To make BCG more inclusive, she led a policy audit, changing four key policies: health insurance, parental leave, the employee assistance program, and compassionate leave to make them LGBTQ+ inclusive. She also successfully lobbied to introduce gender-neutral washrooms in the BCG India offices, instituted the use of pronouns in the firm, and led sensitization of LGBTQ+ topics with the leadership team. Roshni has co-authored a report with Pride Circle and IIM-A on 'Fostering Pride in Higher Education,' receiving significant media coverage and engagement. This year, Roshni led the creation of the DEI practice in India.

Lucy Izzard

Chief Operating Officer
TD Securities

Lucy is the Executive Sponsor of the European Inclusion and Diversity Committee Forever Proud Group, where she provides strategic direction, executive business consultation, and senior leader sponsorship to TD Securities' European business resource group dedicated to LGBTQ+ issues. The group aims to educate colleagues on LGBTQ+ priorities in the industry and beyond and utilize thoughtful tactics to attract, develop and retain diverse talent. The LGBTQ+ resource group is dedicated to understanding and addressing cultural and operational barriers that impact LGBTQ+ colleagues at TD by gathering knowledge on industry best practices through leveraging external networks and consultants to shape a workplace that celebrates, educates, and supports LGBTQ+ inclusion. Lucy is adamant that diversity and inclusion are critical to a successful and fulfilling career and work environment, so she dedicates time to coaching, mentoring, and role-modeling her behavior to inspire colleagues to meet their career growth goals, regardless of their identity.

Seiji Yasubuchi

President and Chief Executive Officer
AXA Holdings Japan

Since becoming AXA Japan CEO in 2019, Seiji has worked to raise awareness of unconscious bias and to promote LGBTQ+ Inclusion & Diversity. He has supported the Tokyo Rainbow Pride and Business for Marriage Equality. Seiji has supported AXA Asia’s study into mental health challenges faced by LGBTQ+ people in the workplace, and has created the Business Name Use Guidelines to foster trans inclusion. Throughout Inclusion conference event in 2021, AXA Japan invited two Japanese famous Drag Queens to learn about “What is LGBTQ+?” & “ Diversity within LGBTQ+”. Seiji strongly encourage the event and promote I&D facts and aspirations.

Cristina Diezhandino

Chief Marketing Officer

As Chief Marketing Officer, Cristina is responsible for the design and implementation of Diageo's commitment to progressive marketing across Diageo’s 200+ brands in over 180 countries. Diageo is one of the world's largest advertisers and is committed to a media environment where everyone sees themselves represented. Under Cristina's leadership, in 2021 Diageo updated its Progressive Marketing framework to be at the forefront of breaking stereotypes in advertising for gender, race, sexuality, age, ability, and social status. Diageo has trained over 2,000 marketeers and agencies globally on this framework. Also in 2021, Diageo committed to a multi-million-pound global program to invest in media platforms and publishers working to make media more diverse. To celebrate Halloween 2021 and 2022, Baileys featured three of the UK's most popular drag queens in its global "Witches" campaign, a celebration around treating, developed alongside Diageo's LGBTQIA+ employee group, the Rainbow Network, and INvolve. Cristina is Global Executive Sponsor of the Diageo Rainbow Network, supporting, encouraging and championing the work of the group. Her role has included opening the celebrations to launch Diageo Great Britain's partnership with Queer Britain (UK's first national LGBTQ+ museum), with a speech reinforcing Diageo's commitment to the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ employees globally.

Marc Pritchard

Chief Brand Officer
Procter & Gamble

Marc is a pioneering ally to the LGBT+ community and to P&G’s LGBT+ network, GABLE, and uses P&G’s considerable voice as the world’s largest advertiser to promote equality and the accurate, authentic portrayal of LGBT+ people globally. He has integrated LGBT+ brand building into inclusive marketing efforts, advocated for LGBT+ intersectionality at P&G, and championed programming which effectively brings brands into the LGBT+ conversation through thoughtful platforms including ‘Can’t Cancel Pride’ and a new platform with Athlete Ally to combat LGBT+ inequality in sport. As a result of these efforts, P&G has been named LGBT+ Marketer of the Year by Out & Equal.

Francesca McDonagh

Group Chief Operating Officer
Credit Suisse

Francesca joined Credit Suisse as Group Chief Operating Officer in September 2022 from Bank of Ireland where she served as Group CEO from 2017 to 2022. Prior to that, she worked at HSBC for 20 years, serving in a number of leadership roles, including Group General Manager, Retail Banking and Wealth Management, and Regional Head, Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Middle East and North Africa. In her two decades with the firm, she worked in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and the Americas. In her role as Bank of Ireland CEO, Francesca had overall accountability for the Group Inclusion & Diversity program, which included the With Pride LGBT+ Network, one of the program’s strongest components. She ensured that the voice of the network was heard resoundingly, with an Executive Committee and an HR Champion aligned to the network to bolster support at a senior level and support the delivery of the Group’s D&I strategy. She also spearheaded key inclusion initiatives, such as mandatory D&I goals for senior leaders, Group D&I training, LGBT+ allyship training for Executives, regularly reviewed D&I success measures, and the promotion of an inclusion environment through all gender signage and accessible bathroom facilities. At Credit Suisse, she continues to engage and challenge D&I initiatives and will support key group opportunities to do more.

Amy Wilson

General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Amy is the Executive Sponsor for GLAD, Dow’s LGBT+ and ally ERG, and has hosted numerous events highlighting topics related to LGBT+ inclusion, including moderating a virtual event during Pride 2021 with GLAAD President and CEO, Sarah Kate Ellis, and Dow Chairman and CEO Jim Fitterling. As part of Dow's leadership education series for people managers, Amy led the session on ESGs, inclusion and diversity in the C-suite and Boardroom. In this session, she highlighted her extensive experience with Dow's Board of Directors as the company's Corporate Secretary and the importance of including all types of diversity, including LGBTQ+ diversity, at all levels in the organization.

Hamish Forsyth

President, Europe and Asia
Capital Group

As President of Europe and Asia at Capital Group, Chair of the firm's global operating committee, and Executive sponsor of Capital Group’s global Pride community, true allyship means empowerment and action for Hamish. CGPride is now one of the communities with a direct hand in shaping key business decisions, and so for example, LGBTQ+ care was integrated alongside the US healthcare plans and specialist recruitment support. This has helped to guide Capital Group’s corporate charitable giving, and as such, a portion of the emergency humanitarian support raised for Ukraine was ringfenced for organizations aiding LGBTQ+ refugees. Outside the firm, Hamish is a member of the Diversity Project's Advisory Council, a cross-industry initiative that champions an inclusive culture within asset management. In addition, he was involved in creating the equity and justice donation program, which galvanizes Capital associates across all communities to nominate charities where Capital Group makes a $2500 annual donation per associate. This has had an impact on LGBTQ+ organizations around the world, offering support to pillars of the LGBTQ+ community, such as Queer Britain and LGBTQ+ switchboard.

Helen Redfern

Chief People Officer
Kier Group plc

Under Helen’s leadership as Chief People Officer, Kier conducted its first Group-wide DEI survey to better understand the workplace experiences of its employees. In response, she created the DEI roadmap and launched Kier's Expect Respect campaign, designed to educate employees on the importance of inclusivity in the workplace while highlighting common microaggressions LGBTQ+ individuals experience. In addition, Helen champions the LGBT+ and Allies Network, which is sponsored by two Kier Executive Committee members and acts as a safe space for employees to share their experiences and ideas while driving DEI at Kier. Helen also sponsors and chairs the DEI committee that includes the LGBT+ and Allies Network lead and focuses on effecting tangible change in the business. Furthermore, she launched Kier's transitioning and gender expression policies alongside a surrogacy policy designed to support employees during life events. In 2022, Helen worked on a leadership development programme, Empower, designed for diverse employees to increase diversity in Kier's leadership succession pipeline.

Carol Ward

President, Man GLG
Man Group

As President of Man GLG, Carol champions DEI both at the firm and externally. She co-chairs Man Group's LGBT+ network, Pride@Man, leading the network and expanding its engagement across the firm more broadly. The firm has several initiatives in the pipeline, including a Pride@Man report and the launch of an Ambassadors programme where internal role models will act as central contact points on a confidential one-to-one basis. Carol also participates in Drive (Man Group’s global DEI network) as a member of the London working group, alongside colleagues from across the business that are responsible for DEI initiatives at the firm. Furthermore, she leads Man GLG's DEI agenda along with Teun Johnston, CEO of Man GLG, which focuses on recruiting, developing and promoting talented and diverse individuals. Carol also is a mentor to three women as part of Man Group's mentorship programme, and she regularly speaks and leads both internal and external diversity-focused events.

Jennifer Rademaker

Executive Vice President - Global Customer Delivery

Jennifer is a longstanding ally and advocate within Mastercard for the LGBTQ+ community. She has been active and involved with the UK PRIDE Business Resource Group to ensure LGBTQ+ voices are heard, champion inclusion, and encourage Mastercard colleagues to engage with the PRIDE community. Jennifer has been mentoring and coaching LGBTQ+ colleagues to support career development and securing senior leadership representation and involvement at key events such as Pride in London. She has also been speaking at events such as the National Coming Out Day Panel Discussion and the panel discussion on Mastercard's position and reaction to anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in the United States. These activities have significantly raised awareness and support for the LGBTQ+ community within Mastercard, including the expansion of senior allyship among her colleagues. At Mastercard, Jennifer is the Executive Sponsor of a women's mentoring series and Executive Sponsor of a Menopause initiative to raise awareness at Mastercard of the challenges that menopause can present.

Caroline Frankum

Global CEO, Profiles Division

As a member of Kantar's Executive I&D Board, which sets strategy, standards, and policies for all intersections of I&D, Caroline is proud to be the Global Executive Sponsor and ally of Kantar’s Pride@Kantar Employee Resource Group - working to create a safe community for all LGBT+ employees across the globe. She brings the group’s priorities to Exco meetings to ensure Kantar is as genuinely inclusive as possible and encourages all Kantar employees to show explicit support and allyship for LGBT+ colleagues. Caroline also plays an instrumental role in creating, supporting, and funding a more inclusive world for the LGBT+ community externally through a number of initiatives including validating through Kantar’s award-winning Inclusion Index how ~50% of LGBT+ employees admit to suffering from high stress, anxiety, and mental health problems, and ~40% feel left out at work and experience or observe discrimination in their company. She also actively creates important partnerships and collaborations with other purposeful entities, including championing the CEO pledge and industry manifesto for inclusion and opportunity with The Market Research Society (MRS), and supporting DIVA Media and Stonewall shine a more authentic spotlight on how to better support LGBT+ women in the UK during Lesbian Visibility week.

Alisha Alaimo

President, US Organization

Alisha deeply believes that diversity, equity and inclusion are not only moral imperatives, but critical elements to business success. To her, bringing diverse perspectives together is how we get to the best ideas and her vision is an environment where people feel they can thrive and be their authentic selves. She has actively shaped and empowered a more diverse and inclusive organization, including supporting and elevating several LGBTQ+ leaders to senior leadership roles, one of whom led Biogen’s global LGBTQ+ employee resource group; creating a new senior leadership role to advance the organization’s DEI understanding, education and initiatives, including intersectionality; and encouraging community and belonging by hosting national events for employee resource groups. Her efforts have been recognized by Yahoo Finance in their Heroes 100 List of Executives and PharmaVOICE 100. She is a Board Member of the Biogen Foundation, supporting healthy equity initiatives, including LGBTQ+ communities. Last year, Biogen was named a Corporate Ally Award winner by the Boston Business Journal for its longstanding commitments to Greater Boston’s LGBTQ+ community and for the last nine years, has scored 100% on the Human Rights Campaign’s Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index, named one of the Best Places to Work for LGBTQ+ equality.

Raquel Flórez Escobar

Partner People & Reward, Co-Head LatAm
Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

Raquel is Partner People & Reward, Co-Head LatAm at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, and a previous Heroes Role Model. As a partner, she regularly takes opportunities to advocate for LGBTQ+ colleagues and ensure that the firm’s approach toward LGBTQ+ inclusion fosters a culture where everyone feels they belong and can achieve their potential. As part of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee at the Madrid office, she continuously seeks opportunities to promote diversity through external partnerships and internal initiatives. Along with the team, they have set up a local 5-year plan to increase DEI efforts in Madrid. This year they set up training on inclusive behaviors and unconscious bias, have signed up to partner with REDI, of which she is a founding member, and will conduct a joint session to promote LGBTQ+ inclusion at the workplace. Raquel is also part of the company’s Halo Champions network, where she has expanded training to include the perspectives of trans colleagues.

Derek Lane Young

President, Japan
Fidelity International

As President of the Japan branch at Fidelity International, over the past year, Derek provided senior leadership to champion the LGBTQ+ Network and advance Fidelity's progress on the LGBTQ+ Strand. He acted as a role model for allyship via social media platforms and supported events and initiatives to raise the Strand's profile. In addition, he represented and championed the Strand's priorities at senior levels of the organization. Derek is very supportive of women's issues and has been instrumental in promoting awareness and driving progress in Japan. Some of his priorities internally within Fidelity are to guide talent with clearer career paths and increase the percentage of gender diversity in general on leadership committees and in senior leadership positions. Derek also led a panel discussion on LGBTQ+ issues that was open to others outside of Fidelity International and has mentored many people across multiple regions, both on a formal and informal basis, across all roles.

Georgia Dawson

Senior Partner
Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP

As Senior Partner, Georgia has ensured LGBTQ+ inclusion is firmly a part of the firm’s overall D&I strategy, including setting concrete global targets at partner level. She also passionately pursues LGBTQ+ causes through her legal pro bono work and through publicly championing LBGTQ+ causes and events. Georgia has continued the work she did as Asia Managing Partner around increasing coverage of LGBTQ+ issues, celebrating the community’s achievements, and promoting LGBTQ+ inclusion and allyship in communications and townhalls.

Nick Sims

Partner, Managing Director, co-head of Australia and New Zealand Corporate Advisory
Goldman Sachs

Nick is the co-head of the Asia Pacific LGBTQ+ Network. As a senior leader and visible LGBTQ+ MD ally, Nick showcases advocacy through amplifying employee resource group events, participating in speaking engagements, and actively sponsoring LGBTQ+ professionals in leadership pipeline programs. This has contributed to consistent LGBTQ+ representation in the firm's MD promotions. As a sponsor of the Gays, Lesbians, and Mates Network GLaM in Australia and New Zealand, he engages senior allies by sharing his story and encouraging leaders to attend ERG events and training. As a result of his efforts, GLaM has the region's highest LGBTQ+ membership ratio. To truly understand the challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community, Nick invites ERG leaders to Asia Pacific Inclusion Committee meetings to share their thoughts and support needed from the firm's senior leadership. He also works with MD allies to host closed-door listening sessions to ensure community members feel supported. To ensure GS is equipped with LGBTQ+ related topics in the workplace, Nick has been sponsoring regional training, such as Dialogues on Allyship, Straight Talk, and LGBTQ+ Reverse Mentoring, which saw over 1000 employees attending from the Asia Pacific region.

Nadjia Yousif

Managing Director & Partner
Boston Consulting Group

Beyond her core work serving clients on digital transformation, Nadjia is the DEI Chair for BCG's largest region, covering Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and South America. In this role, she leads a team that sets and oversees the DEI ambitions for the region, tracks progress, and drives leadership to intervene on DEI issues. Furthermore, Nadjia provides leadership to the regional networks, including Pride@BCG, which works to ensure all LGBTQ+ employees feel professionally fulfilled at the firm. This year, she worked with Pride@BCG and the local leadership teams to set the first quantified percentage representation ambition for Pride@BCG. In 2022, Nadjia also provided leadership at the EMESA Pride@BCG conference in Berlin, where she participated in a panel that demystified BCG's DEI strategy and openly discussed challenges with the Pride community. She is also an advisor to various organizations on DEI and has co-authored multiple diversity studies which helps to shape and drive BCG’s own internal policies, as well as the work she does with her clients.

Kevin Hogarth

Experienced Chief People Officer

As KPMG's Chief People Officer, Kevin had executive accountability for the organization's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy and policies. He led the team to develop and launch new 2030 sexual orientation targets as part of a suite of DEI targets. He was a strong advocate for the LGBTQ+ network, Breathe, frequently meeting with them and the DEI team to discuss progress, having cemented his intention to make KPMG the most LBGTQ+ friendly firm. This continual drive led to strong outcomes, including placing 17th in the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index this year. In addition, Kevin proactively supported the company’s network initiatives, appearing in a video for LGBTQ+ history month, encouraging colleagues to use their pronouns, and testing for HIV. Kevin was also a member of the KPMG Inclusive Leadership Board, comprised of internal and external members whose role is to act as a catalyst for achieving DEI goals, challenging the firm on progress, and incorporating external best practices.

Tara Latini

Country Head of Wealth and Personal Banking

Tara strongly promotes and supports an inclusive environment through progressive policies, programs, and practices. She helped drive changes to employee benefits for both Secondary Caregiver Leave and Bereavement, which provide additional support and flexibility for employees with an inclusive lens on families. During Pride month, Tara had the privilege to speak to Pride members at the company’s signature event and present this year's Pride Inclusion Award winners. She championed and led the US self-ID campaign, and now employees can voluntarily identify their status, including race, gender, disability, veteran, and LGBTQ+. Tara believes that having employees express who they are and be themselves at work is essential, especially as the firm continues to build a culture that supports and empowers them to be their authentic selves. In March 2022, she introduced the 'Bridging the Gap in APAC: Inclusive Policies and Workplace Culture' forum in partnership with Out & Equal, where HSBC has been a silver-level partner for ten years.

Dayna Donaldson

Vice President, Content Distribution UK and Nordics
The Walt Disney Company

In addition to her role as Vice President of Content Distribution UK and Nordics at Walt Disney, Dayna works with the PRIDE Disney network as co-Executive Sponsor to champion LGBTQ+ employees and raise awareness of key issues among and encourage support from senior executives. She provides mentorship and career development advice for Disney’s LGBTQ+ employees and cultivates opportunities for them to present PRIDE's initiatives and LGBTQ+ issues enabling them to refine their executive and leadership skills. During her tenure as Executive co-sponsor, Disney’s notable progresses in the workplace includes the expansion from two local Pride employee resource group to five across Disney’s offices in Europe, introduction of gender-neutral toilets, use of pronouns in corporate profiles, the adoption and integration of gender-neutral language, and the use of specific LGBTQ+ examples in internal policies and with third-party vendors. Dayna's passion for DEI sees her driving cultural change and an inclusive environment as demonstrated by curating, hosting, and moderating employee events such as 'What it means to be an Ally,' 'National Coming Out Day: Being an Ally,' 'Understanding Bi Sexuality,' 'Trans Awareness,' and 'Journey of the Gay Rights Movement.'

Katie Danby

Head of Wealth and Personal Banking (interim)

Katie is the interim Head of Wealth and Personal Banking at HSBC UK and has been pivotal in accelerating LGBTQ+ inclusion across the company. She is the Executive Sponsor for HSBC Pride UK and a member of the HSBC Pride ERG. Katie regularly speaks about what being an ally means to her and her colleagues, and she focuses on her desire to enable everyone to be their best selves at work. She has been purposeful and creative in driving bank-wide initiatives and visibly supporting the LGBTQ+ network by attending and speaking at Pride marches, internal events, and HSBC UK Pride calls. Katie encourages everyone to be their true, authentic selves at work and ensures that her language and behaviors are as inclusive as possible. She recognizes and champions the LGBTQ+ communities to create visible role models within the organization.

Roberto Quiroga

Managing Partner
Mattos Filho

Since its inception, Roberto has spearheaded the DE&I program at Mattos Filho, also sponsoring the creation of Mfriendly, the firm's LGBTQIAPN+ employee resource group. Since the beginning of 2021, Roberto has also participated in the firm's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. Comprised of the leaders of Mattos Filho's six affinity groups, the committee oversees the program's strategy to bring DE&I and intersectionality efforts into the mainstream. Roberto also established the firm's pro bono practice area, the Mattos Filho 100% Pro Bono, which in 2022 alone dedicated 851 hours to cases concerning LGBTQIAPN+ rights.

Jun Shinohara

Managing Director, Accenture Technology
Accenture Japan Ltd

Jun is Managing Director at Accenture Technology, and as the Japan Inclusion & Diversity LGBTQ Pride Lead, he has made an impact by presenting his clear vision of Accenture’s commitment to supporting LGBTQ+ activities and leading Accenture’s LGBTQ+ Ally Committee. He established a practical framework that allows each unit member to develop activities independently, such as awareness-raising, education, and organizing internal and external events. In the last two years, Jun organized monthly internal events for employee training of LGBTQ+ allies, participated in external events operated by LGBTQ+ local communities, published quarterly internal newsletters and the Ally Handbook, and grew the number of LGBTQ+ allies in the company more than doubled by continuing his initiatives that had been started 4 years ago. Additionally, Jun was invited as a speaker and an influencer at RainbowCrossingTokyo and sponsored the Workplace Pride Conference in 2022.

Danny Harmer

Chief People Officer

Danny has introduced a One Aviva Inclusion Council and is Executive Co-Sponsor for Aviva Pride, Aviva’s LGBTQ+ network, which is celebrating 15 years at Aviva. She regularly meets with the Pride co-chairs and is a visible ally taking part in community events in and outside Aviva. In 2022, Danny announced Aviva’s sponsorship of Queer Britain, the UK’s first LGBTQ+ museum and archive, which will also provide skills-based volunteering opportunities for Aviva people. Danny is also a regular panellist and podcast guest, championing the LGBTQ+ agenda and speaking publicly about Aviva’s inclusive colleague policies, including equal parental leave and carers leave. Danny is passionate about allyship and wears her rainbow lanyard with pride.

Sarah Breeden

Executive Director of Financial Stability Strategy & Risk
Bank of England

Alongside her role at the Bank of England, Sarah is Executive Sponsor of the Bank’s LGBT+ & Allies staff network. In that role, Sarah has devised and spearheaded the ‘Out & Proud Charter’, a lasting public commitment by the Bank to create an LGBT+ inclusive workplace. She has also led work to create an ambitious action plan, which publicly sets out the concrete steps that the Bank will take to further LGBT+ inclusion. Sarah has a particular focus on inclusion for trans and bi colleagues, having encouraged conversations on bi visibility, pushed for more gender-neutral facilities and led work to rewrite trans inclusion policies.

Georgina Fogo

Chief Risk Officer
Janus Henderson

Georgina is the Executive Sponsor of the LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group and Chair of the DEI Committee at Janus Henderson. Georgina’s mission is to be a visible and vocal ally with the aim of creating a safe and inclusive work environment for everyone at Janus Henderson. In the past two years, she has organized Trans Awareness training for the Executive Committee to promote awareness and emphasize the importance of creating the right environment to support trans employees and their families. She supported a 'Trans Inclusion: The Basics' education session for her employees and has been an active and vocal supporter of the business case, from the firm’s LGBTQ+ ERG to the Executive Committee to fund monetary benefits to support surrogacy, adoption, and gender affirmation for employees. Georgina championed gender pronouns in the organization, working with the Head of Diversity to agree on email signatures and guidelines incorporating the use of pronouns. She promotes awareness of the LGBTQ+ employee group and internal and external events, through messages, emails and newsletters as well and appeals to the Executive Committee and attends LGBTQ+ events to show visible allyship and support.

Mohit Shukla

Managing Director - India Legal | Lead - India Government and Regulatory Relations
Barclays Bank PLC

Mohit is Managing Director - India Legal and Lead for India Government and Regulatory Relations at Barclays Bank PLC. He is the Executive Sponsor and an ally for the Barclays LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group, Spectrum, for India, and Co-Chair for Spectrum Asia-Pacific. Mohit is a senior advisor to the gender diversity employee resource group and actively promotes DEI awareness, enhancing visibility and inclusion of LGBTQ+ communities and mainstreaming their participation. Furthermore, Mohit has been supporting and helping build on sensitization, inter-sectionality, creating training on DEI topics for leaders, encouraging colleagues to be visible and vocal allies, and embedding a gender reassignment policy. His efforts have improved overall inclusion at Barclays in India. Mohit has also been active outside the company by hosting and participating in LGBTQ+ events, talks and festivals, and with sponsorship support for external community engagements.

Manisha Bhattacharya

Managing Director - Sales Excellence
Accenture Solutions Pvt Ltd

Manisha is among Accenture India's most visible Pride network ally executives, continuously supporting the delivery of Accenture's LGBTQ+ inclusion strategy. She endorsed inclusive policies, advocated open, honest Pride conversations with employees and clients, and steered LGBTQ+ inclusion and allyship at the leadership level, achieving 90% allyship at the Managing Director level. Manisha organized sensitization sessions to train inclusive culture makers and build a pool of leadership capability to cascade the culture of Pride inclusion. Additionally, she launched Pride High, an open platform for internal & external LGBTQ+ allies to discuss all things Pride. She is also focused on driving Pride awareness for employees who are parents of LGBTQ+ children. Her efforts also see her advocating and promoting LGBTQ+ inclusion externally at events such as the Out & Equal LGBTQ India Forum in 2019, the PRIDE Circle D&I Roundtable, 'A Series of Virtual Best Practices,' and a discussion on LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the workplace, 'Affirmative Action: Attraction, Hiring, Growth, and Retention.

Kaoru Umino

Partner, Finance, Projects & Restructuring
DLA Piper

Kaoru is a Partner in Finance, Projects & Restructuring at DLA Piper and, in early 2020, launched DLA Piper’s LGBT+ and allies network, Iris, in Japan and mentored her Tokyo colleagues to lead Iris activities. The following year her mentee became the APAC Iris Co-Chair through her sponsorship and oversight, and together they held the first APAC Iris Summit. In 2022, Kaoru secured DLA Piper’s sponsorship for Tokyo Pride and amplified the event across the firm. She also joined DLA Piper’s Asia Diversity and Inclusion Committee advocating for LGBTQ+ inclusion, benefits, employee support, budget, and resources to key stakeholders in leadership. In 2020, she joined the board of Lawyers for LGBT & Allies Network (LLAN) in a voluntary capacity and has been driving pro-bono projects supporting LLAN’s efforts to promote LGBT+ rights in Japan, such as the 2021 International Survey on Marriage Equality.

Daniel Klein

Head of Microsoft Federal Operations

As a sponsor for Microsoft’s Diversity & Inclusion Councils across global locations, Dan helps ensure multiple diversity pillars are supported across the organization. Dan has demonstrated incredible commitment to ensure LGBT+ diversity receives top mindshare, resourcing and support from the executive leadership level through to individual contributors – from keynote event speeches, sponsorship and mentoring of LGBT+ individuals, to sharing his personal journey to grow ally networks. Through his global executive sponsorship, he created spotlight opportunities which resulted in reframing success goals and measures for D&I Councils and energized individual contributor and senior leaders to integrate LGBT+ messaging as part of culture development. In addition, Dan is a funding supporter of the COVID-19 Global LGBTIQ Emergency Fund and BelongTo, and a member of The Human Rights Commission, the 30% Club, and Men Advocating Real Change (MARC). This is Dan’s seventh consecutive year on the Ally Executives Role Model list.

Romi Savova


Romi is the CEO of PensionBee and is passionate about building and maintaining an inclusive culture within the company. In June 2022, the organization celebrated 'PensionBee Pride Month', which provided a chance to discuss love and identity as a team. Activities included a company-wide 'Pride Picnic' hosted in Regent's Park, where colleagues came together with friends and family to remember the progress that has been made against discrimination and celebrate love in all forms. PensionBee also set up a virtual 'Pride Cafe,' where themed discussions took place, including a talk on corporate LGBTQ+ brand washing led by PensionBee's CMO, Jasper Martens.

Anissa Dhouibi

Head of Equities Quantitative Analysis

Anissa is Head of Equities Quantitative Analysis at Citi and is a member of the MQA Culture Diversity and Inclusion group. She has been a vocal supporter of trans people in her team and was part of the CD&I group that organized the first reverse mentoring program in Markets Quantitative Analysis. Additionally, Anissa is a mentee in the NAM Pride reverse mentoring program.

Simon Lem

Regional Vice President Northern Europe and Australia
Vertex Pharmaceuticals

As the Executive Sponsor of PRIDE for Vertex Pharmaceuticals International business, Simon is responsible for increasing the visibility and providing meaningful support to the International PRIDE employee resource network. This includes participating in PRIDE events throughout the year, encouraging members of the International Leadership Team and Country Managers across International to support PRIDE initiatives and involve their staff in supporting them. Simon also collaborates with the International Co-Chair on best managing PRIDE growth and governance, using his specific regional responsibility as a target region for certain initiatives to grow PRIDE's representation of different pillars of the LGBTQ+ community. He tirelessly works to strengthen membership, engagement, and DEI partnership. Simon promotes the PRIDE ERN, highlights events and initiatives at International town halls, and asks other leaders to support LGBTQ+ visibility and self-ID in the workplace.

Naysla Edwards

Vice President, International Card Services Marketing Australia & New Zealand
American Express

Naysla is the Vice President of International Card Services Marketing Australia & New Zealand at American Express. As one of the Executive Sponsors of the PRIDE+ Colleague Network, Naysla meets regularly with PRIDE+ to provide thought leadership and direction to the strategy and further LGBTQ+ inclusion amongst Amex colleagues, customers, and the communities in which they work and live. Naysla is a proud ally for LGBTQ+ inclusion and championed American Express’ partnership with the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and Sydney World Pride. Through this partnership, Amex has committed to tangible action to create a positive impact in the LGBTQ+ community. This includes backing community grants and events, such as Fair Day and the annual Mardi Gras Parade, and enhancing the sense of inclusion and belonging of Amex colleagues who identify as LGBTQ+ and are proud to work for a company publicly and meaningfully backing their community.

Julie Linn Teigland

EY Europe, Middle East, India and Africa (EMEIA) CEO and Area Managing Partner

Julie co-chairs EY’s EMEIA Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee, and over the last 24 months has spearheaded initiatives to promote LGBT+ inclusion. She has created and appointed the first EMEIA LGBT+ Partner sponsor role, and invited the LGBT+ Partner Sponsor to join the D&I Steering Committee to drive three priority actions: education, expansion of Unity, and visible celebration of LGBT+ inclusion. Additionally, Julie promoted EY’s IDAHOTB activities through personal communications to the partnership, filming a Q&A with the EMEIA LGBT+ Partner Sponsor to be broadcast across the entire EY community, and made IDAHOTB a specific discussion topic within her EMEIA leadership team.

Jennifer Nichols

Co-Head of Legal/Head of Legal Americas

Jennifer served as Executive Sponsor of the Lighthouse Diversity Network at abrdn, whose mission is LGBTQ+ inclusion. She is the Regional Co-Sponsor of DEI for the Americas Region and co-founded the Americas DEI Action Plan in 2020. She is also a member of the Global Inclusion Committee at abrdn. Jennifer championed the firm's completion of the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Survey in 2021 and successfully advocated for providing employee transgender-related benefits. Since becoming Executive Sponsor, Jennifer has helped to plan and execute Lighthouse events and initiatives, such as Pride Month and LGBTQ+ history month. She also coordinated inclusive leadership training for all regional managers and sponsored unconscious bias training for the abrdn senior management team in the Americas. In addition, she organized and moderated an LGBTQ+ Stories panel which included personal stories and experiences from internal and external panelists who work in the financial services industry.

Maria Abbonizio

Chief Administrative Officer, Investment Management
Fidelity International

Maria is the Global Co-Chair of Fidelity International’s LGBT+ Network, and is working to bring more focus on benchmarking, identifying appropriate regional KPIs, and driving the network’s agenda across Asia Pacific and globally. She passionately role models allyship behaviours, organizing webinars and bringing allies into the LGBT+ Network. Maria is an active mentor, having mentored extensively over the last ten years within Fidelity and more recently through INvolve’s cross-industry program.

Takefumi Kawasaki

EY Japan

Takefumi chairs the DE&I Steering Committee, Assurance and has been one of the Executive Sponsors for Unity, the LGBT+ and ally ERG since 2014. In the first half of 2021, Takefumi sponsored and facilitated a seminar titled ‘EY people who identify as gay and transgender, and the role of allies in the workplace’. This was also released across EY’s global community which led to an increase in senior allyship commitments. Takefumi launched the DE&I Steering Committee in Assurance, to seize the momentum created by the seminar to effect meaningful change and to embed a truly inclusive culture. Takefumi has also shared his allyship publicly at the Tokyo Rainbow Pride in the march with the LGBT+ network.

Louise Prashad

Chief HR Officer

Louise was appointed Chief HR Officer in January 2022 and is the executive member responsible for designing and implementing Diageo's Inclusion and Diversity strategy. She’s committed to creating an inclusive culture and has always championed the LGBTQIA+ community, ensuring Diageo is a great place to work for LGBTQIA+ talent, and supports LGBTQIA+ inclusion and rights worldwide. Her leadership was integral to developing Diageo's Gender Identity and Expression Guidelines, launched in 2020 and live in 30 countries. These Guidelines, developed alongside Diageo's Rainbow Network, ensure Diageo has support in place for employees who are transitioning, have transitioned, recognise themselves to be a different gender from the gender assigned to them at birth, and are gender-fluid or non-binary. With Louise's support, Diageo’s Employee Resource Groups empower everyone to champion inclusion and diversity, including the global Rainbow Network, which strives to create the most open culture for the LGBTQIA+ community. The Rainbow Network led Diageo’s largest Pride event to date in 2022, with the Progressive Pride flag raised at 85 sites worldwide. In Diageo’s recent global employee survey, 86% of employees agreed at Diageo people from different backgrounds and opinions can thrive and be themselves.

Neal Sheorey

Vice President, Coatings & Performance Monomers

Neal is the North America Executive Sponsor for Dow's LGBTQ+ colleagues, an ally for the ERG GLAD, and the regional Executive Sponsor for Dow's Asian Diversity Network, ADN. As part of Dow's all-ERG conference, EMERGE, which included 500 in-person attendees and an additional 900 virtually, Neal led an interactive game with all participants on the importance of investing in Environmental, Social, and Governance priorities. At Dow's SOAR conference, the inclusive leadership summit the company hosts alongside its annual LPGA event, Neal hosted a panel on how sport can be a platform for DEI. Additionally, Neal helped ensure the safety and security of Dow colleagues and their families following Texas' directive targeting transgender youth, constructing a dedicated support network to respond to impacted employees’ needs in an agile, equitable, and confidential manner. Neal also drives inclusion as an integral component of his global business strategy, focusing on increasing female and minority representation and ERG participation.

Anne Aslett

Elton John AIDS Foundation

Under Anne’s leadership as CEO of the Elton John AIDS Foundation, the charity has grown to be one of the largest private AIDS funders in the world and continues to ‘think outside the box’ on how people, science, technology and connection can change the world for the better. Anne recently oversaw the establishment of the world’s first social impact bond for HIV, where the team collaborated with UK hospitals and clinics to expand HIV ‘opt out’ testing, and helped convene a national HIV Commission to establish how critical this work would be in ending the UK’s HIV epidemic. So compelling were the results of the social impact bond, and so effective was the Foundation’s advocacy in the space, that the UK government recently pledged £20 million to roll out opt out testing across England. Anne also recently led the full team through the development of The Rocket Fund, a new and transformative $125 million campaign to expand and mobilize the Foundation’s fight for the rights and health of everyone, everywhere. The fund will ensure LGBTQ+ populations live free from violence and exclusion – working to achieve a world where they are represented, respected, heard and a part of the solution.