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In 2018, Billy has been as active as ever as co-chair of Spectrum. As a vocal trans ally he campaigned and lobbied ministers and MPs from Greece over a long period both in their visits to Europe and by going to Athens himself. As a result, the Greek Government tabled a motion for a new law which ended the mandatory sterilisation requirement and enabled transgender people to affirm their desired gender identity, as well as allow same sex couples to foster. He has continued his political activism on LGBT+ rights by also lobbying politicians and ambassadors from countries with less friendly LGBT legal statutes, including arranging and speaking to an Ambassadors’ gathering in Vienna. Additionally he has worked with many Universities include Oxford University and enabled them to set up their LGBT societies and support groups. He is a regular speaker on D&I, and continued to build upon the success of his first Trans focused apprenticeship scheme at Barclays by exporting the model to other firms. Externally, Billy is invited to speak to various industry forums and conferences. He has consistently used those events as opportunities to discuss how diversity and inclusion isn’t just a “nice thing to do” but is a business and economic imperative.

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