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A committed advocate of diversity and inclusion, Deon uses his position as the LGBT+ Chair as a platform to drive change for others, working to ensure that all of his firm’s policies are LGBT+ friendly and widely support marginalised communities. Deon has championed the creation of Legal & General Investment Management’s transitioning at work policy, has organised educational events including Trans Inclusion in the Workplace and created an LGBT+ resource hub. Additionally, Deon has provided reverse mentoring in the form of storytelling and Q&A sessions working to build awareness and increase understanding of the LGBT+ issues in the workplace. Independent to his role at Legal & General Investment Management, Deon is a founding member and co-chair of Interlnvest, an LGBT+ network that drives inclusion for those in the investment management and savings industry. He is also a committee member of the LGBT+ stream within the Diversity Project, and actively participates in research and industry roundtables. Deon shares his experience of being an ethnic minority and a member of the LGBT+ community across social media, participation in panel discussions, and through his role as a mentor.

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