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Simon is on the Steering Committee for BP Pride, driving awareness of LGBT+ issues and both attending and facilitating relevant training and events. Simon leads the Allies training programme, creating a safe space for both LGBT+ and non-LGBT+ staff to discuss the importance of bringing their full selves to work, and the positive impact on productivity it can have. This programme highlighted the need for more trans awareness, which led to Simon starting a Transgender Working Group; a group which has subsequently delivered training programmes internally and externally to 1700 attendees and has provided support to trans staff members throughout their transition. As part of his commitment to trans inclusion, Simon co-facilitated a fundraising event alongside four other companies, raising thousands of pounds for Mermaids UK. Outside of BP, Simon has spoken on panels at RSA Group and Deloitte, worked with the Jockey Club on their Allies Programme, and been interviewed about the importance of allies for IBM’s global communication.

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