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In addition to his role as Programme Officer on Non-Discrimination at the UN’s International Labour Organisation, Gurchaten serves as the President of UN GLOBE, the UN’s LGBT+ staff group. In this role, Gurchaten has been the driving force behind a number of initiatives and developments in LGBT+ inclusion at the UN, including securing entitlements and benefits for LGBT+ staff, reforming ILO staff regulations on personal status and the introduction of gender neutral toilets and launching the UN GLOBE Mentorship Programme. Gurchaten also facilitates and runs a variety of trainings and speeches on equality and inclusion of LGBT+ persons at the UN. Outside of his role at the UN, Gurchaten is a member of the steering committee of the International Family Equality Day NGO, providing technical guidance to the board on discrimination based on family status and parental leave. He has also represented the NGO on a panel on family diversity at the World Pride Human Rights Conference. Gurchaten shares his story with local schools and in the media, spreading awareness and advocacy for LGBT+ issues.

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